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Prophecy 2004, Part One -- some background discussion

link to this article originally published to the pdx indy newswire here: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/01/278144.shtml reposted here in full.

Prophecy 2004


In order to put this story into context it is necessary for me to provide some background material, a description of some strange events that precede the events of today. I have made some previous attempts to tell this strange story (for example on this page) and so the following will be an attempt to briefly sketch out a summary.

When I was twelve years old I had the first of a series of these strange experiences. I felt a 'presence' enter the room in which I was sitting and the feeling of this presence was so real that it caused me to look up and towards the left which was this sense of presence seemed to be 'located'. It seemed to enter the room like 'a gust of wind'. I dismissed the feeling as being similar to that strange and passing feeling of deja vu that people occasionally experience. Next I heard a voice, in my left ear. It was barely audible, almost a whisper, and it sounded 'tinny', and the words were very rapid. It said, 'The telephone is going to ring. You're grandfather is dead.' This experience scared the living daylights out of me, and I was also prepared to dismiss the second part of the experience as some type of strange mental aberration, like the first. I thought to myself, 'I will wait and see if this actually happens.' I was about to dismiss the experience and ignore it as a curiosity (a trick of the mind, like deja vu) when suddenly the phone rang. All my senses became heightened. The sound of the phone ringing seemed to be amplified. Perhaps I could have heard a pin drop at a hundred yards. A great wave of fear went through me. My mother picked up the phone, there was silence, then the sound of the phone crashing to the floor, and my mother ran up the stair steps in tears. It was about fifteen minutes later that she returned and told me that they had just phoned to inform us that my grandfather was dead. I just nodded my head. I already knew. The weeks that followed was some of most awesome of my life. I was haunted during the day and haunted during the night. The dead were every where. The very air that surrounded me was heavily populated and the universe seemed to be a very different place indeed. I was surrounded by ghosts.

After about three weeks I managed to make an adjustment that allowed me to live with this new experience, and I seemed to 'return to normal' but looking back on the experience I can see that it changed me in profound ways. I studied all sorts of ancient spiritual texts over the next two years looking for clues that perhaps over the course of human history perhaps traces might be found that would indicate that others had experienced something similar to what had just happened to me. Eventually I was attracted to the most ancient form of Buddhism.

Sidebar : I am referring here to Buddhism in the beginning, when it was a practical philosophy, and before the myth making of religion transformed it into the type of 'popular Buddhism people might be more familiar with today. During my investigations I found that religion repelled me. According to the most ancient Buddhist philosophy, which actually contradicts Buddhism as a religion, people should not speculate on what happens to people 'in heaven' as an example, because all such religious dogma can never be anything more than speculation. Religious texts and religious authorities teaching what are supposed to be authoritative dogma that purports to explain these highly speculative descriptions of reality should be rejected and all individuals should be regarded as equal and thus there is no insight or understanding that is unique to some 'great religious authority'. This is a lesson that needs to be learned in Christian, and Muslim, not to mention Jewish cultures, where the dogma of 'the unquestionable authority of the supposedly divine individual' is used as a prop to support what in the end are highly speculative doctrines.

The story is told of how the Buddha was consulted by the Kalamas, who were confused by the conflicting claims to religious authority by various sects operating at the time. Each sect was dogmatic concerning their own traditions and doctrines and condemned the others, and the Kalamas told the Buddha that "we always have doubt and perplexity among ourselves as to who among these venerable recluses and brahamas spoke the truth and who spoke falsehood." The Buddha replied,

It is proper for you to have doubt, that you have perplexity, for a doubt has arisen in a matter which is doubtful. Now, look you Kalamas, do not be led by reports, or religious tradition, or hearsay. Be not led by the authority of religious texts, nor by mere logic or inference, nor by considering appearances, nor by the delight in speculative opinions, nor by seeming possibilities, nor by the idea that "this is our teacher". But when you know for yourselves that certain things are wrong then give them up and when you know for yourselves that certain things are good then accept and follow them."

I also found ancient Buddhism to provide a practical way of viewing the world as a form of cause and effect. For example if you pollute a stream you get a polluted stream. This is obvious, and the principle applies more broadly in that nothing happens without there being a root cause and the results just follow logically.

