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How do I get out to the ocean if I don't own a car?

relying on friends / aquaintances not working....
I have never owned a car ,although I do have a licsence. "Flex icar" seems too pricey, and my luck w/ friends or aquaintances is'nt happening. I'm all about bikes & busses, but to get away from the city and enjoy Mother Nature it seems I am compelled to take the most destructive action an average human can take; buying and driving a car, just for my own personal use. Any suggestions?

The bus to the coast 09.Jan.2004 09:01

upper left coastie

The Amtrak bus to Gearhart, Seaside, and Cannon Beach leaves at 6 PM daily from the train station and arrives in CB at 7:30 or so, then hits the northern stops a little later, arriving in Astoria at around 8. There's another bus that goes to Kelso, Washington, then transfers to a bus to Astoria that leaves the train station at about 1 PM (I've only taken that once, so can't remember details). The returning bus leaves Astoria at 8 AM, then goes back through Gearhart, Seaside, and CB, and arrives in Portland at around 10:15 AM. The fare is about $31. roundtrip. Unfortunately, the government subsidizes automobile misuse, but not public transportation.

There's a nice hostel in Seaside.

How do I get to Paris if I don't have a car 09.Jan.2004 09:31

1 1 3 5 8

Please provide the details.

greyhound 09.Jan.2004 09:56


Greyhound has a daily bus to Lincoln City (then it travels south on Hwy 101). It takes about 2.5 hours to get there. It leaves in the morning around 10 AM and comes back around 3:30 PM so you can spend a couple of hours there but I usually like staying overnight when I go to the beach. See  http://www.greyhound.com for more details.

casino bus 09.Jan.2004 09:58

lucky dawg

I think the casino in lincoln city (or someplace) runs a free shuttle. The idea being to get the elderly who aren't comfortable driving to the coast to lose their money an incentive to do so. look into it.

How to get to Paris w/ no car 09.Jan.2004 10:10

agent travel

For you, 1 1 3 5 8, I recommend swimming across the Atlantic.

Coast trip 09.Jan.2004 10:35

green fire

Try posting on craigslist. some of us own cars and make trips to the coast, up the gorge etc. and would love to share our ride with someone. Not to mention if Im going to drive it makes more sense that I carpool.

Agent Travel 09.Jan.2004 13:35


How do I get to the Atlantic if I have no car?

Jesus did it 09.Jan.2004 14:11


Come on. Don't be a wussy.

to tillamook 09.Jan.2004 15:01


Tri-met bus #57 to end-of-the-line Forest Grove stop. Shuttle bus to Tillamook leaves a couple of times a day from the last bus stop. Check with tri-met for times, etc.

Grab a Log 09.Jan.2004 15:13

I Love Beavers

The Wiliamette and Columbia rivers both lead to the ocean. Grab a log, and hang on!

Beach 09.Jan.2004 16:27


If you have a dog and no car (as I do) and need to get out of the city for awhile, renting a car is cheap-ish if you shop around. I recently found that Thrifty rent-a-car is pretty cheap, I just rented a car for a week (to go to the beach) for around $120 w/ unlimited miles. I understand that this is less ideal than buses, but it is way less expensive than Flex-car for those of us who don't drive ever.

Options.. 09.Jan.2004 18:32


Buy a Prius, maybe?

Or how about a motorcycle?

Getting There With Dogs 09.Jan.2004 22:16

North Portlander

Beach, thanks for your comment re. getting somewhere with a dog. I have two dogs and recently looked into Flexcar as my car isn't getting any younger and I have been considering trying to survive without it.

It turns out that Flexcar will only let you take your dogs in their vehicles if the dogs are crated. Since a lot of their vehicles are two-door or sedans, and there's only one Flexcar anywhere near me in North Portland, that just doesn't work. And if you have to count on finding a minivan or something in their lot, you won't be going anywhere a lot of the time.

Plus, Flexcar is expensive . . . I was surprised at how expensive it would be when I had figured out the cost for driving somewhere plus walking the dogs, visiting with friends, etc. even if it's only 2 or 3 times a week. You'd be constantly looking at your watch. And pre-paying for one of the mileage plans is about as difficult to figure as prepaying taxes when you are a freelancer. Why KNOWS how many miles you'll need in advance? Forget going to the beach on Flexcar, it would cost a bloody fortune and you could never stay overnight.

With the crate hassle, you have rearrange everything when you set up and when you get back which takes even more time which must be paid for.

Keeping the old car is the only alternative is I want to take the dogs anywhere with me for walks, visiting friends, etc.

You've got thumbs! 29.Jan.2004 01:04

hitchhikin mama

use them wisely

Ground Transportation from Portland Airport to Cannon Beach Oregon 09.Feb.2004 10:53


Is there any kind of ground transportation from Portland Airport (PDX) to Cannon Beach other than rental cars? I have rented cars twice and got lost on the freeways both times. (Too stressful!!!) Is there a bus or shuttle of some kind.?