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Where Can I get a Factory Farm Video?

I'm doing an extra credit persuasive speech in my language arts class....a few actually. One being on factory farming. I'd love to have a video/dvd of inside factory farms, to show the class. Due to procrastination, I didn't order the "Meet Your Meat" video from meetyourmeat.com. Does anyone know how/where I can get a downloadable copy of this sort of video? PETA has it available to view online, via RealPlayer. I have a DVD burner, and am thinking if I got the right kind of file then I can burn it to DVD? Anyway, I'm getting desperate with this.
Try IDA 04.Jan.2004 13:43


I think you could try contacting In Defense of Animals. There's a Portland office, over right off Killingsworth, but I can't think of the exact address. This is the IDA homepage:  http://www.idausa.org/links.html but it's not the local one. You could try emailing or calling this person, who is listed as a local contact:

Connie Durkee - Portland, OR
Northwest Regional Assistant
Tel 503.249.9996

More 04.Jan.2004 14:20


Yes, call Matt or Connie at In Defense of Animals, 249-9996, and maybe they can help direct you where to go or make a copy of something for you. Also, I think you should be able to burn Meet Your Meat from PETA's site--someone should be able to help with that. Depending on when you need it, maybe you could also order a video from PETA and they can rush it to you overnight mail if you pay the costs? I'm really glad you're doing this--I think people should have to see where their meat comes from.

If you have to do any more of these presentations, Matt at In Defense of Animals also has a vivisection video that he made at the primate research center at OHSU--ask him for a copy--I'm sure he'll be happy to give you one.

Try this 04.Jan.2004 14:31


'Why don't you try e-mailing < U.S.Hog@worldnet.att.net> or you could try contacting Rick Dove with the Riverkeepers.

Factory Farm Flash Animation 04.Jan.2004 15:07

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

Thanks! 04.Jan.2004 15:13

PortlandVegan portlandvegan@hotmail.com

Thanks for your responses! :) I greatly appriciate it!
I'm thinking that I may have to do rush delivery with the PETA footage.
I actually help out with IDA locally :) And for my initial persuasive presentation, I did it on why OHSU should be boycotted(the speech went SUPERBLY)... Matt was gracious enough to get me a copy of the footage he got from inside OHSU, as well as some blown up images and a bunch of leaflets. I got to show the entire class the video, as well as give them plenty of leaflets, and passed around the blown up images. The speech could NOT have gone better. Anyway.
I just ordered a video from PETA, I just hope it gets here soon. My past experiences with PETA have been that they take way too long to send things.

Yay for you for spreading the 04.Jan.2004 15:42


word! Well, are you really sure it can't be downloaded and burned--do you know someone who can help? Also, there must be someone around Portland who already has a copy of that video they can lend you...maybe IDA can put you in touch with someone? There probably isn't much time, but I know that  http://www.veganoutreach.com has brochures they can send you for free to pass out--if you haven't seen it, it's really effective, and their website is pretty informative too.

VeganOutreach 04.Jan.2004 18:42

PortlandVegan portlandvegan@hotmail.com

VeganOutreach definitely is a good organization... Fortunately, I still have a good number of the "Why Vegan?" booklets leftover from the last time I leafleted downtown. I'm really excited to pass those out to the class. Reminds me, I always carry some in my backpack...and a girl sitting near me saw them, wanted one, and so I gave her one... and the teacher, Mr. Fink(really great guy), saw her looking at it...he asked for one, asked if I had anymore...and long story short I brought in a bunch of extras to give to him and he's been handing them out to his health classes during the nutrition unit. I just thought that was really cool(particularily because it's a public school...so I'd imagine what he's doing is possibly violating some sort of school/district policy). :)

The MEATrix 04.Jan.2004 18:46


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