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Green Party Membership Earns Man Place On US No-Fly List

Art dealer Doug Stuber, who had run Ralph Nader's Green Party presidential campaign in North Carolina in 2000, was pulled out of a boarding line and grounded. Upon inquiring for the reason for his flight ban, he is informed attorney general Ashcroft has designated Green Party members flight risks.
Green Party "Terrorists"
January 6, 2003

Writing about his no-fly nightmare in the Fairfield County Weekly, art dealer Doug Stuber, who had run Ralph Nader's Green Party presidential campaign in North Carolina in 2000, was pulled out of a boarding line and grounded. He was about to make an important trip to Prague to gather artists for Henry James Art in Raleigh, N.C., when he was told (with ticket in hand) that he was not allowed to fly out that day.

Asking "why not?" he was told at Raleigh-Durham airport that because of the sniper attacks, no Greens were allowed to fly overseas on that day. The next morning he returned, and instead of paying $670 round trip, was forced into a $2,600 "same day" air fare. But it's what happened to Stuber during the next 24 hours that is even more disturbing.

Stuber arrived at the airport at 6 a.m. and his first flight wasn't due out until nearly six hours later. He had plenty of time. At exactly 10:52 in the morning, just before boarding was to begin, he was approached by police officer Stanley (the same policeman who ushered him out of the airport the day before), who said that he "wanted to talk" to him. Stuber went with the police officer, but reminded him that no one had said he couldn't fly, and that his flight was about to leave.

Officer Stanley took Stuber into a room and questioned him for an hour. Around noon, Stanley had introduced him to two Secret Service agents. The agents took full eye-open pictures of Stuber with a digital camera. Then they asked him details about his family, where he lived, who he ever knew, what the Greens are up to, and other questions.

At one point during his interrogation, Stuber asked if they really believed the Greens were equal to al Qaeda. Then they showed him a Justice Department document that actually shows the Greens as likely terrorists - just as likely as al Qaeda members. Stuber was released just before 1 PM, so he still had time to catch the later flight.

The agents walked Stuber to the Delta counter and asked that he be given tickets for the flight so that he could make his connections. The airline official promptly printed tickets, which relieved Stuber, who assumed that the Secret Service hadn't stopped him from flying. Wrong! By the time Stuber was about to board, officer Stanley once again ushered him out the door and told him: "Just go to Greensboro, where they don't know you, and be totally quiet about politics, and you can make it to Europe that way."

In Greensboro, after Stuber showed his passport he was told that he could not fly overseas or domestically. Undeterred, he next traveled an hour-and-a-half to Charlotte. In Charlotte, the same thing happened. Then Stuber drove three hours to his home after 43 hours of trying to catch a flight.

Stuber said he could only conclude that the Greens, whose values include nonviolence, social justice, etc., are now labeled terrorists by the Ashcroft-led Justice Department.

Questions about how one gets on a no-fly list creates questions about how to get off it. This is a classic Catch-22 situation. The Transportation Security Agency says it compiles the list from names provided by other agencies, but it has no procedure for correcting a problem. Aggrieved parties would have to go to the agency that first reported their names. But for security reasons, the TSA won't disclose which agency put someone on the no-fly list.

Frederick Sweet is Professor of Reproductive Biology in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

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it's no coincidence ... 09.Jan.2004 12:24

Ben Maras

... that the abbreviation of Secret Service is "SS".

How can people not say we live in a facist state after stuff like this? (assuming all this is true)

... 09.Jan.2004 12:27

this thing here

i would like to see someone defend what happened this american. make me laugh. then tell me what country we're living in...

"assuming all this is true" 09.Jan.2004 13:46


This would be the second high-profile Green to make the no-fly list just on that basis. Assuming all this is true-- as the previous comment. Problem is, there is no way to determine whether it is true-- everything is secret.

There used to be a country called the USSR which was roundly excoriated by the Americans for this sort of behavior.

Are there Green terrorists breeding in your washroom? 09.Jan.2004 14:04


Yeah! Things like Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, and Ecological Wisdom are true threats to democracy!
(or should I say the US perverted brand of capitalism)

After all, if we eradicated the access and influence of corporate America on our legislative branch, modern American ideals would all be lost!

Thank God that we have great men like John Ashcroft who are sophisticated enough to see where the real threats lie!

Dang! 09.Jan.2004 15:55

Catalina Eddie

Had I known Greens were such a threat to the junta, I'd have joined a long time ago. Hey Ashcroft; have you heard about the Libertarians?


Greens are NOT being targeted 09.Jan.2004 17:57

Jeff Cropp

I'm the chair of the Portland Metro Pacific Green Party. I've been on seven flights in a little over a year, without being hassled a single time. This story about Doug Stuber is well over a year old - I've never been able to confirm it or learn if there was a resolution. And, the story about the other "Green" who was forbidden to fly - that was mainly her fault. She was selected for a random security check, threw a fit over it (thinking she was being targeted because of her politics) and then was escorted out of the airport by security. End of story.

Here's all of the info that I have about Doug Stuber, in reply to an inquiry I sent out on in early January 2003:

>This story has been going around for several months now. We have not been
>able to confirm it. Doug Stuber was formerly a member of the North
>Carolina Green Party but has been suspended and relieved of his duties as
>State Treasurer due to erratic behavior. I cannot go into specifics because
>of confidentiality but Doug admitted the behavior was inappropriate and that
>this was not the first time that this behavior had occured. I only add
>this next part because he posted this on our state listserve so I feel it
>is public record: He admitted to suffering a mental illness, that this
>illness impared his judgement and that he was not taking the medication
>that would help control his illness.
>Doug helped start our state party and was a tireless worker. I consider
>him a friend and I hope, at some time in the future, he returns to our
>state party.
>Gray Newman
>North Carolina

veracity of above article 09.Jan.2004 20:13


the AlterNet version of Sweet's article reproduced above only contains the Doug Stuber part of the story (which is taken from an account originally written by Stuber himself and presented in the Fairfield County Weekly . . .)

Sweet's complete Intervention Magazine--he writes a lot for them--article on the American No-Fly Blacklist is here:

Thanks! 09.Jan.2004 23:58

red suspenders

Thanks for clearing this one up Jeff!

Remember, the bushies use fear to push thier agenda.

Green Party members prefer the use of truth and integrity. (Such as nipping this misleading post in the bud to prevent mass hysteria)