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There will be a rally/march to free Leonard Peltier Feb. 7th in solidarity with the march in Tacoma. We will be meeting 12pm at Terry Schrunk Plaza. There will be more details available as we draw closer to the event. The next planning meeting will be Sunday January 11th 5pm at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop.

homepage: homepage: http://www.freepeltier.org

March/rally 05.Jan.2004 14:52


Please don't take this the wrong way, but can someone explain to me the efficacy and value of such a rally?

I support the release of Peltier and am well aware of the circumstances surrounding his bogus conviction and incarceration, but I really question the usefulness of a march. I don't mean to demean the organizers or participants because I certainly respect their efforts on Peltier's behalf, but could someone relate to me their perspective on how this brings the release of Peltier any closer to happening?

I ask for this information in all seriousness. I'm not trying to be a pill.

because people aren't organizing to break down the prison walls 05.Jan.2004 15:20


then a public gathering is at least we could do. these events should happen more often.

use of a rally for Leonard 05.Jan.2004 15:24

! pdxnym@riseup.net

I appreciate your questions. I think they are very valid. I had similar thoughts at first, but here's where my thoughts have arrived on the subject. Basically, many of Peltier's supporters have given up on him or sort of forgotten about him. For the first time, he's actually going to have to pay for a lawyer. Basically this could bring some attention back to his case and help energize his supporters again. Prison support is very long, hard, frustrating, and discouraging and sometimes people just need their spirits recharged. Plus this gives a good opportunity to educate people who might not be familiar with Leonard Peltier and the FBI needs to know that this embarrassing issue will never be swept under the rug. I hope to plug people into ways that they can get involved. Essentially, I view this as a gateway action.

Cascadia Rising Infoshop location 05.Jan.2004 15:47

nym pdxnym@riseup.net

SE 16th & Clinton 1 block off of Division

Why a rally? 05.Jan.2004 16:13


Why a rally? Because it hurts inside when an innocent person is imprisoned for life. A rally at least lets me know that others still remember. Still care. Still want justice.

Why Rally for Leoneard Peltier? 05.Jan.2004 16:41

Sundance Warrior dennis_kucinich_president_2004@yahoo.com

You really need to ask that? Perhaps you should read his book. My life is my Sundance. Committed activists should show solidarity to other activists.

503 232-8201
1420 SE 37th (off hawthorne)

Why Rally for Leonard Peltier? 05.Jan.2004 17:01

How ignorant can u be?

Perhaps you should read some of his books. In the Peace and Justice movement there is a little thing called solidarity. Not many people show it for real, but some of us do, and we'll be there.


From the Archives 05.Jan.2004 19:20



The Daily Poetry Movement
author: Migratory Bird
Todays Selection is in honor of our political prisoner Leonard Peltier. This poem is called Silence by Leonard Peltier. Leonard has been falsly imprisoned for life. Neither democratic nor republican president has pardoned him. Known around the world for being a member of AIM (American Indian Movement), he is our countries Nelson Mandela. As Indians are being singled out for our unscrupolous greed and genocide across the American continents, the ones courgaeous enough to speak out often meet horrific ends. Stop the FTAA!

(from the book;) My life is my sun dance

Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity

But silence is impossible

Silence screams

Silence is a message

just as doing nothing is an act

Let who you are ring out and resonate

in every word and every deed

Yes, become who you are

There's no sidestepping your own being

or your own responsibility

What you do is who you are

You are your own comeuppance

You become your own message

You are the message

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

(without any reason, since 27 years imprisoned Poet)


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Two announcements 30.Dec.2003 02:02


Migratory Bird

Tonight, Tuesday the 30th, is books for prisoners mailing night. To find out more go to the main page. If you can not go tonight do not dispair! You can still donate a book or money. Our political prisoners are often very lonely. They often do not have friends or relatives to visit. Some end up getting many years for protesting the School of the America's, war or nuclear testing. After the fact many lose heart when folks exemplify them but do not contact them. Get a pen pal, send a book, help once or help many times. You can donate books to several different locations. So clean house, dig up some books, and mail 'em out!

The other announcement is also a fundraiser.  http://www.indymedia.org/en/index.shtml
click on this link to donate money to global indymedia for our new global connection. I know it sounds like a PBS drive but this is legit and we ain't about to go beggin from exxon mobile. So if you got five bucks, twenty or whatever donate as much as you can, cause other folks can't donate nuthin at all....


Ignorance 05.Jan.2004 19:45


>> How ignorant can u be?

People tend to ask questions when they're seeking information.

To Portland IMC Editorial Staff 05.Jan.2004 20:47

Migratory Bird

I do not know why an editor composted my last comment. I contribute daily to this site, and my comment was the poetry of Leonard. It was in no way distracting or off subject. Also Spudnuts is a regular contributor to this site and he in no way went aginst site policy. Please uncompost those last two comments.

I am a bit irritated that these comments were hidden and I hope the only reason this comment would be hidden is becuase you have reinstated those two comments.

