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Operation Gold Rules

Surrender leftists! For your battle is not against flesh and blood, but God Himself! It's official: Pat Robertson (of hurricane deflecting fame) says that God has told him that Bush will win in a landslide.
How does Pat Robertson know this? During the last few days of 2003, while the rest of us were duct-taping our homes and making our children play inside, Mr. Robertson was deep in prayer and meditation. He apparently heard chatter at a level he hasn't heard since Mr. Reagan was elected for a second term! The chatter seemed to be coming from members of the trinity as well as angelic cells. The message was clear: W will be victorious in 2004! God is calling it "Operation Gold Rules." Finally God will make it clear via the "kings" he places in power that all the stuff about the poor and Good Samaritans was pure irony--just a bit of fun.