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Prophecy 2004 - part Two - predictions concerning the year ahead

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Typically at the end of the year the top stories of the previous year is reviewed, and pundits also appear to discuss what they forecast for the year ahead, as well as reviewing their predictions from the previous years. I begin this discussion by introducing you to some of my 'prognistications' concerning 2002 and 2003, and then move on to 2004.

The Hidden Prophecies

The following piece may depend on certain background discussion which can be found on the following page -> Background to this piece

Now in order to discuss 'Prophecies of 2004' it is required that I first discuss the 'Prophecies from 2001', to be specific, the Earth Day Prophecies, I will call them. After the appearance of that wing shape over the Sahara on Sunday, I had a powerful mystical experience. It was very painful, a grueling ordeal, and I would compare it be giving birth to something. These Earth Day Prophecies were the second part of my plan. What I decided to do was to have this strange mystical experience and then sketch out the course of future events up to the year 2004. I would then send these prophecies out to churches (although I sent them to media outlets as well). I included a challenge. If none of these events took place then I would be ruined and the churches would be able to triumph over me. Keep these prophecies which describe the next three years, I told them, so that when none of these things happen you can use them against me to destroy my reputation. This was mockery, and indeed the whole tone of those Earth Day prophecies was mocking, but it was mockery with a point. As I pointed out, should I prove to accurately describe the course of events then the churches could burn every last copy and turn to oppression, you know to make sure no one found out. You see, in many churches today, people have this great interest in prophecies. For example, every time Ariel Sharon expands the settlements, and kicks out some more Palestinians and robs them of their land, it is a fulfillment of prophecy. So they say. Now given how powerful these so called 'prophets' have become at church, I devised a plan to ruin them all. The way this was to work is that I release prophecies, which make fools out of those church prophets, and the church tries to hide the prophecies, proving once and for all just how oppressive and corrupt the church has really become in the process of doing this evil thing.

Of course, in order for my plan to work I would have to have a powerful mystical experience and thus get in touch with future events. I won't bother to explain what would make someone think they could do that, any more than I will try to explain what would make someone attempt to make a thousand mile long wing cloud to use as a banner. That's just me. I am not like other people. Therefore, I go ahead and do things that anyone else would consider crazy at worst, or a foolishly destructive risk at the very best.

Now these are the hidden prophecies because in a leap of faith I released them into the wild. Given how 'false prophets' are completely discredited at church, I did so with the sure and certain conviction that they would survive, you know, to be used as a tool to destroy me later when I got all my predictions wrong, and thus became a false prophet. I was 'playing right into their hands.' Of course, if I got it right, which is what actually happened by the way (more on that later) well then it would be the churches that would be facing ruin, for, you see, they behaved dishonestly and with great immorality and crookedness they hid those prophecies, and thus were eventually exposed as oppressors.

Over the past couple of years I have received signs and clues that indicate that I was correct and those prophecies did in fact escape into the wild and that they thus survived. It would not be possible for those churches to burn every last copy and thus successfully complete the act of oppression and escape scot free. Its to late. For example, in one part of those prophecies I lamented the fact that I was not a poet, and I also said that I really wished that I had musical talent so that I could create an emotional connection and communicate that way. I then proceeded to write a poem, which I said, was the best I could do, unfortunately. One line of the poem went something like this...'If Yahweh should go, leave me down here on my own, still I'll wait for it. How long must you for it. How long must it take for this....I was scared and completely unprepared, yet still I wait for it...' After writing that I moaned about how I wished I could write music and sing. Now, it seems unlikely that the lyrics of that song by Cold Play ('in my place') mimic that poem and it turns out to be coincidental, especially the climax of the cold play song (sing it out, come on and sing out for me). I still recall the bizarre feeling I had when I first heard that Cold Play song on the radio. So then, I assume that yes, those prophecies from Earth Day, escaped into the wild, and then given how damned eerily accurate I was, actually became notorious, so that copies were flying around all over the place, eventually making it into a song. Which means that my strategy was successful, and the church cannot burn every copy, and thus win that way. I made a leap of faith, and it turned out all right.

