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wonder what Bush/Cheney/gang have on their minds for New Year's resolutions...

as per Michael Ruppert's FROM THE WILDERNESS year end e-message to his subscribers,
which I'm taking liberty to repost here due to it's importance and your NEED to know!

a Ruppert fan


THE YEAR OF THE LAW AND OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY -- Seemingly Unsolvable Legal Traps Face an Administration Running Out of Wiggle Room - Something Big Will Prevent Saddam Fromm Coming to Trial -- by Michael C. Ruppert - The Bush administration has backed itself into several deadly legal corners. The Supreme Court is going to rule in July on the release of secret records of Dick Cheney's energy task force, German courts have thrown out a 9/11 terror case and the only 9/11 conviction ever obtained is about to be overturned. In the meantime, US Appeals court rulings have made it inevitable that 9/11 arrestees like Khalid Shaikh Muhammad and Ramzi bi al-Shibh must come into public view and speak. With an election looming the administration has little choice but to bypass the law in the coming year. Only a major disaster or terrorist attack can achieve that end.