A brutal social order creates a brutalized society and the circle of brutality continues for another generation. Religion on the other hand tends to mystify cause and effect and thus distracts from real solutions.

Let me give you just one practical example of how the process of religious mystification works in the real world, which can then be contrasted with the practical philosophy of Buddhism before it became distorted by the process of changing it into a religion. The reason there is child prostitution and child thieves stealing food in poor countries is because of 'individual child sinners' who 'need Jesus'. Religion justifies the status quo and then concentrates on 'solving' the problem by converting 'one child sinner at a time.' The selected child will then appear on Christian Television announcing that he is now saved and will preach the saving message of Jesus to other hungry, prostituted, stealing children. Now if you recall the 'anti-Chavez' demonstrations in Venezuela, you might have seen that the protestors were all remarkably white skinned and very well dressed and quite rich. That sea of white faces and well dressed white people driving up to the anit-Chavez protest in their SUVs might give a person the idea that Latin America is a white country. The so called 'anti-Chavez strike' was actually a lockout as these descendants of the white colonialists of the past locked out their brown skinned workers so as to create 'strike' that could be reported in the western press as one more reason for a coup d'etat. Currently in my country (Canada) Amnesty International has launched a campaign to pressure these white people to get them to stop paying off duty police officers to murder thousands of brown skinned street kids every year, because, being hungry and starved after all, they practice child prostitution and also steal food when they see an opportunity to do so, and these white people like money. (Chavez was planning some poverty reduction moves, which would of course require taxes, which is the real reason for the white protests and the constant attempted coup d-etats. Which isn't surprising, because people who routinely murder thousands of street kids every year, to save a few bucks on stolen food or to 'clean up the street of dirty child hookers' are the same immoral types who want to hold onto their cash even if it means a coup d'etat.) Now, Christian television parades 'saved Child prostitutes' who 'found Jesus' and are now 'evangelists' who are going to 'save the souls of more child prostitutes.' This is a truly classic example of the deleterious effects of religion and its mystification of cause and effect, since the 'sinners' are hidden from sight, and the root cause of the problem, which is the lingering result of white Christian imperialism and colonialism, is never mentioned. Rather it is hidden, and the problem is mystified, and it is obvious that the so called solution (saving souls of street kids) is misdirection, which is what religion does (after being saved by Jesus and not prostituting themselves or stealing any more they can starve to death content in the knowledge that a big pie is waiting in the sky for them when they die).

Here there is an element of truth to be found in original Buddhist philosophy, in that the Buddha concluded that all suffering on earth was caused by greedy desire. There is some danger in his proposed solution, in that he suggests that one withdraw from desire, and this can easily be twisted into a passive withdrawal from the world, but there remains an element of truth in his analysis of the root cause of the problem of suffering on the earth.

I include this side bar here, even though it is a bit of a digression, both to explain my position on religion, and why I oppose it, and in the hopes of making certain that the strange stories that I tell do not lead others towards religious mystification, which is something I oppose. Even the most practical philosophy can be twisted and become a religion. Both Buddhist religion and Christian religion are remarkably similar in that regard. For example according to the mystification and myth making of later Buddhist religion the Buddha was a special, and authoritative, divine being who entered his mothers womb in some sort of ghostly form to be born as a type of god like being in human form. The Buddha would be appalled. But the story should sound familiar to anyone in a Christian culture. According to the earliest Christian documents, the Christ figure stated, 'you must not call me good, for no one is good except God.' He also stated that all authoritarianism was to be resisted, for 'the great Lords of the world lord it over people and exercise authority over them. But it must not be like that for you.' Compare this to the perfectly 'sinless', absolute authoritative 'Lord Jesus' who demands your 'complete surrender' and who is 'taking control of your life as your personal Lord and Master, taking complete control'. All religion is about mystifying and then justifying the power of elites, and ultimately this is about money and wealth, and religion is obviously the tool used to protect money and wealth, and there is no better example of this than the perversions of both original Buddhist and Christian philosophies, not to mention the everyday examples of how religious mystification works, such as the example I gave above, the story of 'saving child prostitutes from being sent to hell by Jesus' (a true real world story, and just one many of the same type). Mystification is used to target victims and protect the guilty, thus supporting the status quo, which in the end is about protecting money, and thus is religion is always keeping people busy doing worthless projects while what really matters is left undone. As I mentioned this side bar is a digression, but nevertheless I feel it is important to make clear my position on religion, in particular when I am discussing these strange events, which lend themselves to the development of superstitious mystifications, which I oppose (and so even though such side bars are a digression, they nevertheless serve a useful purpose).

