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9.11 investigation

Vote for the only 9/11 Skeptics Video at MoveOn Contest

Until sunday, you could help to let "Bush knew" win. Every other 9/11 clip didn't make the Top 15 or one of the other 3 awards
Please vote for "Bush Knew" at. Bushin30Seconds "Bush Knew" was one of two VideoClips, produced by SGTV/GlobalFreePress, which entered the Top 4 in the Youth Award. The winners of this coveted award will be shown at a gala event at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on Monday, January 12th. Michael Kane, the main actor in this clip, helped 9/11 CitizensWatch and WBAI in New York organize a film forum on 9/11. Help growing the 9/11 Truth Movement and bring it into mainstream. The winning ad will now be chosen to air on national television by apanel of celebrity judges which includes Michael Moore, Donna Brazille, Jack Black, Janeane Garofalo, Margaret Cho and Gus Van Sant. It's time to get the truth out about 9/11.

homepage: homepage: http://www.globalfreepress.com

though I only looked around around 10% of them, my assessment 09.Jan.2004 20:59



I heard there were around 1000 of them. Overall, I viewed about 100 of these 'bush in 30 seconds' videos, and mostly came away--how shall we say--a wierd mix of pleased and disgusted? I admire all entries on ititiative, and would love to see other competitions like this.

Though I kept yearning for 'the one', and, at least I failed to find it in the 100 or so I saw.

First, I want to say I did vote on three in the categories that the judges picked, and was generally satisfied with my votes. Though I would have a completely different top 15.

Second, on content, I suppose I expected a lot more coverage in the 'top group' on on the topic of 9-11. Stop squirming. I was surprised how little 9-11 was addressed AT ALL in the videos I saw. Face it. 9-11 has been the starting point of everything that followed. Personally, I think that a nice nasty reaction of a "Bush engineered 9-11" flashed on national television would help wake up this sleepy head nation, and get the debate on a wider basis of how many mountains of easily spotted evidence is out there and how far the cover-up has gone. Though people love their Matrix world, filmmakers should be more immune to it. I found that mostly, they were well inside it instead of outside it. I see a lost chance if people concentrate more on cutesy humor based spots. I mean it is really something. Thousands killed in an hour in downtown Manhattan, the first three buildings ever to collapse made of steel--all on the same day, one of them, WTC7. and even the fire chief's scream cover upIt is is something that America should break out of, it is fitting everything into the corporate 'happy happy joy joy' framework, and then attempting to make serious content fit into it.

Third, this brings up style, I was furthermore disappointed in many of them because it seems that the judges and the entrants felt that it had to be entertaining and upbeat over being informative. Certainly this is a television-holic nation. I gave up televisoin about 10 years ago, and was surprised how even in the face of the abolition of the Bill of Rights still hardly anyone piped up about it. There were many well produced informative--sobering--30 second spots--particularly about the non-Patriot Acts--that really busted the American Matrix world quite well. It seems that Americans lack a whole sense of 'class warfare' politics. I find myself at odds here, because I am resolutely without a Marxist basis, though what Bush has done has been class warfare.

Third, I wanted a whole category of the awards dedicated to 9-11 as a topic particularly. I was shocked that like Bush, MoveOn.com just thinks that killing 2700 people is excusable--which is Bush's attitude. This is the keystone event of state terror, and it is simply people's desire to pretend that their President was doing something else besides reading a goat story for 30 minutes, while NORAD stood down, or that the let the Pentagon get hit to kill over 100 people with whatever it was that hit. Americans seem to want to get rid of Bush, though want to do it in a circuitous route--do it any way possible though remove him without bringing up his context of state terror setting off everything else. And was there something about anthrax attacks? Nothing about that at all that I saw. That was another shock to see that missing.

However, it seems that people were overall very MEEK in their ads even apologetic to stand up to a tyrant, even polite. My advice is get much much tougher on Bush, and hit him where it hurts with publicity on 9-11 nationally on television.

Perhaps I am reading much into it through my disappointment overall. I'd be curious to hear other views.

I'm glad for this MoveOn.com program, and would like to see it expand because for a first round there are only a few memorable moments and I found myself aching to 'move on' to the next one, channel surfing through the entries. The rest seems like so much empty channel surfing, looking for some topic to fill the entertainment soundtrack.

I guess I still agree with Warhol. People like things big. You shoudl make them that way. I found very few 'big' feeling 30 second spots and lots of the '15 seconds of fame variety' (poof! there's gone! what was it? hard to remember). This seemed like so many stale potato chips, you know. You just keep eating and eating, getting sicker and sicker at the process.

Out of two I liked that were outside the judges purview was one that struck me: the different ethnicities of America all standing up to Bush, morphing in and out of each other talking about his crimes. The other one was one that someone posted here originally that perked my interest: the slow unseen plane flight, from the plane's point of view, flying towards a golden sunlight WorldTradeCenter on a cloudless morning in Manhattan, as different aspects of the standdown and the coverup were scrolling by as a digital message converstion. The Bush spot ended just as you think you were about to crash into it. I mean THAT is the type of impact that video and film demand. Epic images.


Perhaps people should see the WTC7 over and over on national televison collapsing under its own weight all by itself later in the afternoon on 9-11.

Show the demolition squibs on the towers as well. Then perhaps they will know that it is all a lie. America needs a slap in face presently, it needs to cry out loud and moan instead of sit in silence. America requires some cognitive dissonance on national television, pronto. Filmmakers: stop attempting to find America's funny bone. Bush is a mass murdering maniac. Get rid of him.

Perhaps a short summary of the whole 20th century of every other attempt to force America into war for elite ideas through false pretenses and ouright lies: Cuba in 1898, WWI and the Lusitania, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, 9-11...

Or just a list of the wars that the US has fought worldwide.

Or something, just something to pop the media bubble on the 9-11 story whatever you do.

Weekly Stop the 9/11 Cover-Up Protests 09.Jan.2004 22:33

Nico Haupt nicohaupt@yahoo.com

Becoming the media is one strategy, protesting on the street is another one:

Don't forget the weekly STOP THE 9/11 COBER-UP Protests:


Team up with other 9/11 Activists at:


MoveOn doesn't care about 911 as much as personality politics 10.Jan.2004 12:57


MoveOn is a democratic party organization that is intent on the Anybody But Bush lesser-evilism strategy. They are intent on focusing on the Politics of Personality (tm) that keeps everyone diverted from the real problem; an inhuman SYSTEM built on imperialist and capitalist greed, where crimes are committed in the name of profit. They don't particularly care about confronting a corrupt SYSTEM. It's easier for them to focus on the overtly idiotic and warmongering personality of Bush, so that they can usher in some democrat who has essentially the same platform but does it with better checkbook-balancing and with less US soldiers dying. But a lesser evil is still an evil. The democrats brought the US into WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the Korean War just to name a few. The Democrats are the OTHER white meat - the OTHER warmongering capitalist party - but their rhetoric is more caring, more mommy than daddy. How fucking sweet. Cruise missile liberals unite at MoveOn.

"Democrats are the OTHER white meat" 10.Jan.2004 19:29


That is so funny! Thanks. Still a few tears in my eyes.

MOVEON IS Bullshit 25.Jan.2004 23:36

Bush Bashing is a waste of time

I second what Gringo Stars, MOVEON is a Democrap organization that wants to replace the Bush Regime with a Democrap regime with the same agenda. You know, some kind of Bill Clintonite New Demorat. Fucking MOVEON is being funded by the infamous George "Financial Bloodsucker" Soros. That is all you need to know about MOVE ON and its politics.