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Mad Cat Disease

Fortunately all those cats with mad cow disease are foreigners, and the American cat is completely safe....
Alisa Harrison (spokeswoman for the U.S. Agriculture secretary, Veneman) has worked tirelessly the last two weeks to spread the message that bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, is not a risk to American consumers... For her, it's a familiar message. Before joining the department, Ms. Harrison was director of public relations for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, the beef industry's largest trade group, where she battled government food safety efforts... and sent out press releases with titles like 'Mad Cow Disease Not a Problem in the U.S.' "... Right now you'd have a hard time finding a federal agency more completely dominated by the industry it was created to regulate. Dale Moore, Ms. Veneman's chief of staff, was previously the chief lobbyist for the cattlemen's association. Other veterans of that group have high-ranking jobs at the department, as do former meat-packing executives and a former president of the National Pork Producers Council." (Eric Schlosser, "The Cow Jumped Over the U.S.D.A.," New York Times, January 2nd, 2004)

Mad Cow CharadeIt was Agriculture Department opposition and the Republican majority leadership in Congress that defeated a measure proposed just last month to prohibit so-called "downer cattle," too sick to walk into the slaughterhouse, from being added to the nation's meat supply. (Note how quickly things can change in a month...)

Mad Cat Disease "Mad cow has been found in a small number of cats ? about 100 ? in the United Kingdom, as well as a handful in other European countries. Larger zoo felines that fed directly off infected carcasses also died from the disease, Torres said. Officials in the United Kingdom and elsewhere have said they suspect the cats got the disease by eating cat food tainted with infected meat. That suspicion is bolstered by evidence that British cats contracted the disease at about the same time, and in the same places. "Your gut tells you yes, and the reports tell you yes, because they're linked temporally and geographically," said Dr. Niels Pedersen, a specialist in feline infectious diseases at the University of California at Davis."

Swiss cat diagnosed with Mad Cow disease "A Swiss cat has been diagnosed with the feline form of mad cow disease, thought to have been spread through infected pet food ... Britain has reported around 90 cases of the feline disease among the nation's pets, while Norway has also witnessed a case, despite being clear of the bovine brain-wasting disease. The disease also affects the domestic cat's bigger cousins and has been reported in pumas, cheetahs, lions and tigers held in zoos and fed with infected meat."

Zoo cat found to have mad cow-related brain disease " An Asiatic Golden Cat at Melbourne Zoo was found to have a rare brain disease related to mad cow disease...During its captivity the cat was only ever fed chickens, rats, rabbits and kangaroo meat. "

FDA has yet to close loopholes in mad-cow regulation "Since August 1997, FDA has banned the use of cattle remains as an ingredient in feed for other cows, goats and sheep. But there are plenty of loopholes...Poultry can't get mad-cow-like diseases, so feeding them protein meal made from rendered cattle has been considered safe. But poultry litter ? food they drop while eating, along with their excrement, feathers and bedding ? can legally be fed to cattle. Also, outdated pet food can be used in ruminant (cow, sheep and goat) feed. Retail dry pet food frequently contains ruminant meat and bone meal. Out-of-date dry cat and dog food is sometimes sold as salvage and ends up in cattle feed. Because feeding cattle to cattle is really the only way they get infected, critics of the livestock industry, as well as some within it, have long argued that the best way to deal once and for all with the issue is to totally ban the feeding of all ruminant-derived protein to any living animal, including fish."

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yum 05.Jan.2004 15:40


From the Tom Tommorrow site..."Fortunately the government is on the case: "downer" cows, too ill to stand upright, will no longer be used to provide meat for humans. And if that doesn't reassure you, there's more:
In addition, brains, skulls, spinal cords, vertebral columns, eyes and certain nerve tissues from cows older than 30 months, as well as the small intestine from all cows, will also be banned from the food supply because they are most likely to harbor the agent that causes mad cow disease. But brains from younger animals will still be considered fit for human consumption.
Boy, that just makes you want to rush out to the nearest fast food joint, doesn't it?"

media spin 05.Jan.2004 15:48


I have been listening to some of the media spin on mad cow today and basically what I have heard boils down to this...'There was only those two mad cows...we don't have mad cows here...' The statement 'only two mad cows in the whole country' is meaningless, since mad cow is not required by law to be reported, and almost no testing is done (thus not finding or reporting any mad cows, and those mad cows that are found need not be reported, and its perfectly legal)

for some reason those media talking heads ignore this salient point...

another salient piont being ignored is the fact that over the last year there have been two reported deaths fin humans from mad cow disease...given how mad cow can only be diagnosed after death, via autopsy, and few of these autopsies are reported (mad cow in humans can mimic 'alzheimers' even what is known as 'early onset alzheirmers) and it would seem to me that with mad cat going around, and the very rare reporting and discovery of humans with mad cow, this salient fact would be worth mentioning when some talking head comes on the tube to talk up the cow, and encourage more cow eating...but for some reason none of these things are mentioned...

letterman 05.Jan.2004 15:54


that tom tommorrow bit mentioning all those brains and spinal columns and eye balls brings to mind those david letterman jokes about hot dogs ... yum ... my brother in law works in a meat packing plant and he says that if you saw what they put in hot dogs you would never eat another dog again (he doesn''t ... i guess he just can't get the image out of his mind when he's about about to bite into that hot dog...of course with this new rules, I guess the hot dog of tommorrow with be sans eye balls and genitals and brains, unless they come from really young cows...

have a nice day...

Is it just you 05.Jan.2004 16:05


Is ti just you or just me, I haven't seena dog or cat within 500 yards of a Mcdonalds in the past week. Are people still going there and is this a clean the gene bank program?

how now mad cow 05.Jan.2004 16:22


How Now Mad Cow "The discovery of the Washington state cow also triggered long-rehearsed plans at other organizations like the U.S. Department of Agriculture and McDonald's Corp. and the Association which has been working since 1990 to prepare for this day... Meat from a Washington state slaughterhouse that contained cuts from a lone cow that tested positive for mad cow disease was sold in as many as nine California counties, but current rules forbid the state or counties from telling consumers exactly where recalled meat was sold ... "I've just inspected over 80,000 pounds of meat (boxed beef rounds and boxed boneless beef briskets) on two trucks. I wasn't running or hurrying either. One was bound for Sante Fe Springs, California, the other for San Jose, California. I just stamped on their paperwork `USDA Inspected and Passed' in 45 seconds."

This Is The End Of The World 06.Jan.2004 11:46

a cow killing disease, fine...But cats nooooooooooooooooooo

Not My cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canibals and capitalism 07.Jan.2004 02:31

Aunt Sam

According to "fast food nation" Cats are being fed cats and dogs in cheap cat food. That is why the humane society is so keen to kill them. Canibalization is a factor in mad cow disease. thanks for reminding me. By a higher grade cat food for your cats and dogs. They are canibalizing pets in petfood.