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Indymedia Network Being Used For GREY PROPAGANDA! Beware!!!

Watch for posts by seemingly "neutral" Gabrielle Reilly. She is part of a grey propaganda operation. The targets are teens and less educated 18-25 yr olds, just the recruitable (or almost recruitable) age! This operation is using the Indymedia network to distribute their propaganda. To read more on this go to:
 http://victoria.indymedia.org/features/media/ and look for article: The Model, Her Shadow, The Payload, And The IMC: A Grey Propaganda Campaign On The Indymedia Network

homepage: homepage: http://victoria.indymedia.org/features/media/

I wondered about that 05.Jan.2004 22:03

Fred Bauer

I saw the earlier entry about greed and capitalism. I was going to comment on it but it was too strange and I figured it would just go away. I mean, what is capitalism but greed? Capitalists do not invest money to help the world.

Somehow there is a disconnect between capitalism and morality. A Christian friend of mine was investing heavily in Walmart and Disney and corrupt energy companys. He seems to think he is doing a public service. I asked him if he did not realise he was taking filthy money.

If you could legally invest in Bin Laden, would you do so it even if he was making money? When you invest in crooks and companys that take advantage of the poor you are a party to crime even if there is no law against it. Just because the police will not arrest you does not make it right.

If you are a follower of Bush, a murderer and con artist, you are a partner in his crimes.

TIT 4 TAT 05.Jan.2004 23:02


Payback pick an ad from Bush in 30 seconds

I'm not telling you how to vote for these ads. I'm telling you that I'm calling every 800 number in America and playing the sound track to my favorite to whoever answers. Working people answer these phones. If I can change five people from not voting to voting we win. If I can change five people from voting for Bush (all five) we win. We win if you help me, for if YOU don't who else in the world can help me do this. And it's on Corp. America's dime. They have taken so much let's start teaching them about giving back.

have often wondered about "gabrielle reilley"... 06.Jan.2004 07:56

this thing here

a little suspicious was the first article i saw attributed to her and posted to indymedia. she was wearing this swimming suit, and it looked like some kind of a internet porn come on. but then to read the somewhat boring article about politics and economics below the picture! the picture and the article never fit!

is she a real person? is she herself or employees of the media company she writes (and poses) for physically posting these pieces? or is it just some random model's picture pasted to some other person's opinion piece, as a way to grab attention? or is she perhaps a real person, but somewhat eccentric? "i like to have pictures taken of myself wearing bathing suits and miniskirts, but i also like to write opinion pieces, and i like to post the two to the internet." just some bizarre disconnects going on. but that's what happens to open publishing sites. a lot of strange stuff comes along...

Sounds interesting... 06.Jan.2004 12:39


But do adolescent boys in that demographic really care what a woman has to say?
Especially the types of boys that drool at Maxim or Playboy type models.
That's probably why it flopped. But the invasion of the IMCs is kind of troubling.

And 07.Jan.2004 02:22

Not an adolescent, but still...

Although she's attractive, she looks nearly 50. I think only a small portion of the adolescent boy population would be interested.

After looking at the site... 07.Jan.2004 09:29


Yes, she does appear to be a very attractive 50+ year old.
It's one of those sites that I have to read and reread to see if it's not a clever parody.
I still don't know.
Interesting use of Photoshop filters to make her look a decade or two younger.
I guess if somebody wanted that to work correctly, she should be a lot younger, maybe be a pop-star, and keep the issues country-simple. She could make fun of the anti-war males and criticize them for their lack of machismo. Work the Viacom network. Get on MTV. Even if the majority of kids think it's stupid, the more reactionary element among them will cling to her. Look at Mike Savage.