I may have been irritated by what Spudnuts said but he wasn't exactly saying let Leonard rot, so why did you compost it?

My comment was from the archives and my name was MB.

Confused by the Kucinich thing... 05.Jan.2004 21:10

What does Kucinich have to do with Leonard Peltier?

Has Kucinich publicly promised that he will give back all indigenous land or at the very least reward Leonard Peltier his freedom? Because if he hasn't, then why did you choose to post links to Kucinich stuff?
Are you getting paid to astroturf this site?

Are you sure? 05.Jan.2004 21:19


Are you sure it's gone? It looks to me like they're there. If they are still gone, go to the "contact" page and email them about it. You can find the link to that page at the top of the front page.

To clarify 05.Jan.2004 23:00


To clarify my post was up, then went missing, then came back. I can only assume it was composted, but then it coudl have been computer problems. But to be honest, I am very paranoid about censorship.

Now to go on.

Spudnuts, your question seems more rhetorical than actually wanting answers. The way you phrase your question gives me the sense that you feel demonstrating, passing out leaflettes, and collecting money for his lawyer is a waste of time because he will never get out. You say you know the facts about him. I do not think you know about the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Leonard will go free some day soon. I can feel it. Whether or not you would have freed Mandela, and Mandela aknowledges Leonard as similiar to himself, is up to you. He wants Leonard free. Since your question seems mostly rhetorical and questions our spirits, let me ask you this, "why did you need to ask?"

MB 06.Jan.2004 02:28


Don't be paranoid; very little on this site is composted despite what some might tell you. Your post (and that of spudnuts) was not composted; what you saw was probably the result of your computer switching servers when they were syncing to one another. It's a rare occurrence (for those 2 events to coincide in a way that is noticeable) that is usually fixed within a few minutes when the process is complete. To be fair, this has been a bit slow today so it may have taken longer to resolve (and I know you had some problems posting a few days ago do to another, unrelated glitch) but no need to jump to unnecessary conclusions.

pdxtech 06.Jan.2004 03:30


That does sound plausible, and something I have never heard of either. I wouldn't mind learning more on this server connection thingamajig. But let me ask you this. If my comment was composted and then taken out of the compost would you have anyway of knowing that it had been in the compost if you went back to check it later? I mean if you checked either compost or it's returned postion. A simple yes or no will suffice for me as i do not know computers. But if you want to explain that works for me too. I am curious. Would you know?

Release Leonard 06.Jan.2004 10:54

2 cents

I am all for anything that brings awareness to the people that like to forget or have the ignorance binders on.
My only idea has been...Let's make Leonard a household word and get people talking that are not comfortable with any discussion because (as my brother-in-law said as he told me to leave his home or quit talking about Leonard in his home? Why? because people do not know the truth! At the time I was waiting for stupid sellout Clinton- let Leonard stay imprisoned so his (Clinton's) own ass could be saved from his own illegalities, to pardon the man who is wrongly and falsely detained by the usa for 28 years now
. Land of the free?
It seems that when Nelson Mandela was released, there was an uprising of talk about him. Uprising is the keyword there.
I would like to act in solidarity with Leonard, his family, other imprisoned American Indians, the rally in Tacoma and in Portland on February 7
Here in eugene. I'll be working on it... Anyone? How about groups of 23 gather and spare change folks to send to Leonard and pre arrange where he would like any donations to go.
Freedom of Speech is what a rally is about. There is still a constitution isn't there? Here in the south valley, you just need to wear running shoes when you rally and possibly some armor :)

"March" vs. "rally" 06.Jan.2004 12:50


>> Spudnuts, your question seems more rhetorical than actually wanting answers. The way you phrase your question gives me the sense that you feel demonstrating, passing out leaflettes, and collecting money for his lawyer is a waste of time because he will never get out.

I made clear in my original post that I support the immediate release of Peltier. My understanding of the case causes me to conclude that he is a political prisoner.

My question was sincere and I was trying to get some opinions from the organizers and participants on the efficacy of a march/rally. The way I phrased my question lead you to believe that I question the efficacy of marching because that is in fact my opinion at present. My opinion has changed before and so I thought I could get some feedback on why the participants participate in such a march or rally.

The answer which made the most sense to me was solidarity, an event to rally the faithful and energize them for continued action. This makes sense to me. I do question the value of passing out leaflets and most marches because I feel they largely fail to convert the undecided.

I definitely believe that collecting money for Peltier's defense is tremendously important and if the rally serves to garner new funds and encourage the faithful, then that seems like reason enough to hold such an event.

>> I do not think you know about the Spirit of Crazy Horse.

Well, I don't want to demean your spiritual beliefs (or those of Peltier), but personally I don't hold any beliefs about deities or spirits or forces apart from the actions of my fellow human beings. As such, if ever I were imprisoned, I think I'd rather have a couple thousand to pay my legal expenses rather than the "Spirit of Crazy Horse." That's just my own view, though.

