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Nurse Corinne Leornard and Huey P. Newton oct 28 1967

Just for kicks I thought it might be fun, and educational to do some un-Eracism. This post is a transcript of Nurse Leornards statements as the appear in a long out of print book titled FREE HUEY.
Nurse corrine leornard was in charge of the emergency room in kaiser hospital. In the hours before sunrise on october 28 1967, nurse leonards duty station was a desk near the emergency entrance. Shortly after 5:30 am she heard a car drive up, doors open and then slam shut. Then she heard a car drive off, making sounds as if it had a cracked muffler.
Then she heard moaning and groaning. Someone was saying, "I want to see a doctor". A young man came in. In the doorway stood HUEY NEWTON. He staggered in and came close to nurse Leonards desk. "I want to see a doctor right now", he said. "I've been shot in the stomach".
Nurse Leonard did nothing. Neither did she say anything. She merley looked up at NEWTON. NEWTON went on. "As you can see i'm bleeding to death." Nurse Leonard thought he was belligerent. This attitude annoyed her, so she continued her silence. Finally NEWTON blurted out, " God dammit, get a doctor out here right now".
Fumbiling with some forms, nurse Leonard asked, "do you belong to Kaiser"? "Yes yes" NEWTON replied."What difference does it make"? "Get me a doctor out here now".
Nurse Leonard asked for his name, which he refused to give. She then asked NEWTON, "well do you have your Kaiser card". "Can't you see i'm hemmorhaging"? NEWTON cried. "You are'nt hemorrhaging at all, it's just a tiny opening" Nurse Leonard looked at him closely. "Have you been drinking"? "You don't look like someone who's in great pain or you wouldn't be yelling or jumping around". NEWTON, doubled over, looked at her and spat, "You white bitch! You want to stand there and watch a black man die, don't you"?
"Look here, I don't have to stand for anyone swearing at me. Now you just watch yourself". NEWTON took his jacket and threw it on the counter. He yelled, "can't you see all this blood"? Nurse Leonard picked up the jacket. "There's very little blood here". She was not impressed at all.
Newton began to falter. The nurse became alarmed. "Please", he said. Get a doctor". "All right ", she said. Forget the papers, come in and we will see you". "No", said NEWTON, almost out on his feet. ".Get a doctor out here. Or do you just want to see me die".
Now nurse Leonard was frightened. Maybe, she thought, he has a gun. So she called the police. "This is nurse CORRINE Leonard in the Kaiser emergency room. There's a fellow here that's been shot in the stomach. I asked him to come in and be treated but he won't. There's something wrong. I think he is going to shoot me. Please send someone over quick". While she spoke to the police, she kept an eye on NEWTON. She was certain that, despite his condition, he had heard her conversation.
She got up and went toward NEWTON. "Come", she said "come into the emergency room". She and newton walked into a treatment room "I'll get a doctor right away", she said, leaving NEWTON lying on a gurney.
As nurse Leonard was going out of the room, the police burst in. It was just after 6:00 am.
Just some after thoughts to this brief story of a converation that took place right before NEWTON was assualted for minutes by police (His family had to hire nurses round the clock basically to protect NEWTON). 1. According to David Hilliards auto biography it was he and his wife who dropped him off at the hospital. Huey did NOT want to go there he according to hilliard showed up their house to die from his injury. 2. Despite the nurses opinions Huey newton was listed in FAIR condition, and once in the emgerncey room passes in and out of conciousness, only to be woken up every time by kicks and punches from Oakland police. Incidently this months Black Panther Party history class lecture will be on this incidend, as well as the trial, and also the FREE HUEY movement. This nifty FREE SCHOOL class takes place the last saturday of every month from 7 to 9pm at laughing horse books.
For thse who don't know 06.Jan.2004 12:00

snack cake

At 4:56 am Oakland officer John Frey is killed and Officer Haines wounded in a pre dawn altercation after stoping Huey Newton and Gene McKinney. They tried foryears to give Huey the electric chair for this, but he was finnally acquited and the truth reveiled. Frey was a racist oakland cop, the stop was a set-up, he shot Huey and gene came out and apperently did some shooting of his own to get Huey out of there.

I would suggest 06.Jan.2004 16:11

Migratory Bird

I would suggest that you make these stories a weekly post here at indymedia. I think that you will reach a larger audience with this stuff if you teach the class online. I am interested in learning this tuff but I am unable to attend classes.

If you decide to do this you can do opinion then story then opinion as well, see?

You might even be able to find soem of your most intense panther stories on line already written up for you. You can provide links so we can check it out as well.

Anyway I would be interested in knowing more.

What is the title of this book and author 06.Jan.2004 22:40

Migratory Bird

Would you give us the title and author of this book. That way people can quote it in the future. By putting this on line you have put it back into print. I know that will make you smile. If you transcribe part of these books you are creating an on line revolution against cointelpro and the forces that tried to silence the black panthers. So when people look for info on them Portland Indymedia will be the site. Isn't that exciting? It makes my heart skip a beat. Also when was it published? You said it was very, very rare. Thank you for sharing this gift.

Who was this person 07.Jan.2004 15:30

Audria Jones

On ictober 15 1966, one Huey p. (stands for percy) Newton and one Bobby seale formed a group named the BLACK PANTHER PARTY FOR SELF DEFENSE. They wrote a ten point program aimed at empowering the oppressed african american community of which they both lived in. They immediatly started working on point #7 which was. "We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of black people." The oakland police department at that time was notorious for being infested with organized racist cops who occupied the ghetto just like a foreign troop occupies territory. The began oragnized disciplined police patrols. At the time it was legal to carry guns in the streets, and the panthers served as an armed propaganda unit. People would see them show up at an arrest scene get out of the car armed with law books, tape recorders, and shot guns. It gave the community power that it much needed. They also did political education classes, and later free breakfast programs for children, as well as free health clinics free sickle cell tested, and many other poverty programs. Panthers called themselves servants of the people. They were eventually destroyed by underground and highly illegal and immoral acts of the F.B.I., also known as the RICH WHITE MEN.It's actually a very long story that has taken this writer 6 years of hard study to still not get a handle. What I have recieved is the true nature of this racist decadent imperialist , capitalist MAN that we call AMERIKA, I have also been blessed with some true history as well as a fuck of alot of politIcal education.

Comment on Transcript: Nurse Corinne Leonard and Huey P. Newton 21.May.2004 15:55

A Supportive Person mdmarlene@aol.com

This article was very interesting to read. I noticed you introduced
it as "un-Eracism." Personally, I don't beleive there is anything
such as Eracism. Racism is too endemic to the American society
for it to be 'erased' from the collective conciousness. Years
of abuse directed towards African American people have desensitized
the AMerican public. In my own mind, I still atttribute much of the
abuse to a lack of social intelligence. A theory developed by social
scientists such as B.F. Skinner and 'reintroduced' by Daniel Goleman.
Thanks for posting this transcript.

1 more addition to this story 14.Oct.2005 22:42


An interesting part of this story that isn't often told is that when Newton was arrested, his wallet was inventoried, and it was found that he actually was a card carrying member of Kaiser. Kind of funny huh.