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Bush and his ilk are upset by an advertisement entered into the MoveOn contest that likens Bush to Hitler.
Here's the link to the video posted on the RNC site.

where is it?? 08.Jan.2004 02:21


I cannot find the ad. The RNC site seems to have pulled it? or maybe my multimedia isn't set up. Anybody have it archived, or a link beside the rnc link?


this it? 08.Jan.2004 03:16


i found this but am not entirely sure if it's it.


If it is, then i think it can be improved on significantly, although a huge amount of work has evidently gone into this already. For one, it's way too fast and tries to squeeze in too many frames. commercials shouldn't have a frantic pace.

Bush: the not-elected Hitler 08.Jan.2004 03:30

Pest Fighter

Check out http://germany.indymedia.org/2003/03/47046.shtml (I can't from here.)