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Going to Mars

Evil George wants a Mars mission. Is he and Dick palnning to escape?
Whats on Mars
Whats on Mars
Evil George

Wants to send persons to mars.

Do you suppose he likes traveling. Perhaps you may have noticed a non-self serving aspect to his behavior. Perhaps not.

Coincidences current are mars landing craft. Apparently looking for water or perhaps something else?

Privatizing mars for prisons is an idea, but too much energy is required to ship out all the peasantry. Then who would do all the labor?
How about a slave planet. Not a new idea is it? Two is better than one

Then again you may ask if a dictator need a distraction that's not war? Historically nothing comes to my mind since the inquisition and the exploration of the new world.

Still curious is the fact that these initiative tend to have by partisan concurrence. (The sop- the Same Old Party is always in control.) But what could be the purpose.

Is there something of value on mars?

Is it radioactive?
elect me you sheep or I'll elect myself 11.Jan.2004 03:07

citizen unbound

This is just a political ploy (also attempted by his daddy) to get people to rally behind his views and re-elect him.

This is proven by the lack of responsible planning (fiscal.)

Possible Motivations 11.Jan.2004 10:14

Gary Sudborough IconoclastGS@aol.com

I am certain that part of the project to go to Mars is a cover for the militarization of space. They are already working on high-powered lasers and particle beams weapons located on satellites, which they would dearly love to make so accurate that they could target leftist guerrillas in a jungle or Iraqi resistance fighters- anyone who threatens the US global capitalist empire. Another motivation is that Bush has lost a lot of his popular support and he realizes the propaganda value of space missions to retrieving some of that lost popularity. Also, it might divert attention from any future wars he is planning like an invasion of Syria or Iran. The Bush administration is already spending over 400 billion dollars on the military, not even counting the billions for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, at a time of record federal budget deficits and very little money available for schools, health care, infrastructure repair, and other desperately needed things. The hundreds of billions spent on any space program will make all these problems just that much worse.

Is there something of value on mars? 12.Jan.2004 05:54



There is no oil on Mars, but there is water ice. And that means hydrogen. Say hello to the Hydrogen Barons.

Isn't Bush's hydrogen project mentioned in a previous State of the Union speech about the same time as his request for the Mars landing? It is possible that the Petrochemical Cabal is ready to reinvest into new energy resources and will use a federally funded Mars program as their research and technical development test bed. Thus getting cheaper, mass produced hydrogen burning technology and a developed infrastructure to suport it without spending a dime of their own cash. If it fails, they've lost nothing or if they have lost money, they can write the (no doubt overstated) losses off on their taxes.

But there will also be something else of even greater value on Mars should this whole thing pan out: people. Yes Mars could very well be a corporate ruled planet (don't even think any Moon Treaty will stop them. We all have seen how well this administration cares for what the United Nations has to say about anything ). But they'll need people to occupy and work the planet.

Sure this whole magilla will take place a century or more in the future (if at all). However, the one thing we can do TODAY for those future inhabitants is to establish a social and philosophical system they can use as a reference to circumvent exploitation by their employers as has happened on our planet to the working class over the last couple of hunderd years. Where there are workers, there will be workers movements.

Even stretching it a bit, and given the technological impetus of automation, even robots can have a viable part in this New Solidarity.