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10,000 civet cats tortured in China to "fight" SARS

Tuesday, officials in Southern China slaughtered 10,000 civet cats from wild animal markets by means of anal electrocution, boiling, drowning and other barbaric methods of destroying the animals suspected of but not directly linked to the spread of SARS. The disease from an infected Chinese man was suspected to have come from a civet cat, but now he is fully recovered.
Civet Cats about to be brutally slaughtered by Chinese officials
Civet Cats about to be brutally slaughtered by Chinese officials
GUANGZHOU, China - By boiling and drowning, electrocution and incineration, civet cats were put to death Tuesday in southern China in a mass eradication designed to stem a suspected ? but unproven ? link to SARS (news - web sites). Said one newspaper: "Watch the civets turn to vapor." The cull, in which authorities hope to slaughter 10,000 of the weasel-like mammals and their related brethren by Saturday, kicked into gear on the same day China's first SARS case of the season ? a man whose illness was cited as justification for the civet kill ? was pronounced "fully recovered." Hundreds of animals were seized from wildlife markets and killed despite pleas for caution from the World Health Organization (news - web sites). Officials were also checking highway traffic for smuggled animals, which many in coastal southern China consider a delicacy. Provincial authorities set a deadline of Saturday to finish the slaughter in Guangdong, where medical investigators believe crucial clues to the origins of severe acute respiratory syndrome may lie. Civets seized in Guangzhou were electrocuted and their carcasses burned, said an employee of the city Hygiene Supervision Bureau. "We first put them in disinfectant to sterilize them, then electrocute them, then burn them," said the man, who wouldn't give his name. The Yangcheng Evening News gave readers a step-by-step illustrated account of how the civets, once killed, would be boiled for six hours until they "turn to vapor." In other areas, authorities were drowning civets and other animals by lowering them in cages into vats of water, the Guangzhou Daily said. Genetic tests have suggested a link between civets and the SARS virus diagnosed in a 32-year-old TV producer in Guangdong ? China's first case of the disease this season. But WHO investigators say no definitive connection has been established and expressed concern that a mass slaughter might spread the germ or eradicate crucial evidence of SARS' origins. The infection of a 32-year-old Guangdong TV producer was confirmed as SARS on Monday after weeks of testing in China and Hong Kong. On Tuesday, the government said the man had "fully recovered" and would leave the hospital Thursday. "I am confident about China's ability to eradicate SARS," Luo was quoted as saying.
yuck 22.Feb.2006 18:36


I think that slaughtering animals like this is horrible and even though im only 14 when i get old enough i will make an effort to change it.

Disgusting 24.Feb.2006 07:26


i think it is disgracefull how this is allowed to carry on. its a scum and barbaric thing to do to any creature. even robyn who is only 14 is more decent than these people and realises, at quite a young age this should not be allowed to continue! these people should be locked up and shown what these poor animals feel by pouring boiling water over them to see how they like it! i understand thand these people havent much money but if they will kill an animal for money, where will it stop? does that mean it is ok to kill an human for a bit of money? NO IT DOES NOT... IT IS WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT IS YOU SCUM PEOPLE!!!