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new book: AMERICAN DYNASTY: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics

while www.buzzflash.com has put this article up on their website to not only review this very
important book, but to sale it as a "Buzz Flash Premium" in order to generate operating $$,
I'm reposting it for the review and to let you know such book is currently available. If you are
of a mind to check out www.buzzflash.com and order from them, that's your business and it
is OK to do so! At anyrate...check out the review and get this book wherever you can...it's a
must read!
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American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush
by Kevin P. Phillips

BuzzFlash Recommendation

Rarely has a former Republican White House Aide (to President Nixon) written such a profoundly devastating and frightening analysis of the Bush family cartel. Kevin Phillips, author of "Wealth and Democracy," cogently makes the case that George W. Bush represents the restoration of the Bush dynasty to power, rather than an elected Presidency.

Phillips weaves evidence of the Bush family's dynastic sense of entitlement -- and corruption -- throughout this erudite book, subtitled: "Democracy, Fortune, And the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush."

"Few have looked at the facts of the family's rise, but just as important, commentators have neglected the thread -- not the mere occasion -- of special interests, biases, scandals (especially those related to arms dealing), and blatant business cronyism" Phillips writes in his preface. "The evidence that accumulates over four generations [of the Bush family dynasty] is really quite damning."

"Three generations of immersion in the culture of secrecy...deceit and disinformation have become Bush political hallmarks," Phillips notes.

Entitlement, elitism, privilege, secrecy, mediocrity, corruption, financial cronyism, bailouts of family failures by the taxpayers -- these are some of the true characteristics of the Bush Dynasty, according to Phillips.

To Phillips, however, the greatest threat to America posed by the Bush dynasty is not its inherent unfitness to rule. What most offends and angers Phillips is the threat that the imposition of the Bush dynasty on America poses to democracy itself. The American rebellion in 1776 represented the creation of a nation built on the foundations of a government elected by the people, not determined by the restoration to power of corrupt bloodlines.

No book makes a stronger case against an American sitting in the White House who believes that he is in power because of hereditary entitlement and divine choice. Patriots rebelled against King George in 1776. Phillips notes that Americans have the opportunity to dethrone the Bush dynasty at the polls in 2004.

That is if the electronic software is not rigged in favor of the monarchy.

BuzzFlash highly recommends this book to begin your 2004 reading.

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"A brave book . . . It will outlast most of the cant that passes as political discourse today, and we will be the better for it."
-- Paul Kennedy, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A gritty tour of American history and American fortunes . . . Phillips sits in the Republican pew but has a hymnal all his own."
-- Chicago Tribune

"Intellectual and political dynamite . . . Kevin Phillips challenges the American republic to live up to its self-image as a land of equal opportunity."
- Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., author of Robert Kennedy and His Times

"There are many Bush-bashing books out there, but this one is quite different. Ivins, Franken, and Conason, among others, have focused primarily on the current president's administration. This book, written by a former Republican strategist, is more wide ranging, more scholarly, and in many ways, more disturbing. Focusing on the last four generations of Bush men, Phillips brings the reader into the secretive upper echelon of the American power establishment, where connections are made in Ivy League clubs, and he shows how members of that old-boy network become the policymakers of the country. In the case of the Bushes, this resulted not only in money and power but also in links to the CIA, the energy industry, and the military-industrial complex--links that have shaped this country's national and foreign policy for decades. Phillips explains the Bushes' relationship with Enron and the House of Saud in eyebrow-raising detail and adds confirming information about troubling claims, including the notion that the Reagan-Bush ticket arranged that American captives would not be released from Iran until Reagan took office."
-- Ilene Cooper, Booklist


The Bushes are the family nobody really knows, says Kevin Phillips. This popular lack of acquaintance -- nurtured by gauzy imagery of Maine summer cottages, gray-haired national grandmothers, July Fourth sparklers, and cowboy boots -- has let national politics create a dynasticized presidency that would have horrified America's founding fathers. They, after all, had led a revolution against a succession of royal Georges.

In this devastating book, onetime Republican strategist Phillips reveals how four generations of Bushes have ascended the ladder of national power since World War One, becoming entrenched within the American establishment -- Yale, Wall Street, the Senate, the CIA, the vice presidency, and the presidency -- through a recurrent flair for old-boy networking, national security involvement, and political deception. By uncovering relationships and connecting facts with new clarity, Phillips comes to a stunning conclusion: The Bush family has systematically used its financial and social empire -- its "aristocracy" -- to gain the White House, thereby subverting the very core of American democracy. In their ambition, the Bushes ultimately reinvented themselves with brilliant timing, twisting and turning from silver spoon Yankees to born-again evangelical Texans. As America -- and the world -- holds its breath for the 2004 presidential election, American Dynasty explains how it happened and what it all means.

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Viking Press; (January 1, 2004)
ISBN: 0670032646

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Kevin Phillips has been a political and economic commentator for more than three decades. A former White House strategist, he is a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times and NPR and writes for Harper's and Time. His books include New York Times bestsellers, The Politics of Rich and Poor and Wealth and Democracy.

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