As I mentioned previously I responded to this strange premonition event by studying the past, looking for clues that might have been left behind throughout history that would indicate that others had left behind traces of their own experiences that would relate to what I had just experienced. This required me to plow through piles of religious obfustication and religious mystification, and out of it all, ancient Buddhism seemed at the time the most attractive philosophy. This experience with struggling with the cloud of dust, and the muddying of the waters by religion was very worthwhile and continues to influence me to this day, since the function of religion, it seemed to me, was to catch those searching, as I was searching, trapping us in a net and then distracting us and leading us astray, thus protecting the status quo.

A few years later my family went on a vacation at Banff National Park in Canada and the next strange experience took place. I was fifteen at the time and about three years had passed since the initial experience I describe above. During that three years I had undergone some profound changes, which, in retrospect, I can see were the product of this first experience. I had become radicalized. And I questioned everything. As time went by I became more and more aware that 'the status quo' and the commonly held beliefs of my society were corrupt and inadequate. This collection of superstitions as well as the commonly held assumptions and beliefs of society were inadequate, and yet these things were held to be true with a kind of religious fervor. This religious belief system extended beyond even religion, to the every day ordinary system of beliefs that even non-religious people held to be true. For example, my society would tell me, and would continue to tell me, to this very day, that out of the ordinary events do not take place. The whole world can be encapsulated in conventional beliefs and conventional thinking. I knew that this was rubbish, through personal experience, and yet I encountered a resistance which I came to perceive as increasingly arrogant and even atrociously ignorant. This remains my view of the surrounding culture to this day - arrogantly ignorant. I also encountered the New Religion and the New High Priests of our culture. This new religion is called Science and the High Priest is now the Scientist. Now I should point out here that I have nothing against Science or the Scientific Method per se, however I do fiercely resist Science as Religion, and I also oppose the High Priests. Science is not the 'explanation for everything', and yet what science does not understand and what science cannot explain is trashed and debunked. The arrogance of this new religious mindset that has infested our culture was always obvious to me, and it could only be the True Believer who could remain blind to this fact, just as the High Priests and the True Believers of the past missed certain pertinent facts that were not encapsulated in their narrow (religious) view of the world. Science is poor religion, and I have clashed constantly with this New Faith, and will continue to do so. Science is a poor choice for the new religion, but then aren't all forms of religion impoverished? Science as religion is no different in that regard, and its greatest weakness as a form of 'religion' lies in the fact that it is strictly limited to whatever can be measured with a ruler or poured into a beaker. This is fine, for the purposes of science, and it should be no other way. It is, after all, science, and that is how science works within its limited domain. To hold that what science cannot measure or capture in a beaker 'does not exist for the purposes of science' is something that I can understand and accept, but when science becomes the New Religion, when it moves out of the lab, and then begins to provide the religious explanation for reality, based on its own texts, and thus declares as a form of dogma that what is not in the Sacred Texts (the peer reviewed religious journals of science) is anathema, well this dogmatic rising new religious mindset is more than I can stand (and I protest). My days of clashing with this new religion and this rising new Priesthood are not over yet, for reasons that would be obvious when you consider what I have to say. Furthermore, there is some evidence that exists that might even fit within the narrow definition of science, and it is also interesting to note that when you provide evidence that contradicts accepted dogma and sacred doctrine suddenly science is no longer interested in evidence. They won't get away with that sort of cheating. I won't let them.

