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M30 - tax increase would be tiny

I sent this letter to the Register-Guard. The phone number and email address are for Lane County.

We need a lot more! I think it's most effective if you tell a story about yourself or someone else. It puts a face on the problem.

Ballots for the Feb. 3 election will be mailed on Jan. 16. I urge everyone to vote YES on Measure 30.

I'm 63, retired on Social Security, and have a form of cancer which requires very expensive treatment every few years to keep it in remission. Medical insurance for someone my age, with "pre-existing conditions," is way too expensive to be affordable, so I am one of those 85,000 low-income adults on the Oregon Health Plan. If Measure 30 fails we will be off OHP. There will also be steep cuts in other human services programs, education and public safety. Oregon will become a much worse place to live. I don't think most of us want that.

The Measure 30 tax increase is tiny, $3.58 per month for someone in the $30,000 to $40,000 adjusted gross income range. You can find figures for other income ranges on the state Legislative Revenue Office website at  http://www.leg.state.or.us/comm/lro (publications). As their report points out, this tax increase will be more than offset by the federal tax cuts, so we will actually pay less in taxes than last year, not more.

To volunteer to help with the Measure 30 campaign, please call Stand for Children at 912-2921 or email  joy@stand.org .

Lynn Porter

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