Someday you will be able to read those strange Earth Day prophecies yourself, given how they escaped into the wild and can no longer be hidden or destroyed by churches. I say hidden by churches, since there is nothing to gain in those churches in showing around those prophecies, since I did not fail, unfortunately, and thus, since I was not a false prophet, churches have no reason to allow anyone to read those prophecies. Of course they can't burn every copy either, since its to late for that, and being an oppressor is a bad idea, but I guess once you have sunk so deep into a sin as those churches have, and now risk being exposed as an oppressor, well it only makes sense for those churches to continue to do everything possible to hide those prophecies, even though, as they could tell if they purchase that Cold Play CD and then read those prophecies again, its already to late...

Now those Earth Day Prophecies remain significant today, not only as part of some plot I dreamed up to expose oppression at church, but also because they are not completely done yet, since they extend into the year 2004. What I decided to do here is partially reconstruct those Earth Day prophecies here today. Someday you will be able to read them yourselves, given how they can no longer be completely destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth, and then you can confirm that everything I am about to tell you below is true (which is the reason why lots of churches are hiding them, because otherwise those people at church might regard me as a prophet, instead of regarding those other Palestinian bashing Sharon praising prophets as being prophets, even though they couldn't predict what they themselves were going to have for breakfast tomorrow. This would be a problem since those churches were counting on protecting those other prophets since those prophets are real helpful in protecting the status quo, and in particular protecting Israel. And Israel is a cash cow, worth billions in donations, you know what with the way Israel 'proves prophecy', and so you can see how once again I am threatening a billion dollar church industry by threatening their so called church prophets, and thus the reason why those churches want to burn every single copy of my Earth Day Hidden Prophecies, if only they could, you know, if only it wasn't already to late...as I said, follow the money and everything always makes sense...).

Now where was I...oh yes...I was going to reconstruct those Earth Day prophecies so you can understand why those churches are still hiding them, in order to keep sucking on the tit of that big multibillion dollar cash cow they got going over there...As well, given how well it began, I think one can assume that it will continue to do well, and thus we can predict what still has to happen in 2004, just based on my previous track record....

The Earth Day ('Hidden') prophecies were written on April 22nd, Earth Day, 2001. The center piece of the whole prophecy was a prediction of 9-11 followed by what I referred to as the 'rise of Nazism in America.' According to the prophecy before the end of September, 2001, two tall buildings and one flat building 'with many wings' would be bombed from the air in the continental United States. This is followed by much of what I called 'prophetic mockery' which pervades those prophecies. As I put it, I planned to do all my mocking ahead of time, in keeping with how this was supposed to be a 'prophecy'. I stated that all those churches would have to do is to hang onto my prophecies until October 2001, and if two tall buildings and one flat building with many wings did not get bombed from the air, then I was a failed, false prophet, and given how false prophets get their reputations ruined in those churches, they could finish me off. It was only four months from April to September 2001, and then I would be completely ruined. As I wrote, those two tall buildings would be bombed from the air, and then they would fall down just as though someone had placed demolition explosions in them. I then followed this with a graphic description of how buildings fall right down into a heap when demolition experts bomb them. That would be how those two tall buildings would fall down. But not right away. No, those buildings would stay standing for about 45 minutes to one hour and then fall down. That, I said sarcastically, would give those churches time to declare me a false prophet because those buildings, while they did get bombed, did not fall down in a big heap as I predicted. Just as those celebrating churches cracked open the champagne to celebrate my failure, suddenly, there would be a rumbling and a roar as those buildings came down, just as though an expert had demolished them.