You know our ancestors had to topple the priests to advance scientific inquiry, and the thought that now the scientist will become the New High Priest is more than I can stand, and thus I find myself resisting scientists just as scientists resisted priests, and for the same reasons. Science has its place, and in its place it has its purpose, and its value, but when it arrogantly defines The Nature of Reality and The Meaning of Existence and The Limits of Understanding, in other words when it moves out of the lab and into the pulpit, well now we have a problem that is going to have be dealt with, and a challenge that I cannot ignore. My purpose in mentioning this is to bring to your attention the kind of struggle I found myself mired in during those early years as I stumbled upon something that was beyond the pall of the faith and the doctrine of the surrounding culture.

Now speaking of that of which science has nothing to say, and thus is not real and cannot exist, and yet which exists nonetheless, I continue my story. I was at Banff National Park. Years of resisting the pressures of my culture, and its ignorant viewpoint, and years of resisting the dictates of the New Doctrine of Religious Science (as I might call it) had radicalized me, and I doubted everything and I questioned everything. I was also in deep distress as I considered the wide spread corruption of the planet (street kids being murdered by cops paid for by rich white colonialists, babies left to starve at the rate of thirty or forty thousand per day, because feeding them would cost money and thus challenge the status quo). I became quite clever during those years, very wise, wiser than my years, in that I finally concluded that the corruption of the world was caused by the greedy desire for money, and that the lies and misdirection of propaganda, and of religion, were just tools to hide this fact. All problems must be hidden, so they won't be solved, because solving them would cost money, and that would level the playing field, thus threatening the powers that be. Therefore the aim of all religion, and all propaganda, is to suggest that the problem is not one of money. Religion will tell us the problem is one of 'individual sinners' rather than a sinful social system, and non-religious propaganda will also distract and confuse and kick up a cloud of dust, since to tell the truth is to spend money, which is what is really required to solve these problems, and given the wickedness of greed, that particular solution must remain forever off the table.

By the time I was fifteen this became my 'thumbnail sketch' of all propaganda and religion in the world - its all about money and keeping it, all therefore all religion and all propaganda offensives can be dissected by looking at the problem and understanding how it will cost money and how that is not going to happen. The nature of the propaganda or the religious doctrine then becomes clear since it is clearly designed as a tool to hang onto money, you know, such things as avoiding being taxed to get street urchins out of a life of prostitution and food stealing. Shooting them costs money as well (you have to pay the off duty police officers who murder children in countries around the world) but even though that solution costs money as well, it still works out to be a bargain, since they won't be stealing and you won't be taxed. Religion can create a distraction, and avoid talking about money, which is what religion is all about, by keeping everyone concerned about how little Juan will be sent to hell by Jesus if he isn't saved, and religion can also offer 'a solution', that won't raise taxes or cost a dime, by holding little Juan up as an example, now that he is saved and is out telling the other street orphans about Jesus. Take any filthy propaganda or any religious doctrine and as a first step find the money, and then the propaganda comes apart at the seams. For example, we are starving out tens of thousands of children a day, each and every day. This is why we need to support genetic engineering of the food supply, you know, to feed the poor. Once those food patents go through, a spirit of generosity will result in the revenues being set aside and like the good fairy, that new patented, engineered food will feed the poor. Of course, today the world is over producing food, and the glut is driving down prices, which means farmers require subsidies or they will go bankrupt, given how prices would be far below the cost of production. This world wide food glut caused the WTO talks to collapse in the latter part of 2003, since the American government could not convince poor countries to allow the United States to dump their surplus commodities onto their markets. According to the research done by FoodFirst.org (see their page Ten myths about starvation) the world is currently producing about 3500 calories per day, enough to make everyone on earth obese. So the problem is obviously not that the food supply is not engineered and patented. Follow the money. According to propaganda the world is over populated and the solution is the castrate the poor. You here that one a lot, over and over again. However, when people are poor and hungry, they have more children. Its called 'Social Security' poor people style. You see, when you get old, you can get one carrot from one child, a yam from another child, and not be an extreme burden on just one or two children. Large families are a survival strategy, and while we might wish to castrate the poor, and then slash the budget, as happens now, you can understand how the thought of starving to death in old age doesn't go over well. Especially after all that budget slashing that has been going on in recent decades, which makes large families even more important, given how wrong it is to have support programs in the modern world. Look around the world. Every support program is being slashed to 'encourage investors.' Follow the money. Look, if we have to feed people with all that left over food that would cost money. Follow the money. No propaganda offensive can survive this simple technique. I discovered this principle by the time I was fifteen, so that strange experience I had when my grandfather died bore some interesting fruit, which helps to explain why religion exists, and why religion muddies the waters.

