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The Night the Queers Hit Back

Queer Revolution's first video showing
On Sunday, January 11, 2004 at Vinnie's Pizza on Vancouver and N Killingsworth, Queer Revolution will have it's first 'outing.' Not looking for money, just looking to create awareness, we will be showing "Stonewall," a movie about the first major queer riot and the beginning of the gay rights movement. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Tabled information will be available for anyone interested. Donations will be accepted but by no means necessary or expected. We just want everyone to realize that the queer awareness does not begin or end with shows like Will&Grace or Queer Eye. We've become a marketable audience and need to reclaim our edge. Come out and show your support!
8:30 pm 1/11/04

Queer Revolution!
my 28"w-x-22"h sign for Cheney-Dessication-Day 11.Jan.2004 23:20


check it out
Cheyney is attached to Highland Park United Methodist [Texas-75205] parish
Cheyney is attached to Highland Park United Methodist [Texas-75205] parish