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Bush in 30 seconds

Just an aside 05.Jan.2004 17:39


The mainstream news throughout the world is focusing on the complaint from the neocons that one of the commercials (appropriately enough) portrays the Bush as Hitler.

This commercial didn't make it into the final 15, but the repubs are whining about it anyway. I guess they are feeling vulnerable these days. Maybe we can turn this to our advantage. The more they look like easily upset whiners, the less popular they become.

I'm NOT telling you how to vote 05.Jan.2004 20:02


I'm not telling you how to vote, for one of these ads. What I'm telling you is I've picked my favorite and I'm playiny the sound track to everyone in America that answers a 800 number. Please jion me in using Corp. America to reach out and touch someone. If you only reach five people to vote who would not, or five who would vote for bush (all five) and change them we could vote the son of a bitch out five times.