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Transcript of Songun Politics Study Group Meeting on Sexism

The following is a transcript of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) meeting regarding Songun Politics, the Juche Idea and sexism.

The meeting was held last week in Portland.
Dear Leader: I do feel, J.P., that any Anti-Imperialist group like ours must reflect such a divergence of interests within its power-base.

J.P.: Agreed. Kim?

Kim: Yeah. I think Dear Leader's point of view is very valid, J.P., provided the Movement never forgets that it is the inalienable right of every man--

Travis: Or woman.

Kim: Or woman... to rid himself--

Travis: Or herself.

Kim: Or herself.

J.P.: Agreed.

Kim: Thank you, brother.

Travis: Or sister.

Kim: Or sister. Where was I?

J.P.: I think you'd finished.

Kim: Oh. Right.

J.P.: Furthermore, it is the birthright of every man--

Travis: Or woman.

J.P.: Why don't you shut up about women, Travis. You're putting us off.

Travis: Women have a perfect right to play a part in our movement, J.P..

Kim: Why are you always on about women, Travis?

Travis: I want to be one.

J.P.: What?

Travis: I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me 'Sung'.

J.P.: What?!

Sung: It's my right as a man.

Dear Leader: Well, why do you want to be Sung, Travis?

Sung: I want to have babies.

J.P.: You want to have babies?!

Sung: It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them.

J.P.: But... you can't have babies.

Sung: Don't you oppress me.

J.P.: I'm not oppressing you, Travis. You haven't got a womb! -- Where's the fetus going to gestate?! You going to keep it in a box?!

Sung: [crying]

Dear Leader: Here! I-- I've got an idea. Suppose you agree that he can't actually have babies, not having a womb, which is nobody's fault, not even the American's, but that he can have the right to have babies.

Kim: Good idea, Dear Leader. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies, brother. Sister. Sorry. This is fundimental in the Juche idea...

J.P.: What's the point?

Kim: What?

J.P.: What's the point of fighting for his right to have babies when he can't have babies?!

Kim: It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression.

Mother of Sam

This has to be a joke, right?

What is a joke 10.Jan.2004 10:50


Mother of Sam! Why is it that when Songun Politics takes its politics and thus the politics of oppressed peoples to new levels, the indymedia anarchists do-nothings just sit around and laugh, they think it is a joke, but it is not, for Songun Politics are the bright and shiny object in a crows nest that is the belly of the beast called America.

Deepest Apologies 10.Jan.2004 11:08

Mother of Sam

Upon deeper reflection, I find that I am overwhelmed by your strong and grammatically challenged arguments. Clearly, Juche ideals represent the road to liberation. I will carry Travis's baby, for the good of the movement. Hail Songun Politics!

Thank you Mother of Sam! 10.Jan.2004 11:56

Rejoycing Practiciers of Juche!

Mother of Sam!

How long the proponents of indymedicrity have laughed at Juche theory and Songun Politics, but now the poltics of Songun have proven correct for we have another member and the imperialists in their paper tiger's den in Washington will be cringing as Songun Poltics Study Group (USA) meets you for coffee someplace, but could you buy cause we're kind of broke and SSI checks aren't here because of the snow, anyhow, the movement of oppressed people EVERYWHERE is billions and billions times stronger for you're rapt attention to our ideological considerations to the oppressed people everywhere.

Who needs nuclear weapons when Songun Politics now has Mother of Sam on its side? By the way, is it true thta you carry Travis' baby? Do you mean that you'll 'carry it, like hold it or, or, or... oh my Kim Il Sung!

As it Should Be 10.Jan.2004 12:09

Mother of Songun

Comrades - the vial of frozen sperm has been delivered, I will soon be impregnated with the glorious seed of Our Beloved Leader. As a mere vessel, I will of course entrust Travis with the proper education and training of the next generation of the revolution. Hail the liberation of the oppressed! I must note, however, that my SSI check is also late, and will therefore require donations for the cause. The offspring of our Beloved Leader should not be gestated in my current shoddy imperialist surroundings. I require a palace, filled with treasure, much like the one our Beloved Leader resided in. I know that many of you will starve to support me, and toil long hours. However, it is for the good of the revolution. Should any of you fail to produce what I require, you will be considered traitors to the movement and be dealt with harshly - for your own good. I am retiring my former filthy anarchist handle (Mother of Sam). Hereafter you shall only address me as Mother of Songun.

Superlative Mother of Songun 10.Jan.2004 13:32


Superlative Step-Daughter of the Beloved Leader

We shall commence building your palace at once, a cob structure 3 stories high in Dignity Villlage...

I wish that Indymedia had a tighter 10.Jan.2004 15:54


editorial policy. Why is this stuff here? This isn't informative, newsworthy, radical...nothing.

But it brightened my day and inspired me to go google 10.Jan.2004 20:19


I just had to figure out what the heck this Songun is all about. Before Songun was just a name heard somewhere but now I got yet another reason to Google about the web and learn a thing or two. Thanks for the post and keep it up...

Comrade Susan! 10.Jan.2004 21:35


Of course Songun Poltics will brighten your day, brighten your life, brighten your laundry, Songun Poltics is the sharpened sword of the oppressed masses, much like that of the Sikhs, only we're not, well, Sikh, but some of our comrades are from Punjab, and well, we're talking about swords here, aren't we, not Sikhs, but anyways, SUSAN, Songun poltics needs you, needs your input, needs a whole lot more, you know, well, we're kind of lonely...