Now what I had discovered plunged me into despair. Money and greed were the root cause of these horrible problems in the world. The powerful were entrenched, and the roots ran deep, and the weak were destroyed and swept away. Those around me were propagandized and kept in a state of abject ignorance, with their heads muddled by the carefully crafted doctrines of religion or should this not work, by the devious machinations of more secular propaganda (the end result is always the same). Each and every day I had to wake up in the morning and endure the offense of acts of vicious cruelty, and a world wedded to greed and thus wedded to violent solutions. I had no choice. The entire planet was being poisoned by the lethal spiritual toxins that were the end product of this cruelty. This in turn had led to ruthlessness, hard heartedness, as well as being the true root cause of all the violence in the world, violence which therefore cannot be solved with more violence. When you see violence promoted as a solution, such as, for example, the so called 'War on Terrorism' you know that once again a non-solution is being offered as a distraction. While the 'War on Terrorism' will cost money, fortunately it is money that will be spent in the proper way (going into the pockets of stock holders in the Military Industrial Complex). And no matter how much that 'War on Terrorism' might cost, it will still be a lot cheaper than taxes. If you think long term, you will see that although the military consumes about a trillion dollars a year on the planet, many tens of trillions over the course of the last century, money that could have brought peace to the planet, it was still worth it to waste our time using violence as a solution, since, if you do the math, it was still cheaper than taxes to put an end to suffering on earth. Its one of those deals where you have tens of trillions of dollars of wealth, and you spend a trillion to make damn sure you will keep the rest. It is still not as cheap as keeping the trillion as well, but sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Its called being realistic. Almost all of the military money spent each year is not spent to protect Chad from the evil nation of Mali, but rather the money is spent on quelling internal revolts, to protect 'Columbia' from the legions of poor people in Columbia, to kill union organizers, who will cost money if not stopped, and to just basically keep money. Follow the money. Spend a trillion to keep tens of trillions. Its called being realistic.

That evening while I was in Banff Park, I was desolate, and I thought to myself, 'why not try saying a prayer.' Looking back on it now, I can see that this too was one of the products of that experience that took place when I was twelve and my grandfather died. What I am saying here is that 'praying', while it might seem like a worthless thing to do, actually seemed like a realistic possibility to me, and this type of thinking was due to the influence of a prior exceptional experience which had opened my mind to such thoughts. I said three prayers. The first went something like this. 'I am a child of God, just like that Jesus Christ figure. Give me a sign.' The second prayer I can't remember. The third prayer went something like this : 'We both know I am getting this sign someday, so I might as well get it today, but if not, then very well, for I am going to carry on no matter what happens.'

None of these prayers produced any results and I remember having this sinking feeling inside, a feeling of total futility. I walked over to where my parent's had parked their car. I crossed my arms on the hood of the car and then laid my face down on my crossed arms. Then I felt something like ice cold water that seemed to rain down from the inside of my head, and then overflowed down the back of my neck. This was followed by contractions in my neck muscles, a couple of tentative contractions, and then a sudden grabbing, and I found my head lifting involuntarily off my crossed arms. When my head was raised there was in the sky in front of me a bright, white, luminous, circular object sitting motionless in the sky. The object suddenly accelerated, moved into a small cloud a short distance away. I waited for the object to emerge from the other side of the cloud but it did not. And then the cloud dissolved and disappeared and there was nothing there.


An animated gif of the object at Banff

I trembled violently. My whole body shook from head to toe. I went into a kind of shock. I stumbled about for a minute or two. And then the object appeared rising up from behind the cover of the tree tops. It was much closer, extremely brilliant, and due to the way that brilliant light refracts off of the cornea of the eye, it appeared to have four long 'spikes' of light extending from it. The air must have been humid because it was surrounded by a huge shimmering rainbow. This rainbow had a powerful emotional effect on me, because I interpreted it, based on cultural symbolism by relating it to the mythological Ark story (where the rainbow was a peace sign, and a sign of Covenant, a type of promise).