The whole prophecy is just riddled with sarcasm like that. Fro example I also told the story of someone who got a good job offer but it meant they would have to move into the top floor of a really tall building in the United States. My advice to them was to take the lousy job which meant they got a cubicle right beside the exit door so they could get to hell out of that tall building. This was followed by sarcasm targeting the media. I pointed out how when the Americans bombed buildings in Iraq and showed videos, the video would be cut off quickly after the bombing. Don't want people to see all those Iraqi people jumping out of those buildings to their deaths to avoid being burned alive. I mean, you do realize that when you do a 'surgical strike' on a building people are running around on fire, screaming, and other people are jumping out windows to escape the flames. However, as I said, when the American buildings get bombed the video of people jumping out of windows to their deaths to escape the flames will be played over and over and over again, which of course is just what happened. I also stated that the people who worked in those buildings would receive the message 'everyone remain seated in your office. Everything is under control,' and as I wrote, when you hear that one, get the hell out of that building. You have, I warned them, 45 minutes to one hour and then I described the pancake thing that was going to happen to them, you know when one floor pancakes down on the floor below, crushing everyone to goo, and then another and another. I wouldn't take a job up high in a tall building, I sarcastically suggested, at least, not until October 2001, and I don't care how much they pay they were offering for that job. I'd take the lousy job on the ground floor right by the exit door.

I also had a special prophecy for the people in that 'flat building with many wings.' I sarcastically referred to them standing outside that building smoking cigarettes and feeling relieved that only one wing got bombed and they got out alive. No, I said, you people in that flat building with many wings, you got nothing to celebrate, because we will be back to deal with you later. You see, those people in that flat building were going to be held responsible for the use of Napalm on human beings in Vietnam. I then stated that later it would all make sense, even if it seemed unfair to single out those people in that flat building and punish them for that Napalm. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense, when you consider that the 'flat building with many wings' turned out to be the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

I then predicted that as a direct result of having those buildings bombed, we would then see the rise of a Nazi state in America. Laws bearing an eerie resemblance to laws passed by Hitler and the Nazis would be passed as Americans were stripped of one constitutional right after another. I then indulged in some more mockery and sarcasm, by suggesting that there would be those who would find the idea of a Nazi state rising up in America laughable, but then I said, just wait till your buildings get bombed from the air and fall down, and the war starts. Things will look real different then...

Now this next part is really weird. After those buildings got bombed and fell down I stated that the Americans would go out and bomb one of the poorest countries on earth. You could find that country listed right near the bottom of the list of poor nations. And the bombers would not be from that country, but rather they would be from a nation which is your ally. And you don't want to be launching war against your ally, even though the bombers came from your allies country. Therefore, I suggested it would be required that you bomb some other country, even though the bombers did not come from that country. The real reason for bombing that poor country had nothing to do with those buildings falling down I predicted, but rather they were planning to bomb that poor country for a long time, and suddenly they saw their chance. I then got really sarcastic and stated that if they could control themselves and not bomb that poor country, then they would make me a false prophet. However this would require that they use long term thinking, and balance out the benefits of destroying a prophet with the short term benefits of bombing that poor country. Of course, being as dumb as a stump, they would be arrogant and just go ahead and bomb that poor country, doing just exactly what I said would happen, and thus make me a prophet. I was so confident, I insisted, that I would even show them how to ruin me, and they would go ahead and do it anyway. Which they did. Now that part where they made that prediction come true, and get stuck with a prophet to deal with, well that time is now, but you know I guess they figured they would cross that bridge when they came to it. At the time they had to bomb a poor country, even though the bombers came from their ally, because it turns out they were wanting to bomb Afghanistan for a long time, and even though doing that was going to make me into an astonishingly accurate prophet, they did it anyway. Interesting, and remarkably stupid, but I wasn't to worried as I wrote these things down. I know their human nature to well to ever be worried about what such people might do, and so I arrogantly bragged that I had nothing to worry about, and everything would turn out just fine for me, which it did.

