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Info on Measure 30 from Oregon Center for Public Policy

News you can use from Oregon's liberal think tank.
From: Chuck Sheketoff < csheketoff@ocpp.org>
Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 10:42 am
Subject: Measure 30 info

You may want to let folks know about our two most recent reports on Measure
30, one of which was cited in an Oregonian editorial Monday
( link to www.oregonlive.com).

Here's our announcement about them; you may want to download the reports
and print out copies of the one page executive summaries for distribution.

On Sunday, December 21, the OCPP released two economic analyses supporting
a "Yes" vote on Measure 30.

Found at  http://www.ocpp.org/2003/es031221_E.htm - "Preventing
Self-Inflicted Wounds: Voting Yes on Measure 30 is Critical for
Oregon's Economy" dispells the myth that a tax increase is bad for the
economy. The report shows how the failure of Measure 30 would hurt Oregon's
struggling economy.
Full report:  http://www.ocpp.org/2003/rpt031221_E.pdf

At  http://www.ocpp.org/2003/es031221_D.htm you can read and download "A
Small Price to Pay: Measure 30 Asks Little of Most Oregonians," a
distributional analysis of how much the measure will cost Oregonians.
Full report:  http://www.ocpp.org/2003/rpt031221_D.pdf

A single press release - found at  http://www.ocpp.org/2003/nr031221.htm -
"Two New Reports Heat Up Debate on Measure 30" accompanied the release of
the two reports.

Charles Sheketoff, Executive Director mailto: csheketoff@ocpp.org
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