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White House Braces For Insider Books

The White House is reportedly nervous about forthcoming books by ex-Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and Richard Clarke, the White House's top terror expert under both President Clinton and President Bush.
January 08, 2004

White House Braces For Insider Books

Al Hunt  http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,campaign_journal,00.html says the White House "is nervous about two forthcoming books by former insiders. Ex-Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill assails the president for a lack of interest in substantive policy in a book written by journalist Ron Suskind that will be trotted out with great fanfare on CBS's 60 Minutes this weekend."

"One Bush insider, however, ventures that no one really cares what a former Treasury secretary says. But, a book due out later by Richard Clarke, the White House's top terror expert under both President Clinton and President Bush, is another matter. Mr. Clarke is known to feel the Bush administration largely ignored the threat of terrorism and Osama bin Laden before 9-11, even after al Qaeda in June 2001 claimed responsibility for the bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 American soldiers."

homepage: homepage: http://politicalwire.com/archives/2004/01/08/white_house_braces_for_insider_books.html

Start Your Counter-Intelligence 10.Jan.2004 10:25

T Anonymous

Certainly the "bracing" at the White House is in the form of some high level meetings to roll out some gool old Helms and Dulles era counter-intelligence techniques that Daddy Bush perfected in his days. After all, its the same spin machine that got our neo-con crime synidcate off the hook during Watergate, October Surprise, and Iran-Contra so they could occupy cabinet positions in W's White House.

First and foremost, the smear campaign must begin. We've seen this with every conservative who suddenly realizes that his sold his soul to Satan and wants to clear his conscience. John Stockwell and Ramsay Clark come to mind, and Paul O'Neill, who's ethical cannons gave Dick an' Bush many headaches when they were trying to fleece the poor with the first tax cut proposal, is a prime target. As for Richard Clark, his service during the Clinton Administration will no doubt invoke cries of partisanism from the less-respected circle of conservative hit-men like Rush Limbaugh, who's only success in life is owed to serving (fat, stoned, and happy) the propaganda machine.

Second, America will be told that somehow these books are dangerously irresponsible and somehow only work to serve the goals of terrorists. Therefore, such freedom of speech must be silenced because the terrorists will hate us all the more for using it, and that puts America at risk. This task will be given to the slightly more respected propaganda ministers like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, where a parade of experts and analysts step up to the divine podium of national TV to obfuscate and blur the most potentially damaging accusations of O'Neill and Clark's new books.

Third will come the more elite propaganda team who are compensated through lucrative book deals and speaking engagements--George Will, Bob Novak, and Ann Coulter can always be enlisted to the task. A new wave of books and 'special reports' on TV will will hit the market that further discredit the dissenting authors who dared criticize the Bush Administration and counter their criticism.

If that doesn't work, there's always the slight-of-hand trick that can come in the form of "new evidence in the Kobe Bryant rape trial" or other extremely important event in the history of the US, that will suddenly become "tonight's top story."

For all those who don't believe me, save this comment and watch it unfold. When you start to doubt your blind allegiance to "the flag" (not the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence, or "the Republic for which it stands" but that piece of cloth called the flag), then please refer to some essential reading to get you started. The first is free and online:

David Brock "Blinded By The Right"

Anybody have any other suggestions? I could list more, but they are not really introductory texts. More graduate level poly-sci and psychology stuff.