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9.11 investigation cheney protests

FLYERS to pass out for Cheney's Portland visit --Bush and Cheney complicity on 911

should be easy to print two-sided, black and white. Should make quite a statement to show any of the skeptics how evil these people are, and how we can certainly disagree on politics, though how we are all on the same side against them because they want to institute a depoliticized totalitarian police state and relegate democracy to the dumpster. Make paper airplanes and launch them out of the damnable unConstitutional 'free speech zones.' Drop them from planes, drop them from windows, get the message out that none of these internationalist corporate fascists are wanted.
King of Clubs Cheney
King of Clubs Cheney
Ace of Spades Bush
Ace of Spades Bush
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Details of protest? 06.Jan.2004 13:01


I couldn't find any details about Cheney's visit and the accompanying protest. Are any specifics available yet? Hopefully we can get the word out before this weekend. I'll keep looking and post anything I hear about it.

Undisclosed location.... 06.Jan.2004 17:36


It's a well kept secret apparently. I've searched for info and can't find it. I think we should rally even if we can't find the vice res.

Call Molly Bordonaro - (503) 220-0780 06.Jan.2004 19:01


Call Molly Bordonaro, the fascist c*nt orchestrates all slimy Repulisican visits here in the NW.

Check Out This Disgusting Board 06.Jan.2004 19:19


They don't seem to have any more of a clue about the Cheney visit than the anti-Cheney crowd, but they are having an orgasm about the visit.

Cheney at Embassy Suites - Airport 08.Jan.2004 14:54


Cheney will be at the Embassy Suites at the Airport from 5-7 on January 13th.