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Phase III Movie Alert

New release reveals possible future for high paid, high tech yuppies in the new, corporate fascist world. And it ain't pretty.
Damn, I'm getting so good at this that it scares me...

Once again, looking at the movie reviews and going to see the movie that got ZERO good reviews scores a hit. The last phase three movie I saw that scored ZERO good reviews was "Luther" - not about the future, but about the past. Luther - the story of the real historical origins of the world war that is being fought out in the present. Indeed the hammer is falling on America, but so few Americans can see the hammer - much less tell you the historical dynamic of the hammer's wielder.

If Thelema really is the future, then the information that Eiwass may have held back was the two or three hundred years of the very worst bloodshed the world has ever seen in order to bring about the age of Thelema. Held back that after its all over, 95% of the worlds population will have vanished. 95% of the world still holds on to the old superstitions that Thelema throws out the window. Superstitious religions, science, superstitious economic beliefs, beliefs about social structure, &etc. 95% of humanity, including the "global elite", have chosen NOT to go into Thelema willingly...and, therefore, must be eliminated. The irony, of course, is that they, in the end, will eliminate themselves.

Now, for the movie alert. Once again the reviewers (see movies.com) have clued me in - NOT by their positive reviews, but by their totally NEGATIVE reviews. This time the movie.....PAYCHECK. That's right, the movie "Paycheck". All the yuppies out there should take notice. That high paying, high tech contract job? In the future, you see, you will not only have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but also sign an agreement to have your memory "erased" as well. Erased so that you cannot take your designs to the competition. The new fascist corporate world wants to be assured that you will not ever take your designs to the competition. With the new nano-technologies they have the power to erase your memory for the period you have been working for them.

So, yuppies. Get this: in order to have that high paying contract job with the built in stock options? Well you are going to have to agree to have your memory wiped, as well. During that two or three year period that you worked on the next, earth shaking hot product, the memory of anyone you loved during that period, any close personal friendships you made... that will all be erased as part of your contract. Welcome to the future! And you say we activists "do protest too much"?

Well, then, ignore us and pay your money to go see Paycheck - the movie panned by the critics. Its great for an evening's entertainment. What the hay, seeing movies panned by the establishment can be another form of subversive entertainment.
just FYI on the original version of "Paycheck" 09.Jan.2004 20:30


this movie's script is an expanded, re-vamped, double-length drawn-out version of Philip K. Dick's 1953 short story entitled "Paycheck" -

like other major motion picture adaptations of Dick short stories (Total Recall based on "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale", Screamers based on "Second Variety", Minority Report) or novels (Blade Runner based on "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"), this movie is another harvesting of cream PKD ideas, characters and plotlines, repackaged into an overblown, CGI effects-filled extravaganza.

if you really want a palpable sense of the social, technological, political, psychological and spiritual themes that Philip K. Dick was presenting in his 1950s through 1970s work, you sure aren't going to get it from a corporate Hollywood production . . . head for the public library instead.