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government selection 2004

Kucinich Fundraiser This Evening, 1/10

Reclaiming America - The Transformation of the American Presidency
Kucinich for President
7 PM - January 10, 2004
Living Enrichment Center, 29500 SW Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville OR
Join Keynote Speaker Barbara Marx Hubbard, renowned author, futurist, and global visionary for peace for an evening of music, inspiration and conscious evolution toward a positive future. Presidential Candidate Dennis J. Kucinich is scheduled to participate by live video feed at this fundraiser for the Kucinich Campaign.

Fliers are available at  http://kucinich-oregon.us/files/hubbard.pdf
Brainstorming event 10.Jan.2004 11:53


I think you should make this a brainstorming event, where people come up with IDEAS to get some media attention. Commercials are too expensive, and DK will never collect the same amount of money as a corporate sellout. Think outside of the box.

would LOVE a report from this event! 10.Jan.2004 12:40

indy reader

i'm working tonight (and would have trouble getting out to Wilsonville anyway) but would LOVE to hear how this event went. hopefully one of the people who attends will report back here to indymedia afterwards? that's center column material on the front page, and you know the corporate media isn't going to give it the coverage it deserves.