An attempt to sketch the object surrounded by the rainbow halo.

I was fifteen at the time, and in my province, people get their driver's licence, called a 'learner's licence' when they are fifteen, followed by a full driver's licence when they are sixteen. About two months after the event I described above, I received my licence. This image is quite strange, but I display it here, at the risk of encouraging the kinds of superstitions I disapprove of, because it is one scrap of evidence that supports the story I am telling above.


The licence. The number is circled. It reads, '0 9 0 6 6 6 0 6'.

At this point I feel that it is important to once again digress, in order to discuss the meaning of symbols as a method of communication. It is my judgment that the best way to understand the relationship between the two events I describe just above is based upon their symbolic meaning. Communication can be accomplished using significant symbols, just as effectively as by using words, spoken or written. Now in order to understand the symbolic meaning of these two signs it is required to examine the source document for the two symbols. For example, everyone is familiar with the notorious '6 6 6' symbol. In a previous chapter of the same document, we read the following. 'I saw another angel coming down out of heaven. It was wrapped in a cloud. The rainbow was on its head.' So then what we see here are two sides of the same coin. Now one side of the coin is covered, you might say. You can't see it directly. I am telling you about it. The other side of the coin is visible. I bring this visible symbol to your attention simply because it is one scrap of evidence that I can produce that lends support to what I told you before. If you continue to read I will produce more of these bits and pieces of supporting evidence.

Now what we see here is communication using cultural symbols. It remains then to attempt to interpret the meaning of these culturally relative symbols if one is to understand the meaning of the communicated message. At this point I will simply share with you what I believe, and the reason that I do believe what I believe is best understood when you consider the symbols above. What I am saying is that I believe what I believe for a reason, and I have just graphically illustrated the reason why I believe as I do in the diagrams above and in the following discussion of the meaning of these cultural symbols in the previous paragraph.

Before the Christian age, crucifixion was a political statement being made by Caesar. The meaning of the message was 'I am Caesar. Screw with me and this is how you will be tortured to death.' The entire Roman economy was dependant on the wealth generated by slaves, who were kept in line using the threat of crucifixion (torture). The post Easter meaning of the crucifixion became an insult to Caesar, and the political content of this new subversive message could be described using the phrase, 'Caesar crucifies slaves, but God raises his victims from the dead.' A revolutionary interpretation of the white washed Easter story...When Easter rolls around it is a good time to remember the disappeared in Argentina. These were mostly young people, in their teens and twenties, who were dissidents and protestors, and who were tortured and then murdered by the right wing despots of Argentina, and who then disappeared. Their mothers protested for years in every increasing numbers, and to this day justice still has not been done, in that their murders granted themselves immunity (nice job, if you can get it). Now granted, we don't take the opportunity to remember such things at Easter, because, you see, we have religion, and the purpose of religion, as I mentioned previously, is to make sure no one thinks of such things. Rather, at Easter, people have been trained, by religion to think, 'I deserve to be crucified. Jesus took my rightful place on the cross, and paid the penalty I deserve to pay myself.' Ideologically, these religious mumbo jumbo performs the function of white washing the role of the state in torture and political murder, as well as justifying the death penalty. This is similar to saying, 'I deserve to be disappeared by the death squads. We all do.' Actually truth be told no one ever deserved to be so tortured to death by Caesar, and no one deserved to be disappeared. Easter, the religious celebration, is a corrupted perversion of everything sacred and holy, which is why we have Easter every year...It is also a masterpiece in the annals of propaganda, a truly devious twisting and flipping upside down, a work of art, and for that reason Christian religion is a role model for all other propaganda assaults, in that it shows just how it really is possible to suck the marrow out of the bones of any symbol or movement, and after corrupting it, force it into service of the powers that be, as a prop for the status quo...The Christian religion is such a masterpiece, such an artful piece of deception, that when Easter once again comes in a couple of months time, no one will even think of those kids who were crucified in Argentina...they will be to busy thinking about how everyone deserves to be crucified, this justification of the torture state and oppressive power being the function of Christianity, which is why Caesar chose that thing as the official state religion (Caesar's approval being a a sure sign that this religion had, by the fourth century, become totally corrupted, completely rotten through and through)...

