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Open Letter to Vera "It's time to get back to wo-erk!" Katz:

Yes, Vera. It IS time to get (back) to work. To work on the problems of the people of Portland, and not just the problems of your corporate cronies.
For instance, VERA; in the years prior to your take over, and the Naito take over of Baloney Joe's, when a life threatenning crisis occured in this city, the worries and cares of your greedy corporate pals took a back seat for a few days, as schools, churches, and even some businesses, openned temporary shelters, to give the homeless, as well as the stranded passengers, and those whose homes were rendered uninhabitable by the cold, someplace they could go to get warm, so that people did not die "of natural causes" under the bridges.
Oh, I realize that it is not all upon your shoulders VERA. Your corporate pals, including the media all conspired to try to paint a picture of a bright, pink, if somewhat pear shaped world, where the only worry was how people would get to work, to shop, to spend money, etc. Even when stories of the plight of the desperate ones jumped up and bit the hiney of one lovely and altogether well clothed reporter, the focus was immediately shifted to Ari, and how he could shovel enough snow to be able to go to work. From there, to the intrepid, if not too bright, "shopper" who braved polar bear conditions to blow into Troutdale factory stores to spend her hard earned cash. Even in this case the reporter missed her words, which, had the reporter been listenning, went something like "I am unemployed, and have to make every cent count. I am here for a one day sale on VEGAN vitamins."
Meanwhile, shift back to the lady in the hot tub, or Ari shovelling snow, or other repeat ad infinitum stories. The "reporter freezing his/her well clothed ass off between spells of sitting in a warm van sipping hot lattes served absolutely no community purpose. The weather conditions are available on web cams, and if all the reporter is there for is to show how fast a wet t shirt can freeze in sixteen degree weather, I think we can save him/her the trouble, just as we really do not need VERA to tell us it is time to get back to wo-ork. I will if you will, VERA.
Thanks again, Indymedia, for being there to tell the truth while the drones continue to tell us to let them eat cake. Vive' l' guillotine!
hey!...I agree with you on this one...let's get Vera to working for 11.Jan.2004 06:56


I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by the lead author of this stream of thought, for I was greatly bemused to see
Vera's talking head popping up on all the local infotainment outlet's a chirping away about the "great 'n' glorious" things the city doing
under her "leadership", and yet, I'd come here to Portland.Indymedia to learn that a great many other's were out here tending to the
needs of the homeless...actually doing meaningful...all while the city's PTB's (powers-that-be) main gasbag "actress" was on TV...to
be doing what she does best>>>stroking her own ego!

To illustrate my point, let me share with you an incident that happened at my home: during this "weather crisis" I happened to be put
in position to babysit my grandchildren, while their parent's struggled to make end's meet in this crazy-economy by getting on in to their jobs and making sure they'd be marked "present" whether they did their jobs or not, as the psychological drive to retain a job in
this PTB-managed declining-job market is great. While channel-surfing, and wanting to point out to grand-daughter the laughable
antics of what local so-called "new's" all-stars were capable of, the channel happened to come to rest in it's kaleidoscopic-quest to
a file-still picture of Vera while the voice-over was obviously a live phone conversation with her from City Hall. I asked my grandchild
if she knew who that pictured woman was? She laughed and said, "...why, Gramps!...that's that old wizened gasbag of a has-beed politician that is the laughingstock of Portland...she's the lame duck of the limp dicks that gather around her weekly to rule and lord
it over the rest of us here...all, while her friend's 'n' family loot the city's treasury as result of her seemingly illogical schemes..."

While I staggered to regain my composure, I asked her who told her all this funny stuff (which, by the way, is very astute observation
in a child less than 10 years old, don't ya think?) and she said it was her teacher and other kid's in class. Seems that even at public
school's, the much-tormented teacher's of this city's rake-over by the PTB's has left some openly lambasting these political joke's for
the reality they are in open fashion, and the younger kids growing up will not be so tolerant/accepting of such ham-handed maukish
matron's performances, as such like this old warmed-over political thespian's stage calls have become of late.

So, the moral to the story is this>>>while the rest of us suffered through laughable performances from a has-been politician, and wondering WHAT she got to do with all this infotainment; it seems we're upstaged by our youngster once again, who see through all
the phoniness these sort's of people seem to ooze from their very pores, and offer hope that the future is bright indeed, when these
kid's come to power....can you hardly wait for the day?

PS: come to think of it...maybe that's why these sort's of sicko politician's are scrambling around like rat's about to jump ship...even
the old fat one's...and stealing all they can, so as to swim away with their arm's loaded, when the ship they're on does finally sink!

what a good cat's paw swipe to the Kat'z Meow herself... 11.Jan.2004 08:45

thanks for the good hoot!

thanks for the good hoot...this is really spot on...anyone else out there that want's to take a cat's paw swipe at the Kat'z Meow herself
are welcomed to "report in" here...