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Measure 30 volunteers needed in Lane county

What you can do to help Stand for Children pass Measure 30.
From: "Joy Marshall" < joy@stand.org>
Subject: Re: Measure 30 volunteer
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004

How you can help:

1) Download some of the pertinent info from the web site - one fact sheet is attached -  http://www.OurOregonCoalition.com -- distribute it to your networks, beginning at your work site. Perhaps you could get 5 minutes at any meetings you attend. If you want a speaker from the campaign, let us know. MAKE SURE ALL KNOW IT IS A YES VOTE to protect the funding.

2) Sign and return the attached sheet "Measure 30 signature ad", and get as many others as possible to sign in by Jan. 9. We will run a large signature ad in the Register Guard.

3) write letters to editor in support of Measure 30.
Register-Guard:  rgletters@guardnet.com

Eugene Weekly:  editor@eugeneweekly.com

250 words or less, make sure to give reasonable arguments, and to say VOTE YES.

4) Attend the next meeting of the Yes on 30 group - I believe it's Jan. 9.

5) Volunteer - and ask others to volunteer - at phone banks:
Jan. 11 - Feb. 2 -- every evening except Fridays and Saturdays, Sundays 2:30-5pm, at Eugene Education Association, 2815 Coburg Rd (just north of Beltline).
Mon - Thurs 5:30-8pm, locations vary - most are at the credit union at 11th and Ferry contact me to sign up

6) Help go door to door - and recruit others - to talk to voters in key precincts, mostly south Eugene -- Sat. Jan. 17, Sat. Jan 24 -- meet at 9:30am - get instructions and a partner, go out 10:30-12:30am, contact me for more details.

7) Make a donation to help the campaign. You can make it to "Lane Yes on 30" for our local efforts, and send it to: Matthew Reed, Yes on 30, 818 SW 3rd Ave. 218, Portland, OR 97204

8) Find out about our organization, Stand for Children at  http://www.stand.org, or ask for a speaker. We effectively advocate for children's issues, and to permanently change decision maker's priorities. We come out of the Children's Defense Fund, and now have chapters in 5 states including Oregon.

Joy Marshall
Stand for Children, Oregon State Director


In Honor of the Birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
People of Faith and Conscience Urge You to Vote "Yes" on Measure 30

"There are some things in our society and in our world to which I'm proud to
be maladjusted, which I call upon all people of good will to be maladjusted,
until the good society is realized....I never intend to adjust myself to
economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give
luxuries to the few."
Martin Luther King, Jr., January 19, 1968

We, the undersigned people of faith and conscience in Lane County, call upon all people of good will to vote "Yes" on Measure 30. We believe that this bi-partisan plan developed by our legislature is vital to public services which are essential to the common good of all Oregonians.

Measure 30
* Helps seniors and the disabled remain independent and provides
prescription drug coverage for low-income seniors.
* Supports education and prevents further cutbacks in public schools, loss
of teachers and/or shortened school years.
* Provides necessary funds for such critical programs as Healthy Start,
Crisis Relief Nurseries, the Foster Care and Adoption Assistance, Crisis Mental Health services, the retired Senior Volunteer Program and legal assistance for the poor.
* Preserves health care coverage for 85,000 Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan and thereby prevents increased costs shifted to those with insurance.
* Puts an end to borrow and spend tactics to balance the state budget.
* Replaces the $10/year minimum corporate tax with a more fair tax based on
* Is fair and affordable, costing the average Oregonian only $2 to $3 per
month in income taxes. Those who earn less pay less.

Please join us in protecting our schools, our most vulnerable citizens and
the future of our state. Measure 30 is good for all of us!

Print name and information as you wish it to appear in ad Signature phone/email
(you may include your title, group, or religious affiliation)






return to Faith in Action BY JAN. 9
1166 Oak
Eugene, OR 97401
Donations appreciated to help pay for ad - suggestion of $5 per signature (not required).

Our Oregon Coalition

Oregon's bi-partisan balanced budget
What's the value for our dollar?

o Prevents shortening of school years for some school districts (up to 19 days in Coos Bay, for example)
o Keeps health insurance coverage for 85,000 people on the Oregon Health Plan
o Maintains prescription drug coverage for thousands of seniors and people with disabilities who can't otherwise afford their life-saving medicine

If the bi-partisan balanced budget is repealed - What do we lose?

o Faced with a $400 million shortfall, school districts could be forced to shorten the school year, lose valued programs, and even lay off more teachers, increasing class size yet again
o Up to 85,000 Oregonians, including many seniors, could lose Oregon Health Plan coverage, driving up health insurance premiums for all of us
o Up to 350 inmates could be let out each month from Oregon prisons.
o Courts could be forced to rule on fewer cases, reduce the court week, and lay off staff
o Children's day care, adult mental health, assisted living facilities, and services for people with physical disabilities face potentially devastating cuts

In the bi-partisan balanced budget plan- Who pays?

o Profitable corporations who currently pay only $10 per year in income taxes will be required to pay at least $500
o Smokers will continue to contribute to tobacco-related healthcare costs through a 10-cent cigarette surtax
o Those who make less, pay less - the plan is progressive, so as income goes down, so does the amount paid

SOURCE: Department of Administrative Services, Budget & Management Division. Sept. 22, 2003

Questions? Want to get involved?
Call 503-495-2148 or check out  http://www.OurOregonCoalition.com

Stand for Children  http://www.Stand.org 541-912-2921

homepage: homepage: http://www.stand.org