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Jack Grimes views on current events.
My friends, my countrymen, my fellow Americans, as the United Fascist Union's candidate for US President I'd like to take a few moments of your time, that you and I might talk together about some very important subjects affecting our nation, this planet and your personal lives. Let us talk together you and I....0ver the course of this last year our country has fought a war, an unjust war in which the might of America was used against the tiny, helpless country Iraq. A conflict waged by a glory-seeking adveturer for no other reason than he and his lackies want to steal the oil from the Iraqi people. Now, it seems to be a war without end as the Iraqi's are having their revenge killing American soldiers everyday. This Christmas, the public were treated to another dose of brain washing by the defacto government in the form of another damn Terror Alert on TV. The United Fascist Union is among the growing number of groups that's convinced "THE TERRORIS ATTACKS of 9/11/01", were faked by the Feds themselves". Let's talk, about Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq, whose been libeled and slandered in the lying American press for over a decade. President Hussein has been fighting bin Ladin and the Al Quada in a REAL war against terrorists for decades and, had statutes on the books in Iraq, condemning not only a known terrorist to death but every member of their family as well. While it is true the Ba'ath government killed Kurds enmasse, it's untrue they did this as a sadistic delight. It was done because it had to be done, as Kurds act as stooges and front men for Al Quada, causing havoc and destruction throughout the nation. Kurds stage minor terrorist attacks and run drugs to desroy the fabric of Iraqi society for the criminal mastermind, 0sama bin Laden. Let's talk about George W. Bush, the rotten root of all of the unrest, war and sorrow in the world today. This war-mongering Hitler-clone, prior to cheating his way into the Wite House, through a crooked el;ectio, he and his dumber brother Jeb rigged, fudged his scores to get into Harvard, deserted from the air force during a REAL war) and to top it off could face criminal charges upon leaving office for his involvement in ENRON. Since becoming President he's lied to the American people about winning the 2000 elections, about "REAL" terrorists attacking this country, about the Iraqi's having weapons of mass destruction and probably about capturing Saddam Hussein ( who sadly, is very probably dead now). He's revised the German Gestapo now known as The Department of Homeland Security, murdered the opposition (Wellstone) like a good little Nazi superman should, got his puppets to pass the Hitlerite US Patriot act and started herding Arab Americans into Concentration Camps. As the United Fascist Union's candidate for President I hope you will vote for me. But whatever you do don't vote for a Republican or a Democrat, these are only two sides of the same coin and represnt the same evil forces but, above all else DO NOT vote for George W. Bush Jr.

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Thanx 12.Jan.2004 10:03

Mr. J. Grimes joanne_parker20@hotmail.com

Kudos, Heather. VOTE FASCIST 2004!!!! www.ufu.gq.nu/