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An American Tragedy

A grotesque satirical text about us.
An American Tragedy or the State of the Union

A Young Latino's life spared from the anguishing death of lethal injections. A visiting recruitment officer offers him in exchange for a chemically induced execution glory on the battlefields of the Middle East. His spilled blood on distant sands, flowing into the Tigris, is thicker than the black crude beneath the dessert he fought for. So Juan dies an American, yet no longer an alien or a death row convict but a camera shy corpse lying in a casket draped with a red white a blue flag put on display at the airbase in full view of his comrades. Others like him enraged, deranged, suicidal, permanently mentally scarred recruits, after targeting civilians on the streets of Baghdad then return home along with other amputees, now wheel- chair ridden to shooting sprees in suburban strip malls before entering shot gun heaven in the sky with a bullet to aimed at their head. Elsewhere Taliban, terrorist insurgents fighters armed to the teeth in Afghanistan dodge cluster bombs raining down from the night sky, exploding pellets played with like marbles on a dirt road by small hands. Children's limbs ripped from the their sockets carried away by famished long beaked scavengers. Half blasted away faces among the concrete rubble in a land liberated by "Daisy Cutters" and Patriot missiles. Unmarked body bags piled one on top of the other heading for homeports, exposed on the sun-scorched tarmacs of distant imperial outposts are hidden from view. Inside the air hanger, the stench of inert flesh, melting rubber, and fuel mix in a toxic, intoxicating manner.

On the home front spin Meisters, public relations wizards, propagandists play semi gods, spoon serving a captive mass audience of millions drugged, demented, distracted memorized by violent, mind numbing televised tripe. Overfed "fellow Americans" with overdraft coverage eating over sized portions at Friendly's or Taco Bell, those glutinous beefeaters swallowing contaminated hormone fed "mad cow" meat, in blissful ignorance of the saying "You are what you eat". . Over weight motorists on traffic cluttered highways drive overloaded SUVs, run on oil imported from the Pentagon run sheikdoms of Arabia. Our Friendly despots are kept pliant and amused by white blond sex slaves flown in from the most fashionable brothels. Aging Austrian actors no longer pumping iron but still snorting cocaine, away from spotlights begin groping posteriors, thighs, prying moistened crotches and other body parts of anorexic celebrity posters girls from Sacramento in swimsuits before engaging in frenzied Viagra enhanced fornication. Recall elections devised as part of a carefully scripted reality show called democracy: contrived, manipulated, rigged, stage-managed and undermined for your viewing pleasure. Candidates screened and groomed for the role of vice president. Science fiction newsflash, "The Terminator" is Darth Vader's running mate in the 2020 presidential race. Star wars, world wars, gulf wars, resource wars, ratings wars, price wars, war on drugs on terrorism on us all. Pop star pedophiles in mug shots mutated, distorted by skillful surgeons, Hollywood's esthetic artisans whose fingers carved the facial features of millionaire albinos. Defrocked priests with home made videos exposing themselves to young parishioners and choirboys in church basements. Billions for armaments and space toys, student drowning in debt, pensioners like supplicant waifs flocking to northern borders for their blood pressure pills. Medications to stay alive long enough to file their taxes. Enronized financial markets, gutless speculators, sly crooks gleefully pilfering the middle classes for their savings then sailing yachts off the coast of the Caymans, the tax evader's earthly paradise.

Color-coded alerts. Hi tech state sponsored terror. Air attacks, attack aircrafts, falling towers, falling dollar, falling trees, falling stocks, fallen soldiers. Guns in the air, on land, on sea, underground, in underground parking lots, underwater but not under control. One nation under guns. Hostile forces, hostile takeovers, hostile looks, hostile remarks, hostile environments. Armed marshals in the air on school buses, commuter trains patrolling airports, bus stations, hotel lobbies, high school hall ways, amusement parks, shopping centers, corporate headquarters, border crossings, banks, museums, seaports, tourist attractions, monuments landmarks, marksman on rooftops of government buildings. An Orwellian paranoid delirium spreading across the empire and beyond likes a computer virus or a cancerous growth. A bad hair day, a bad dream, a nightmare, an American Tragedy.