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Cheney details???

Anyone have any details of next Tuesdays vice resident's visit to P'town?
I grit my teeth and searched some republican websites (scary stuff) but still couldn't find details. Any suggestions?
maybe we should organize something 06.Jan.2004 17:45


independent of cheney. that way no protest pits and more freedom. what do you people think?

Cheney at Embassy Suites - Airport 07.Jan.2004 09:14


Cheney will be at the Embassy Suites - Airport from 5-7 on Tuesday January 13th. We need people there!

location 07.Jan.2004 10:31

Red Suspenders

Hope this isn't the actual location. It's about two miles from anyplace. Lots of easy parking for "guests" and police on private property. so no chance they'd have to walk by anything or anyone unpleasant.
Also, we have to use extreme caution adjacent to the airport. Locking a bicycle to the fence is probably a felony.
Bush, Cheney and friends are such cowards it makes me sick.