There is much more to this story that I could share, but I don't want to make this overly long. For example, there was that bit about the 'moving bed' which happened when I was eighteen. I was telling my story to friends of mine over at his house, and in the weeks that followed, the place developed fame for having a 'haunted bed.' What used to happen is that at night the bed would start shaking and then it would begin to move across the room. People used to come over and sleep on that bed just to find out for themselves. His mother was so full of horror that just the sight of me caused her to stutter uncontrollably, since after telling these strange stories, apparently her house was being haunted. What does the symbolism of this event mean? I haven't got the slightest idea. It did, however, for the benefit of those friends of mine, confirm the story I had been telling them. Another significant event happened about five years ago, when I once again told some friends about these events, and we then went out to the lake. As we were standing outside, looking up at the sky, a small dot appeared that looked like a satellite passing over. It then began to speed towards the earth, until as the distance decreased it became clearly visible as a round circular, glowing white object, which changed trajectory, moved horizontally across the sky, before once again changing direction and heading straight up, fading away to a pin point and disappearing. I do not have an animated gif but however I did create a small AVI media file which attempts to illustrate what this looked like ... Lake.avi (22 kb)

There are other stories I could tell, but I have told them before. What is significant about these events is that they were experienced by groups of people, which indicates that what we are dealing with here is an external phenomena, and not some sort of internal mental abberation. There were also many people in my hometown of Melville Saskatchewan who saw these objects in the months following the event at Banff. I recall on fellow, his name was Craig, who was bursting with enthusiasm and carried a telescope with him each night, waiting for another opportunity to see these craft. Our local paper was a kind of 'evangelical fundamentalist Christian paper.' For example, the headline one week was that two Mormons had come to town to save souls. They had their pictures on the front page of the paper and so on, and page after was devoted to 'Church News' (Mrs. Smith played came to town from Langenburg and played the organ during hymn time at the Baptist Church, which graced them all). The situation and the talk and the rumors became so intense all over town due to the nightly appearance of these objects, that even this fundamentalist newspaper was forced to write up mocking little pieces about 'UFOs' which appeared on the front page of the paper. I spent several hours a few years ago running through the microfilms of those papers and ran off photocopies of those stories which I should scan and post as a curiosity (at the moment I cannot remember where I put those photocopies).

Contrary to certain popular beliefs, none of these sightings or events have taken place in secret, but rather, from the very beginning, as long as I have been aware of these matters, they have taken place in public. This continues to be a public event ( I am thinking now of the very public events that took place in my hometown of Saskatoon about four years ago).

Now that I mention events that are public this brings me to more recent, and also public, events, which I have often discussed before, but will briefly summarize once again.

In the time before the Summit of the America's in Quebec City I was making plans for some type of symbolic public display. I had been distressed by that so called 'Battle in Seattle.' It took my mind back to those earlier days, before Banff, when I was so distressed by the corruption of the world. I saw a lot of myself in those people, and so I thought to myself, I must intervene. Of course, by 'intervene' that would be in my usual weird way. Let's just say that my intervention was less than successful for that very reason, however, as the saying goes, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. It ain't over yet, and I still have work to do for that very reason.

Now one must understand my 'weird' background to even begin to make any sense out of the following story. My idea for an intervention was to borrow a mythological symbol to use as a 'protest banner.' The symbol I borrowed from the 13th chapter of the book of Revelations where this is this woman, who was having labor pains as she struggled to give birth to a child. Meanwhile a fire breathing dragon was waiting to devour the child the very second it was born. The woman gave birth, and her child was snatched right up to heaven, safe from that fire breathing dragon, and the woman then grew the great wings of an eagle and flew off to Eden where she was now safe from that Dragon. This myth seemed to be the perfect metaphor for what I had in mind.