After bombing that poor country, I then predicted that it was on to Iraq to conquer them for their oil wells. The prediction of that Iraq goes as follows. The result would be another Vietnam style quagmire ultimately resulting, once again, in the humiliating defeat of the United States. But first the whole filthy situation must get completely out of hand and degenerate into a world wide jihad of muslims versus Rome D.C. I also told the religious right in the United States to rejoice for, finally, after years and years of anti-Muslim agitation, constant Muslim bashing 'news clips' on their tv channels, they were finally going to starting up a global Holy War with the Muslims. The rest of that prophecy states, and they will be so damned sorry they started that jihad, so damned sorry. This makes the Iraq war prophecy of great interest because its only half finished at the present time, and there is still a way to go. Of course events are already spinning out of control, and the prophecy concerning that arrogant act is that it will only keep getting worse and worse. In the end the Americans won't be getting that Iraq oil, just a jihad that spreads and gets wildly out of control.

There were two interesting weather predictions. One related to terrible floods in Europe during the summer of 2002, as well as floods in the dry desert regions of China. The China prophecy came with this sarcastic retelling of the Noah's ark story. Those people that got flooded out but they had a chance to build an ark, but you know how nobody ever listens to a damned thing I tell them. There was also an interesting Mad Cow Disease prophecy, but I cannot remember the details.

Prophecy 2004

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win." M. Ghandi

I don't feel it necessary at this time to attempt to completely reconstruct every detail of those Earth Day Prophecies, and above I have just tried to sketch out some of the high points. After hearing that Cold Play song which mimics the poem included in those prophecies, I am now confident that those prophecies made it out into the wild, and so that means that someday anyone who wants to read them in their original form will eventually be able to do so. They were distributed in the form of emails, and consist of several parts (three parts if I remember correctly, but I don't remember exactly, its been almost three years).

Now what is of particular interest here is the part of those prophecies that spill over into 2004. Now 2004 is supposed to be 'my year.' Has anyone ever heard, I asked, of a whole year that winds up belonging to just one person. 2004, I predicted, belongs to me. So what that means then is that if those churches, and anyone allied with those churches, wants to save the day, they must only crush me and oppress me until the end of December 2004. Come to think of it, if they can crush me and oppress me until spring or perhaps summer that might be good enough as well, since I have to claim 2004 as my year, and just claiming the last few weeks of December doesn't really seem to do it for me.

Now the center piece of those prophecies, the bulk of those prophecies was the prediction of 9- 11, followed by the rise of a Nazi state in America, the erosion of their constitutional rights, and the invasions I mentioned above, ending in defeat for America due to a rising tide of Muslim Jihad as the nation descends into another Vietnam style quagmire in Iraq. It is always interesting to jump into a prophecy half way through, even if you were not lucky enough to jump in at the beginning. Unfortunately I could not let people jump in at the very beginning because as I stated in those prophecies, I had to 'injure, trap, and snare' lots of churches using those prophecies as bait, and this requires me to be heavily oppressed.

There are still, however, a number of prophecies that must come true in 2004 or I will be completely ruined. And its only January so those churches can still hope, I suppose. Maybe, even at this late stage of the game, they might yet prevail.

It is essential that the climate change over the Sahara, and that it begin the transition to becoming the Garden of Eden (as I call it). This was predicted to happen in 2004. The signs are quite promising as for the last month big winter storm clouds have been moving into the Sahara from the Atlantic. Now winter is the bone dry time of the year on the Sahara, or at least its supposed to be, so this is quite a promising sign. Given how the rest of those prophecies already turned out so well I look forward to a greening Sahara in the months ahead. (Already the vegetation maps are showing the first signs of green, and given the size of those storms, that is what one would expect).

It is essential that the Americans be defeated in their attempt to seize Iraq's oil. Once again the signs are quite promising. That jihad is already pretty bad, but I think, for the purposes of fulfilling prophecy one can only hope that it gets a hell of a lot worse, and real fast, too, thus making it clear to the American people that they are going either be fighting that stupid international jihad forever, or they can just pack it in and get out. Having already been to Vietnam, perhaps it will take them less time to realize that its time to go than it did that last time, especially with that jihad just getting worse and worse and spreading and spreading. As I said, its only January, and we still have months to go.

