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Eugene IMC

Whatever happened to Eugene IMC?
Whatever happened to Eugene IMC? The last posts made there were posted over a year and a half ago, and it has been taken off the IMC directory. It's still accesable at  http://eugene.indymedia.org . Does anyone have any info on why it has been abandoned?
collective fell apart 10.Jan.2004 14:18

in the know

the collective fell apart over petty infighting and personal differences, as is wont to happen everywhere but especially, it seems, in Eugene.

hmph 10.Jan.2004 16:05


petty infighting and personal differences... that's a good way to summarize problems if you don't ever want them to be fixed!

can't fix problem without fixing people.... 10.Jan.2004 21:04

in the know

I have been in "that town" (eugene) and have observed the "in fighting" first hand. It seems that the problem is eather
1) some 'activist' types being VERY unstable (sometimes banding together!), and as a result continually disrupting the activities that they get involved in, or
2) Infiltration / instigation by people or groups who would rather there not be a 'radical' element in eugene, or
3) a combination of 1 and 2.

I am not trying to say that everyone in eugene is fucked up, or that it is totally lost, but I am saying that things have been fucked up in the past, and it seems that certain elements seem to reappear about the same time that things start to fall apart. A coincidence perhaps. If I wanted to I could name names of people I feel are disruptive and counter productive I could, but I won't. Name calling gets us no where.

The only thing I can say about eugene is you can only count on yourself and the people you know beyond a doubt are your friends. People that act like friends, or just act like people can be very diseeving. Unfortunately, the only way I can see anything working in the long term in eugene (like indymedia) is for a small group that knows eachother very well start something up and bottom line it and be somewhat exclusive about their group. This goes directly against the 'structure' of many organizations (like indymedia) and such.

Being exclusive is not anything to be proud of, but that is the current climate I see in eugene, and until that is broken, history will be forced to repeat itself in eugene, with one exclusive group facing another instead of facing the state.

Too bad 10.Jan.2004 22:43

Lynn Porter oregonactivist@mail.com

I recently moved to Eugene and like the spirit here so far. I would like to see something like Portland IndyMedia working here. Alternately, would people be interested in a discussion email list for the local left? I would consider setting it up and moderating it if there was enough interest.

I think it's the water 11.Jan.2004 08:55


They get their water out of the Willamette River just downwind from several high tech plants and wood product plants. The chemicals in the water make everyone paranoid and sometimes they even hallucinate thier own self importance. Been going on since the late 60's.

There is a great description of Eugene inability to cooperate even in times of peril...in the book "The Postman".

history 11.Jan.2004 17:27


Actually, exclusiveness was what was tried in eugene imc, sort of. then most of the anarchists trying to be exclusive about it just ended up being flighty, self-absorbed shit-heads. And/or they were only at the meetings to intimidate leftists into shutting up and had no real intention of doing work on the project. just thought i'd round out that history. biggest problem in eugene is male dominance, or stupid, crazy people challenging unfounded perceived male dominance, depending on who you ask.

perhaps the old circle a scene has collapsed enough, though, that something new will begin.

Yeah for new beginnings.. 13.Jan.2004 16:47

Nick-rock ndunbar@gladstone.uoregon.edu

I'd love to see some new IMC stuff happening in Eugene...and I'd love to help get it started. Let's get together!