My idea was to create a 'banner' to 'unfurl' at the Summit of the Americas. The banner would be thousands of miles long and would shaped like a wing and made out of clouds, and would be unfurled over the Sahara desert, which would be Eden, symbolizing a transformation of the Desert into the Garden of Eden. Now in order to understand why anyone in their right mind would even seriously consider such a ridiculous sounding plan you would need to understand the way my mind works, and in order to understand that, I would have to share a story with you, which helps to explain it all. I am not like everyone else, so naturally, such an idea would make perfect sense to me. And so on Friday evening, April 20th, I began to spam the planet, sending emails and postings to newsgroups with the title 'Fly to Eden on Stork Wings with Yahweh.' That should read 'Eagle Wing' not 'Stork Wing', by the way, but I was in to big a hurry to start spamming to double check just exactly which bird I was supposed to use as a symbol. I have links to various newsgroups where I posted that ridiculous 'press release' which includes the ridiculous sounding content of that press release, as well as the reactions of those who read it (which includes such remarks as 'shouldn't you be down at the airport handing out flowers', and so on). I spammed all the news organizations, churches every where, I spammed the planet. I was so busy spamming that if you check the dates on some of those newgroups postings you will see that I started Friday afternoon, was still at late Friday night, and I finally stopped spamming sometimes late Saturday morning. I was busy. Links and the content of the press release are found on this page...'Eden Wing' press release


On Sunday, April 22nd, 2001, the last day of the Summit of the Americas, which was also Earth Day, 2001, the cloud shaped wing finally finished taking form. In the press release there are links to videos, and I make the comment that 'I finally have enough of a wing going to make a video.' Actually, there is not much of a wing on those videos. As I recall I made at least half a dozen videos (you know the 'Water Vapor Wing', in multiple formats of course, and the IR wing, etc). The following is an example in Real Player format. IR Wing (90 KB). If you look up in the top corner of the video window, you will notice that the date is 20/04/2001, which is Friday evening, April 20th, and time of the last Frame is 22:00 (or ten in the evening). The final video does in fact show a wing taking shape and ends around noon, on Sunday 22nd of April, 2001, which was also Earth Day, the perfect day to unfurl a 'wing' over Eden. You might notice, just to comment on the 'symbolism' of that wing, that if you imagine a bird attached to that wing, that this would be its left wing, which given the type of person I am, really seems appropriate. Eden Wing AVI...This is supposed to be inspirational, by the way, which is why I am going on about it to this day. It is also supposed to be an effort to take people back to that evening in Banff Park, an attempt to share in experience. To appreciate the content of this symbol does require a change in thinking, however, and I am still working on this difficulty (but for those who are able to appreciate it, take heart! I guess one could say that the spirit of the universe is that it is a 'left wing' place after all...)

Now the Summit of the Americas had no doubt been planned out by Karl Rove to be a propaganda triumph for the United States, and a celebration of the glory of the new Bush Administration. For example first there was the 'triumph' of the Summit of the Americas, strategically timed to coincide with Earth Day. This was followed promptly by a tour by Prince Charles which took him right straight through my home town a few days later. And then, the icing on the cake was an extravaganza involving live broadcast from the international space station. And so it came to pass that as this obviously carefully choreographed and well planned propaganda event played out that one of these objects paid a visit to the international space station immediately after the appearance of that wing over the desert. I watched live, on television, as the space shuttle cameras showed one of these objects fly into view outside the International Space Station. This was followed by a failure of all the computers on the space station. This included the main computer, the back up computer and the back up back up computer (the space station operates with triple redundancy, and they all went down). That was just remarkable, and it was the first time I had ever seen one of these objects on live television. The timing, coming as it did right after that wing, was impeccable. Given how that wing was planned to ruin the Summit of the Americas, the appearance of that craft also ruined the propaganda triumph of celebrating the glory of the American Military Industrial Complex, and so it was ideologically in synch as well. (The main purpose of the space station is to develop the weapons that will allow the Pentagon to dominate the earth from orbit, and NASA is now primarily a subcontractor to the Pentagon).

The tape is currently being kept hidden, which I consider to be wrong and immoral. However to their credit, NASA did, at one time, admit that, yes, they did capture such a craft on the space shuttle cameras. Someone at NASA probably caught hell for that gaff, given how that tape is supposed to be such a great big secret now. Offsite link on the BBC: UFO Video goes to Hollywood - a quote from the article: "officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission. "

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