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American Baptist Group Hopes To Convert Iraqi Muslims

While coalition forces need to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis, an American Southern Baptist group plans to win Iraqi souls.
To that effect, the Baptists' International Mission Board (IMB) is mobilizing missionaries to convert Muslims from a "false" religion based on the teachings of a "demon-obsessed pedophile," as a former IMB leader once called the Prophet Mohammad.
Jon Hanna, an evangelical minister and missionary from Ohio, told the Telegraph UK last week that Islam's denial of Jesus as divine qualifies the religion as "false." Citing the New Testament, Hanna said, "Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist."

Despite the fact that this defines almost 70 percent of the world's population, access to Iraq's 23 million plus unsaved souls is literally an answer to IMB's prayers, presenting a unique but possibly brief opportunity.

"A U.S. passport is all you need to get in, until the new Iraqi government takes over," said Hanna. "What we thought was a two-year window, originally, has narrowed down to a six month window."

Under the pretense of providing humanitarian aid, the Baptists come to Iraq with food, medical services and Bibles; IMB holds that the first two items are "a conduit" for the latter. As one missionary who met with Iraqi children said in an IMB news bulletin, "...I could tell some of them have not eaten well. But their biggest need is to know the love of Christ."

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sickening, but not surprising at all 06.Jan.2004 00:03

Teddy Ruxpin (the lousy typist)

I lived in the bible belt for a few years, and thus I have grown to know the Southern Baptist mindset. They are a sick cult, and they spend a lot of time trying to convert not only non-christian people, but they even send "missionaries" to christian lands to "convert" them from other christian d faiths to their own sick, twisted form of religion.

Look at the southern US, it is a hell hole, and their fucked up religion is the reason. Converting Iraqis to this religion is far worse than anything else we have don to them.

Getting to Heaven 06.Jan.2004 06:13


Let's suppose you wanted to travel to a remote village.
During your travels,you met two men.One man has heard of the village you want to go to,but he has never been there.
The other man has lived there all of his life.
Which man would you rather get directions from?
The point here is,none of these bible pushers has ever been to Heaven.
So,how can they give you directions as to how to get there?
Their "bible" is not God's word,it is Man's word.God did not write one single word of it!
They are just trying to force their bigoted views on everyone else.
When they can practice what they preach,maybe then someone might listen to them.

metta y'all,

having grown up in SB-country...I got comments on all this... 06.Jan.2004 07:17


having grown up in SB-country and having that cultural imprint stongly stamped into me during childhood
and stuggle all my life with "unstamping" it, I will venture to comment that this falderal will be doomed to
a resounding FAILURE! I spend some time in the Middle East later in life beyond what I'd been taught as
the "truth" that only "true believers" follow, and found a different set of similar positioned folk's...some not
so radical and some far more so. Having tried to learn as much as possible, and come to appreciation
of Islam and it's variations on the same theme, I really think this SB-venture is nothing more than political
stagecrafting more for American-True Belivers, than for any possible converts there...who, if they're even
pulled away from the flock that grazes there--a somewhat unlikely event in 1st place--then, the far more
radical of those sheepeople will come visiting 'em to get 'em back in the herd to spite the American-True
Belivers. So, don't get carried away thinking these religiloonies will be really "saving the masses" there
as much as they're seeking more to save Bush's ass come November 2004...that's WHAT this is all
about...not souls, but votes! Believe me...take it to the bank from 1 who been there, done that, got the...

christians..... 06.Jan.2004 08:27


I want to add a little to my earlier comment.
I've just about decided that I don't want to go to Heaven when I die,
Why? Because it is going to be full of "christians".From what I've seen of christians,
I want nothing to do with it. I still reside in the "bible belt",and I can truly say with all due
honesty,these people are nothing but hateful,bigots.After all they're the only one's going to Heaven,(yeah,Right).
They think that theirs is the only "true religion"( after all,John was a Baptist)
That's the kind of mindset you're dealing with.They're right,you're wrong.Case closed.
Let them go to Iraq.Maybe they'll stay.There is no Man made Religion which has a monopoly on
the truth.Religion is only man's feeble attempt at worshipping God.
Why don't these sheeple do a little research. They just might be surprised at what they find out.
Don't accept anything just because someone says it is so.Do some research,and find out for yourselves.
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Metta Y'all,

Just one more 06.Jan.2004 08:44

K.C Roberts

Just one more comment.Why don't these sheeple compare their
beloved Jesus,with the ancient egyptian God,Horus.
They'll be rather shocked at the uncanny resemblance.What happened to Horus,happened to Jesus.
Ok,S.Baptists,want proof?It's carved in stone on the pyramids!
Horus' birth was announced by a star--- So was Jesus'
Horus was visited by three kings--- so was jesus
Horus preached a sermon on the mount--so did jesus
Horus was transfigured--So was jesus
Horus walked on water--so did jesus
Horus was crucified between two thieves-So was jesus
Horus suffered,died,was buried,and rose again on the third day--so did jesus.

History is full of many crucified "saviors".This is just one example. Do some research and find out
What happens when the blind lead the blind?They both fall into the pit.
I do believe that Jesus was a great teacher,So was Buddha,and others before him.
All religions have something good to offer.We need to look at what we can learn from each other

Metta Y'all,

Hopeful 06.Jan.2004 11:41


Personally I hope they are successful because I would rather have a bunch of Bible beaters over there than wife(s) beaters that sporadically send their brood to "heaven" by strapping some bombs onto their chest and sending them into a bus full of people.
While fundamental religion sucks I vastly prefer the SBaptist version over the Muslim fundamentalism.

Christians beat their wives too 06.Jan.2004 12:20


Both religions are organized to propagandize a fundamental superiority of men over women, demanding complete submission and obedience to men.


suicide bombers not as deadly as a standing army 06.Jan.2004 12:52


As far as the Muslim suicide bombers, they have not killed nearly as much innocent civilians as the Jewish soldiers in Israel/Palestine. It is a miniscule minority of Muslims that are desperate and angry enough to kill themselves and their enemies civilians, but it is a sizable percentage of Jewish soldiers who serve in their Palestine-occupying army. It is a mandatory service, in fact (although there is a growing resistance to serving).

2,642 Palestinians and 904 Israelis have been killed since September 29, 2000;

All 3 Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are sexist and ultraviolent dogmas. To portray one as better than another is to be ignorant of the bases of these systems. All three recommend genocide and gender supremecy as holy. Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism are no different in these respects.

Introduction to Israel/Palestine conflict by Norman Finkelstein;