This is a forgery 11.Jan.2004 13:33

JP Cupp

JP Cupp:
This is fake!

Stop impersonating me! 11.Jan.2004 13:48

JP Cupp

The above post signed "JP Cupp" is a forgery by imperialist enemies of Juche. Don't read it!

thanks 11.Jan.2004 17:34

anarchist dosomething

oh my, i am so glad i stayed online long enough to read this! thank you so much for whoever has such an awesome sense of humor to write this, I love it! (Maybe someday, far down the road, we'll find out that JP has a sense of humor too. I admire his courage and dedication, but oh are his politics humorless. surely in a world so filled with horrors we could laugh a bit as we fight, can't we?)


laughing is one thing disrect another 11.Jan.2004 18:24

JP Cupp

comrade "anarchist dosomething "

You make a few post but I am wondering were you draw the lines, what you define as red baiting versus satire, and frankly the remarks about the sikh religion and the various people of the punjab region is down right racist. The remarks about travis being a transvesite are incredibly sexist, deminish the bond between a parent, particularly a mother and their child, and lack any for of " insight".

Comrade "anarchist dosomething ",

You are right. I have little patience for stupid and favor iron clad discipline to smoking cannibis and calling it a revolution. Ours is an era of fierce anti-imperialist class struggle, were the gun is the primary mode, and were the corners stone is in the liberation struggles, including armed resistance, in the periphery. My

Respect Dear Leader! 11.Jan.2004 20:22

Or The Revolution Will Eat You!

Yes, it is incorrect to disrespect North Korea's foremost exponent of Juche thought!

Lick Dear Leader's boots, and you too may have Swedish prostitutes and Paradis cognac after the Inevitable Victory Of The Revolution!

If not, well, millions of North Koreans have discovered that grass is nutritious and filling...

Humorless AND Inarticulate 11.Jan.2004 23:15

Mother of Songun

JP Cupp! As mother of the future leader, I demand that you improve your grammar, spelling AND sense of humor. You bore me and the fruit of my womb. You are supposed to be building my cob palace in Dignity Village - get back to work or I will have you sent to a re-education camp.

The False JP 12.Jan.2004 07:34


Mother of Songun! That was not the real JP Cupp, for if it were he would be writing with iron clad disipline, to match his iron clad underware, but also it is part of Juche™ theory to only write in self styled manner like badly translated Korean propaganda!

DPRK Reality in horrible prison camps is not funny 13.Jan.2004 01:39


Knowing about the Hidden Gulag in North Korea I'm in no laughing mood. I don't know if any of the comment authors is indeed JP Cupp or even if JP Cupp and this Songun Study Group exist at all. There is quite a lot of propaganda bubbles copied from KCNA and posted under this name, but not much factual information about the DPRK.

Marshal Kim Jong Il is responsible for horrible prison camps in the DPRK. Around 200000 people are tortured and starving.

Read this report: www.hrnk.org/TheHiddenGulag-press.pdf
Look at this page: www.freenorthkorea.net
Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

The document "the hidden Gulag" contains a lot of testimonies and detailed satellite images.

Does any Songun supporter think all this is fabricated?

How could you be sure that this is not true? The DPRK leadership wants to eradicate pro-imperialist class-enemies as Stalin did in Soviet Gulags. What makes you sure, that Kim Jong Il does not use similar methods and prison camps? The abduction of Japanese people was revealed last year after decades of denial.

Anyway, if there would be no Gulags at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or other NGO's to check this and prove this report false?

Thanks for a serious answer

Hmmm 27.Jan.2004 03:47


Well, honestly, the Life of Brian is one of my favorites - it described my years of working with anarchists in NJ perfectly - though I get the sneaking suspicion the people who made the original post have more in common with the Judean Popular Front - alone and tired sitting off in the corner.

As for the last posters comments:

Do some research on the individuals on the Board of Directors list of the book - I noticed at least three with CIA ties.

Prison complexes - yes, crime exists even in socialist countries. Socialists don't believe in warehousing criminals, they put them to work for the good of society, while trying to (hopefully) raise them to an awareness of how their actions hurt society.

Do you have actual proof those satellite photos are even of prison complexes, though? All I see is an satellite photo with some buildings which someone was kind enough to label for me to tell me they are prisoner housing. I could do the same thing with a satellite photo of my area, and provide convincing "proof" of torture camps right here in NJ by that standard. Hell, I could do that, and drive 1/2 hour up the road and talk to the 1500 detained Muslims....oops, no I can't, they're not allowed to talk to anyone! Gee, we're so free here, to attack other progressives for supporting people who are allegedly doing what our government is doing right now! At least I have *proof* there are detained Muslims - some were from my town and I was locked up in the same jail as them!

As activists, it is generally our nature to suspect the worst and instinctively side with the underdog. But we must make sure we make informed decisions. As someone who has spoken with people on both sides of the Korean debate, I can honestly say I have met just as many, if not more, people who denounce what the people in the book are saying. Don't be so quick to dismiss everything as propaganda - keep an open mind.