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Colonial Update: Iraq

There is some kind of media freeze on the handover of ownership of Iraq to the State Department, and of the plans to establish colonial government rule.
Friends, Portlanders, World Citizens....things are not going well.

I'm not just talking about the country previously known as Iraq, but the fact that nobody is talking about the news that the ownership of the country--the title, so to speak--has been handed over to the State Department. They will install a 3,000 man "diplomatic mission" and protect it with as many as 100,000 American troops, possibly a few British.

Everyone has been calling the invasion of Iraq the definition of an imperialist war, a war to seize oil but also to intimidate the rest of the world. It was, definitely, but now that the final insult has been thrown in the face of the world, nobody's saying a thing about it.

It's the answer to the question "Why did we invade Iraq?" To establish colonial rule, of course. That will always be the answer. It's like the movies that you have to watch to the very end to find out what happens, and for Iraq, the very end has come.

People should start shouting the word "Colonialism!" because at this point it better expresses what has happened, better than "imperialism" which has been shouted too much and has lost some of it's meaning. What has happened is so incredibly insane, so damaging....

So having said that, here are some news items.

From the Daily Telegraph:

CIA will train death squads in Iraq:

-the force will cost up to $3 billion over the next three years in money allocated from the same part of the federal budget that finances the CIA

-the force will be drawn from Iraqi exile groups, Kurdish and Shi'ite forces-in addition to former mukhabarat (intelligence) agents who are now working for the US. The CIA will train.

-although officially banned by the CPA, militia groups are already patrolling cities and towns in Iraq

-initially at least, salaries will be paid by the CIA

-former CIA officials compare the operation to the Phoenix program in Vietnam, which was launched in 1967

-the Pentagon and CIA have told the White House that the organization will allow America to maintain control over the direction of the country as sovereignty is handed over to the Iraqi people

-in the short term, CIA officials expect that the very existence of a strongly pro-American security force will terrify civilians.

Hi Pakistan

"In a new development, US troops detained an official from the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) during raids also targeting the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Kirkuk. From the KDP offices, US troops confiscated two RPG launchers, two AK-47s, two 107-mm rockets, and an assault rifle..."

Gulf Daily News

"Iraq's interim Governing Council president Adnan Pachachi has said he is committed to a federal Iraq, but told Kurds clamouring for more autonomy now, they must be patient, even as the issue ignites violence."

The Kurds may find themselves in much the same position as after the first Gulf War, which means they'll have nowhere to run to. Turkey will slaughter them, the Sunni's don't like them at all, and now the Americans are going after them. Once a victim, always a victim, I guess.


This is just a rehash of the story about how the State Department will assume ownership of Iraq. The story first came out in the Washington Post, and was buried in the back pages. There's nothing on tv about it, the Columbian up here in Vancouver had nothing about it in Sunday's paper, the Oregonian might have. The article explains the transfer of ownership from the Pentagon to the State Department.

"One of the first steps would be resuming diplomatic relations between Washington and Baghdad."

Excuse my language, but who the fuck are they going to resume diplomatic relations with? Are they going to stand in front of a mirror and call it diplomatic relations?

"It requires a fairly complicated agreement to re-establish ties," said an administration official.

Well, good night.
Faulty Links??? 05.Jan.2004 14:11

Major W

I checked on the links I put down--2 of them went to the right paper, but not to the article I was highlighting, the Gulf Daily News link didn't go anywhere, and the Daily Telegraph link is also inaccessible.

Do I need to more carefully type in the links, or what? It's kind of distressing if people want to actually see the article and not just take my word for it.

All apologies