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read what the damned "piggies" are doing in Montana...

here's what the "piggies" are trying to do in Montana over 50 marijuana plants...take a fellow's
mother's property away from HER...this isn't "law enforcement"...this is thuggery, and I surely
hope the fine citizen's there see it for WHAT it is and deal out "justice" to these thuggish joke's
in whatever retalitory means required to get the "message" over to stop such craziness....
January 8, 2004

by Carlotta Grandstaff

Ravalli County authorities arrested a Corvallis man in October following a two-year investigation into his alleged marijuana-growing operation.
In addition to seizing more than the felony amount of 50 plants, the sheriff's office also wants to seize the man's mother's property.

Len Ray Zito, 49, has been charged with several criminal offenses, including growing marijuana with intent to sell, a felony that in Montana carries a mandatory minimum sentence of two years, with the possibility of a life sentence.

The successful investigationóby a sheriff's office that in recent years has lost virtually all its experienced detectives and drug investigators to retirementówasn't enough to satisfy Ravalli County authorities, however.

Earlier this month, Sheriff Chris Hoffman began proceedings to confiscate the land on which Zito allegedly grew the pot. The property, believed to be about 38 acres, belongs to Zito's mother, who, according to the complaint filed against her son, knew he was growing marijuana there. That allegation may make her an accessory of sorts, though no charges have been filed against her. It also gives authorities the right to begin property forfeiture proceedings, even though her son has not yet been convicted.

When contacted about the property seizure, Sheriff Hoffman seemed surprised. He had already received three phone calls from citizens critical of his efforts to seize Swinson's land.

Hoffman says an increased number of meth lab operations has pushed investigations of all drug crimes, regardless of the drug, to his office's front burner. He acknowledged that perhaps in the minds of the citizenry, not all drugs are created equal. "I guess some people differentiate between the hard drugs, like meth, and marijuana."

Hoffman, in his first term as sheriff, says he's still on a learning curve. But he's unwilling to back down from his current plans to seize Swinson's 38 acres, because, he says, the law gives him the option of doing so. When all the facts are out, he says, citizens will see his side of it.
stupid pigs 10.Jan.2004 17:54


Chris Hoffman, Sheriff
205 Bedford, Suite G
Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone: 375-6282 FAX: 375-6353
Email:  sheriff@main.co.ravalli.mt.us

about this sheriff in Montana? 10.Jan.2004 18:56

just wondering

if he might not be one of those stupid kind--you know, the kind that bullshit their way into office, and once
there, they take off their mask and show everyone what kind of asshole they really are. I mean, honestly
...I wouldn't be surpised if the dude had a funny set to his eyes, picked a banjo, hired his poor relative's
as Deputy's, and diddled with his mammy occasionally---while on Sunday's is found front 'n' center at
his church bellowing like a bull "Oh! How I Love Jesus" (the "typical" John Ashcroft-styled Law-Enforce-
ment we've got today). just wondering...how about YOU?

I agree it ain't right but... 10.Jan.2004 23:23


I can't say I'm surprised about this. It's not exactly the first time it's been done. In fact, many people have had their property seized for merely being accused of drug crimes. In some cases cars and other possessions are auctioned off before the case is settled. So...let's put an end to the ridiculous prohibition of marijuana and all of the oppressive laws built around it.
I firmly believe that these laws exist only because it is such a popular recreational drug. They know that a large percentage of the population uses it and these laws give them the ability to suspend the rights of all those people. Not to mention using it against people who are innocent of even that "crime". All in the name of protecting us from ourselves.
Of course, it's a pretty non-motivational drug so on one level they must be glad it's so widespread because a stoned population is pretty docile. Also, the paranoia side-effect of marijuana seems to me to be directly related to the legal status of the drug. There are of course the lowered blood pressure and various physical effects that mimic our natural 'flight or fight' responses that can trick one's brain into thinking that we are (or should be) afraid. However, I guarantee that my own paranoia, when it hits, is definitely caused by the negative experiences I've had with law enforcement in relation to the drug.
But it's just too hard for Them to make money on. Anyone, with a little practice, can grow world class pot for themselves. I truly hope this fucked-up situation is rectified in my lifetime. I'm not optimistic though.