>> Leonard will go free some day soon. I can feel it.

I agree with you there. I just hope it's not in 2040. The government means for Peltier to die in prison. That's their intent. And most Americans support them in their ignorance and indifference.

>> Whether or not you would have freed Mandela, and Mandela aknowledges Leonard as similiar to himself, is up to you.

Well, of course, I would have freed Mandela, but my soliciting opinions about the efficacy of a march can hardly be interpreted as a desire to keep Peltier (or Mandela) in prison.

>> Since your question seems mostly rhetorical and questions our spirits, let me ask you this, "why did you need to ask?"

I ask because I would like to help free Peltier.


But I'm not sure a march is the best way to do that. Now, in my mind a march and a rally are two different things and fundamentally have two different objectives. A march is intended to raise awareness, to communicate to bystanders (hence signs, chants, leaflets).

A rally is intended to inform, update, and energize the faithful. Also, ideally to collect money.

I question the value of the march. Not of the rally. Raising money and energizing the faithful are very important. Marching, not so much. I just think the public has built up an immunity to marches, placards, and leaflets. Even if you put 100,000 on the street, people just revert to their ordinary drone default within an hour. In one ear and out the other. It doesn't impact them.

Further, I think it's instructive to consider the successes of the religious right. They have rallies and fundraisers every day. Three or four times a week. They stay in constant contact and are always drumming up funds and juicing up the faithful.

But they don't really march.


Although, if you're like me, and you hear that 500,000 Promise Keepers marched in DC, you don't go "wow, there must be something to their organization and beliefs." If you're like me, you just roll your eyes and think: "assholes." And that's the end of it.

I think they've realized that the placards and leaflets route is not as effective as just raising bucketloads of cash or using your funds wisely to target certain influential segments of the population who can and are willing to assist their efforts.

A response and a few research engines for those who are unfamiliar 06.Jan.2004 14:47

Migratory Bird

Two ideas are at play here, you are separating the rally and the march. The two are rarely separate. Do you arrive late and socialize, spud nuts, instead of listening to the speakers? Maybe you should rethink that policy if this is the feeling it drives you too? The other idea in play is how the TV or newspaper audience interprets a march they here about in DC. Of course you interpret it that way. You were trained by the corporate media think any activity outside of shopping, working, and fucking, and organized prayer are worthless activities. But interacting with your communitity is so important.

Passing out fliers to people on the street while carrying signs is great. Even if only one person joins the March or if one person goes home and rents the Robert Redford film, "Incident at Ogallala" you have done what you set out to do. As public clamor grows they will have to rethink keeping him. The days of storming the Bastille, aren't that long ago, when you think of human evolution.

Spud nuts, I am sorry that you allow such fatigue and tiredness to creep into you. Why do you let yourself be taken apart by them? Why do you allow yourself to waffle on the idea of marching, and its effectiveness? Do not let them take from you your spirit! Do not let them take away your energy! Turn the TV off, throw away the papers and start buying books, or checking them out. Don't focus on the Promise Keepers, or any other distractions. Focus on what is going on today. Figure out what diversity of tactic you want to bring. I bring poetry of resistance. Now figure out what similarity of tactic you want to engage in. And leave it at that. Similarities always fall back to legal and semi legal. Obstruction of traffic (arrested), letter writing, marching, campaigning, starting non-hierarchal committees, etc.

We must work to build each other's spirits to keep going. Again I ask you, why did you ask, if you already knew? You didn't "honestly" want to know because you already know the answers. You have as you have stated been through it before. So why did you challenge them for organizers or leaders to give you answers.

Spudnuts, there will not be a leader. If you are wishing for MLK JR read Emma Goldman, if you are waiting for Malcolm X you will be waiting in vain. This is a leaderless movement. We will not have leaders shot down, and then told our goals have failed, and we can go home now. The TV is turned on and waiting for us at home, and we can watch the funeral on corporate media tonight. We will have no leaders for them to kidnap, assault , and bury. If you are waiting for a leader please stop waiting and get out to the streets and start living!!!! Live your resistance! Live communally, share communally, and give communally. This is true democracy. Some call it anarchy. Some call it spirituality. Call it what you would like.

I Know I have rambled. I tried to pare it down. I hope I have answered your questions.

Search engines for this topic for those who are unfamiliar:

Read Mary Crow Dog "Lakota Woman" She then become Mary Brave Bird can't remember the title.
Read about Anna Mae Aquash.
Read about Pine Ridge.
Read about the reservations history.
Stand off at Wounded Knee in the 1970's.
Read about the original Wounded knee.
Watch the movie Incident at Ogalalla.
There are several other movies that deal with the Pine Ridge reservations.
Read about the stand off at Mt Rushmore.
Finally and most importantly Read about Leonard and how he was framed.
In the incident at Ogalalla the FBI essentially confesses on tape. (That is how I remember it, it's been some years.)

Support AIM today. Support the youth who are marching today. Support.