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Top Ten Positive Things about Iraq

From the Late Show with David Letterman
The Top Ten Positive Things about Iraq

10.Sure, countries fear and respect us more, but they're also LESS likely to involve themselves in "Iraq-like" situations

9. In the last year and a half, crime rates at military bases WITHIN the US have dropped dramatically

8. Colonial Iraq will be awesome for 4X4ing, dirt biking, ATVing, etc...

7. As the native population decreases, the US can send street people and other undesirables over there

6. Popular new Fox show follows CIA-trained Iraqi death squads as they terrorize civilian population

5. Next Summer--Burning Man in western Iraq!

4. Resurgence of Kiplingesque novels

3. The capture of Saddam inspired Pete Rose to come clean about gambling

2. The phrase "throwing off the chains of your colonial oppressors" becomes popular again

And the number one positive thing about Iraq:

No more WMD's!!!!
...ok? 17.Aug.2004 14:02


Why don't you think about trying to help the people in that country instead of thinking of sending bad people over there?