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Cheney in Seattle too????

Gregg Herrington of the Columbian says of cheney, "He was in Bellevue Dec. 22 and will be back in Seattle and Portland on Jan. 13."
Seattle? Is this for real? Do our friends up North know? There's no mention in seattle.indy...

Tell me I'm dreaming. Here is a link to the article  http://www.columbian.com/12292003/clark_co/103961.html
Regrets 10.Jan.2004 23:47


Seattle will phone it in again. There's no peace network up here of note anymore.

Yeah 12.Jan.2004 04:30


I review Seattle IMC quite frequently and today (the 12th) is the first time anyone's posted anything on Cheney's visit and they probably posted it after seeing this thread on the PDX IMC.

Though I live near Seattle, I reference this IMC for the good news and information and the interesting responses.