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IS there anybody here who heard

First US case of HUMAN Mad Cow Disease??????
I heard the first case of human Mad Cow Disease, in the US, has appeared in Florida. Again this is only hearsay can anyone follow up with source info? The story I heard is an British/Indian woman who move to Florida has the disease, she contracted it in England, but as the incubation time period is in the range of eleven years it did not appear until recently.

Can anyone fill in this heads-up? If this turns out to not be true a little good is just fine.
U.S. Resident Diagnosed With Mad Cow 04.Jan.2004 20:15


Back in 2002 there was a u.s. resident who was diagnosed with mad cow disease who was living in the state of florida. However, she was a citizen and it was believed that she aquired the disease in britian.
Heres a link from abc:  http://more.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/dailynews/madcow020418.html

I heard it was you 04.Jan.2004 20:36


Congratulations! Now you'll be famous.

this one? 04.Jan.2004 21:36

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Personally I suspect there have probably been many human cases in the US, misdiagnosed as this and brushed off or buried as that other thing.

But it sounds like you mean this one?


Another Report on Same Case 04.Jan.2004 22:17

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Note the distinctions between these similar diseases in different species, the homo sapiens version being called variant Kreuzfeld-Jakob disease (vKJd). There is a version of CSE associated with sheep.

There are also studies about occurances of similar symptoms in cultures wherein ritual canibalism was practiced. The practice of feeding vertebrates with tissue (including neurological parts) from other vertebrate species appears to be a recent practice associated with intense corporate animal raising practices. The vector is generally that of eating infected brain and spinal chord tissues of other or same species vertebrates. Not sure if this includes fish and poultry.

unfortunate cow, stupid humans 05.Jan.2004 17:33

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i work in a hospital and have access to all autopsy records, as i use these in my job. they usually call it "Early Onset Alzheimer's", i've often been curious if they follow it up with a culture for cjd (creutzfeld-jacob).
there have been a few of these in the last year at the portland hospital i work at, but they might not all be cjd related.