There remains one particularly hideous event that must happen this year, and that is the Big One in California. Earthquake that is. Once again the signs are quite 'promising'. California has been shaking real good all throughout December, including a nasty one in the middle of the month, and another nasty one a little further down the Pacific Coast in Mexico, which was felt as far away as Mexico city. A California Earthquake, the real one, would of course make a big difference in that jihad in Iraq, given how California is one of the main centers of the American Military Industrial Complex, not to mention being the fifth largest economy in the world. Its loss will be an extremely painful blow to Rome on the Potomac, and this means that the Muslims will be launching jihad attacks against a seriously wounded snake, and that would have to be a lot easier, not that they are finding it to hard to manage now, but as I said, it can get even easier.

According to what I wrote on Earth Day, the Americans screamed bloody murder when they got two of their buildings knocked down and that one 'flat building with many wings' got bombed as well. Apparently it never occurred to them to think about, ummm, the flattening of Hanoi, where they got just about every building knocked down. As I stated, if they complained about that bombing of their three buildings, just wait until that Big One hits California, and something more along the lines of Hanoi comes down upon them. Now there is something to really complain about, and I don't think anyone will even think to put in a complaint about those three buildings any more after that one. After all, when you consider the number of buildings that American bombers have knocked down just in Iraq alone over the last decade, what's three buildings, and of course if you add on all the other buildings, you know the thousands and thousands of buildings that Americans have routinely Napalmed and bombed and knocked down during the course of the last century, what's three buildings. It was just your turn, you see. What comes around goes around. And yes, even Rome can take a turn, even the empire can be bombed, which is outrageous, of course, but things happen, even though, God knows, they shouldn't.

Now as I said previously, every single sin on the earth has as its root cause, the love of money and pure and simple greed. On my television, every day now, I see Amnesty International appealing for money and letter writing campaigns to stop white colonialists from hiring off duty cops to murder hungry street urchins. Its cheaper that way. And even after all these years I find that I must still wake up every morning to the knowledge that thirty or forty thousand children are reaching the end of the road of the cycle of hunger and malnourishment and are dying. Now, as I understand the world, I am expected to put up with this, and so I don't have a problem expecting the world to put up with something as extremely damaging as a California Earthquake. You see, the problem with this place is that people are arrogant, and consequently they are blind, and they don't know how to accurately calculate the true costs of the decisions they made. And no doubt later on they will scream and complain bitterly when the price is extracted, but I for one will not be joining in the chorus of lamentation, for you see, what comes around goes around. It is your turn now. It is 2004, and that means that it is time to pay the piper. I guess people imagined that through oppression and violence and clever propaganda and deception they were just going to save a fortune in money, but it just wasn't meant to be...

So then the two biggest stories of 2004 will be the greening of the Sahara and the collapse of Imperial America, both at home and on the battlefields of the Crusade. As I told the religious right, they would be real sad that their prayers were answered, and they got to go on a jihad against those Muslims. They will also be real sad about those prophecies, and everything else that they have done, real sad, so sad. But then it is still early in the year, and so what if the rest of those prophecies actually happened. The remainder will fail, and perhaps they might yet save the day.

This brings me to the third biggest story of 2004. This was not included in those (hidden) Earth Day prophecies I mentioned above. I am just tacking this one on today. The third biggest story of the year will be the destruction of the International Space Station.

