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Get involved in theVillage Building Convergence 4- please put as main item.

If you want to be a site or volunteer with the VBC 4 then please come to one of these meetings.
Two Important VBC meetings are coming up:

1) If you want to be a site in the upcoming VBC. Come to an Informational
Meeting of January 13th is at 7PM at Sunnyside Methodist Village Church on
35th/SE Yamhill

The procedure for being a site will be explaned, there will be a
presentation and an opportunity to meet other Portlanders who are
interested in being VBC 4 Sites. Please come!

2) A lot has already been organize and we really could use some help now
that there are some tangables. If you want to volunteer and getting
involved in:
* Event Design
* Food
* Health and Wellbeing
* Site Design: Permaculture, Building, Plant propegation and Gardening.
* Fundraising
* Outreach
* An interactive Website for the Buckman Neighborhood
* and more! them come to the VBC Volunteer Coordination MTG January 17th
at 3PM at Liberty Village Hall 311 N. Ivy St.
Please come!


Village Building Convergence Celebrates 30 Years of
Portland Neighborhood Asssociations!

By The Event Design Committee of the VBC

The Village Building Convergence (VBC) has become a
national model for citizens to work together in the
design and revitalization of the public places in
their own neighborhoods. For the past two years,
Southeast Uplift has been the fiscal sponsor of the
VBC, working with the City Repair Project, numerous
neighborhood associations and community partners,
resulting in dozens of creative neighborhood gathering
place projects in Southeast Portland.

From May 21 - 30, 2004, thousands of neighbors,
volunteers and visitors are invited to work together
on the expanded goals of the VBC-- to "uplift" our
cityscape into more interactive, human-scale
neighborhoods. Whether it is having a block party,
sharing skills and materials, or building community
oriented amenities like benches or kiosks, the
Convergence will be an action of our common
neighborhood visions for living together.

Each of the VBC sites from past years-- like the giant
sunflower painted at the intersection of SE 33rd and
Yamhill-- have become centers for community spirit.
Many formal and informal gatherings have continued at
the sites, ranging from work parties and pancake
picnics to cleanups, garden plantings, and scheduled
or informal musical events. Recent studies at PSU are
demonstrating the positive effects of these projects
on neighborhood public health and vitality. Such
studies show how citizens are bringing the benefits of
urban life to our neighborhoods, the places where we
live. Portland is being applauded for its community
vision, inspiring projects beyond our city.

For this May's VBC, we are going beyond Southeast
Portland to include sites from all quadrants of the
city. Further, we are looking forward to supporting
the kinds of projects that neighborhood associations
have identified as priorities, especially those that
enable people to communicate with each other and to
build local relationships. We invite all neighborhood
associations and community groups, within southeast
and beyond, to participate in a multi-blockparty
celebration during the VBC-- on Saturday the 22nd of
May and on Memorial Day, Sunday the 29th. We may just
set a record for the most block parties as the City
celebrates the 30th anniversary of Neighborhood