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Notice Taken

Citizens do respond to human need when they understand the "authorities" are doing nothing.
It seems very interesting indeed that once an article was posted on Indymedia regarding the lack of community service coverage on corporate media during this storm, each station finally featured stories about shelters and how they were managing the homeless and hungry in Portland. I know of a woman who was very shaken by the image of a homeless person trying to get warm in a doorway without any cover, so she is going to take blankets into town as soon as she can. It is still cold out there. She, like many others, might have thought that the shelters could care for all of the people in need. I used to think that the city officials would open temporary shelters and never leave anyone outside in such a storm. How will the people know what really happens if they do not see or hear about it when they are ready to understand?

It is important to know about street conditions, school closures and airline flights, but that is not enough. We also need to be aware of needs within the communities affected by storms, floods, or any disaster that might hit. The corporate media does not seem to want to dig for information or to receive stories with substance even when they walk right up to their reporters and say "I'm homeless, Lady, I got no place to go!"