Now allow me to explain the reasoning process I have gone through to draw this conclusion. As we know, Saddam used to be a chum of Washington, D.C. American corporations armed Saddam with weapons of mass destruction, the State Department approved shipments of biological weapons such as Anthrax and Botulism to Saddam in Iraq back in the happy days, back when Saddam was a tyrannical son of bitch, but he was 'our son of bitch.' Now we know from history that Washington has never had a problem with tyrants in the past. Last year the Americans tried to seize the weapons of Mass Destruction report handed to the United Nations, and they went at the thing with a giant eraser, on the grounds of what they called 'National Security.' Fortunately some good person leaked a copy and it turns out that Washington was just erasing all the evidence of American corporations arming Saddam with weapons of mass destruction, the State Department sending him samples of biological weapons such as Anthrax and so on and so on and so on. We know from the documents that have come out recently just how Washington had no problem with the death squads making kids 'disappear' in Argentina. As it says in those official diplomatic messages, the United States was sympathetic to the killing of those kids and protestors, and understood why the Argentina Saddam wanted to do that, but they only hoped that they would hurry up and get all that mass murder over with before the end of the year, because Washington was starting to worry that it might leak out into the press. Washington had no problem participating in the mass murder of up to a million Indonesian leftists during the 'year of living dangerously.' The communiques address the possibility of public disclosure of U.S. covert action and involvement in the massacres by noting that "The chances of detection or subsequent revelation of our support in this instance are as minimal as any black bag operation can be."

Now Saddam is not stupid. You see before Saddam was naughty and attacked Kuwait, he called on Washington to get permission, just like a good dictator should, because, as I said, he wasn't stupid and understood the rules of the game. (The only bad tyrant is a tyrant that doesn't follow orders from Washington, or even worse, a tyrant that acts independently.) Saddam talked to the Ambassador who told him that the United States had 'no interest' in what was called Saddam's 'border dispute with Kuwait.' Now Saddam made a misjudgment on this point, and assumed that he had a green light to invade Kuwait, when actually all he was told is that he could dispute with Kuwait over the border, not the whole country. Saddam had permission to perhaps take a few miles along the border but he did not get permission to take all of Kuwait and that was his mistake and that is why he is in so much trouble. Washington only likes to let obedient tyrants have weapons of mass destruction, like Musharef in Pakistan. Saddam was naughty and it was required that Washington make an example out of him so that all the other tyrants of the world would get the message and understand that first you phone Washington, and then you act like a tyrant. You can only practice tyranny, maybe gas some Iranians and use Weapons of Mass Destruction if you have permission to do so, just like Saddam had permission to use lots of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Iranians. This is why Rumsfeld could shake Saddam's hand while he was using Weapons of Mass Destruction on Iran, because it was alright back then. He had permission.

Now we know that this is how the world really works, and it is for reasons such as this that the space station must be destroyed in 2004. Previously I told you the story of how one of these space craft I described appeared on the shuttle cameras outside the space station before knocking out all the computers on board the space station. This was symbolic gesture. For example, you could send flowers. That would be nice. You could wreck all their computers. That would not be nice. Now let us play the game by the rules established by Washington over the course of the last century. We know that when tyrants have permission, and when they don't they get in trouble. For example, when the international community passes a resolution telling some tyrant 'no more Weapons of Mass Destruction' that means he has to give them back. The fact that he was allowed to have them before doesn't matter. He has to give them back. The community has spoken.

Similarly, when the United States and the Pentagon are told, not by myself, but by these people above, that they are forbidden to use the Space Station to develop weapons of mass destruction to deploy in space, that means they cannot do so. When a super power gives orders to some diddly squat banana republic, the banana republic obeys the super power. This is how the world works. Now if a banana republic does not obey, then if a super power is to maintain any credibility at all, it is required that action be taken. If the resolutions of the United Nations are to mean anything they must be enforced. Similarly if the Universal resolution passed against that banana republic known as the United States is flaunted then all resolutions of the universal community lose their meaning. It therefore follows that if there is to be any respect for universal law ever on this sorry planet, the Untied States must have their International Space Station destroyed. What the generals of that banana republic known as the Untied States must understand is that when the super power says no, NO MEANS NO. And we all know what happens to disobedient tyrants. And we can't allow you people to set the bad example, not if we want Universal Law to ever mean anything again. Now they already had words with you people, and they already passed the resolution against you people, and who knows, maybe they have had a few more words with you since then (but then you would be keeping that secret now wouldn't you.) I thought it would be good if I were to interpret for you what they are saying, and drive the point home, since based on my observations, you are continuing to develop your Weapons of Mass Destruction program in defiance of the Universal Community, and so I thought I would try to straighten you people out on this matter, for all the good it will do. It won't do any good, and I know that, but at least when then that thing does do the meteor and comes down, everyone will quite clear on what happened and why they did it.

This is the last thing I plan to write for a while. I will be busy in the times ahead doing the Adlai Stevenson thing over at the Security Council, you know lobbying to get that space station brought down, urging the council to enforce their resolutions and so on. Now this next bit is going to sound particularly weird, but then I am a particularly weird person, am I not, and so I share with you the fact that I am also lobbying hard to be able to set the date for the California Earthquake. I make note of the fact that Eden Wing took place on a significant date, a day rich in symbolic meaning, and I make note of how we make use of symbolic communication repeatedly over the years. As well, one repetitive theme of mine is that bit about 'calling 9-11 on this place' and thus given how the prediction of 9-11 was the pivotal center piece of those Earth Day prophecies I was telling you about above, it seems to me that the fact this event took place on 9-11 seems to be another example of one of those days rich in symbolic meaning for that very reason.

Now given how we are going to have a California Earthquake in 2004 in any case, it seems to me that it should take place on a date which is rich in symbolic significance, and for that reason I have looked at the Calendar, and I have concluded that the best date for this event would be February 25th, 2004, and so I am going to lobby both to have that space station knocked down and also I am going to lobby hard to fix the date for that inevitable Earthquake, which is going to happen in any case, so that when it does happen at least it will really mean something.

February 25th is Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday begins the forty days of lent. The symbolism of Ash Wednesday seems appropriate to me, and after studying a calendar I cannot find another date so suitable. Traditionally the ashes for Ash Wednesday were created by burning the Palm Fronds the church had previously used to celebrate Easter in the year before. A little oil is mixed with the Ashes to make them stick when applied to the forehead, and then it was a tradition to hurl the penitents out of the church for forty days, the fasting and repentance of lent finally culminating in the celebration of Easter. The ashes were supposed to help the Church develop an attitude of humility, while the forty days of suffering during lent was intended to lead to repentance. Now given how much I hate Easter you can understand why I would want to burn that Church's palm fronds from last years Easter Celebration. I really hate that whole bit of having people carrying on about how 'I deserve to be crucified, but Jesus took my place and paid the price I should have paid.' Even worse is that bit about how 'I killed him, I killed him, I killed Jesus.' Now actually that was Caesar. But then of course if you were some imperialist and a supporter of Caesar you did take part in the crucifixion, and you were also guilty of making those kids disappear in Argentina, the mass murder in Indonesia, and other crimes of the state, and if that it isn't a reason to stick some ashes and your forehead and kick you out of church for forty days I can't imagine what would qualify as a legitimate cause.

I have visions too 14.Jan.2004 19:11

pat robertson

*ehem*.........yeah thanks for the enlightenment *cough* ......an earth quake in california,what are the odds?, such intuition you have....... wait i think i feel it too *fingers rubbing my temple* yeah bush will do something stupid...... again

how did this make it to the front page?

Did you know Ghandi personally? 11.Feb.2004 16:12

E.L. VanSlyke

"First thee lose thy mind, then thee amuse thyself, then thee make ass of thyself, then thee spin." Me

God 27.Aug.2004 18:31

And you shall know them...

Ha-ha. You're wrong again! No earthquake Feb 25, 2004. No falling space station. Saddam's in custody. The Sahara is as green as ever (NOT!). You sure talk a lot, but precious little of it is truthful. Have you considered writing fairy tales instead?