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book review>>>WAR AGAINST THE WEAK: Eugenics and America's Campaign to

To those of you out there that doubt the fact that there is a DEPOPULATION agenda being
gradually implemented in American life (as well, indeed the entire world), then this review
of WAR AGAINST THE WEAK: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race
by Edwin Black would inspire you to obtain the book and read it for further in-depth details.
While this is reposted from a powells e-mail book e-lert, and to them we owe appreciation
for such, I nonetheless, am sure the same book is available elsewhere as well...just have
to search it out.
reposting by "bookworm"

-Caveat Lector-  http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=62-1568582587-0

War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race
by Edwin Black

Available at: Beaverton, Burnside, Quimby Warehouse

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ISBN: 1568582587 Subtitle: America's Crusade to Create a Super Race Publisher: Four Walls Eight Windows Subject: General Subject: Conspiracy & Scandal Investigations Subject: Discrimination & Racism Subject: Philosophy & Social Aspects Subject: History Subject: Human reproduction Subject: Eugenics Subject: Sterilization. Subject: United states Edition Description: Includes bibliographical references and index. Series Volume: 720. Publication Date: c2003 Binding: Hardcover Language: English Illustrations: Y Pages: 550 Dimensions: 9.18x6.36x1.73 in. 2.01 lbs.
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Publisher Comments:
How American corporate philanthropies launched a national campaign of ethnic cleansing in the United States, help found and fund the Nazi eugenics of Hitler and Mengele and then created the modern movement of "human genetics."
In the first three decades of the 20th Century, American corporate philanthropy combined with prestigious academic fraud to create the pseudoscience eugenics that institutionalized race politics as national policy. The goal: create a superior, white, Nordic race and obliterate the viability of everyone else. How? By identifying so-called "defective" family trees and subjecting them to legislated segregation and sterilization programs. The victims: poor people, brown-haired white people, African Americans, immigrants, Indians, Eastern European Jews, the infirm and really anyone classified outside the superior genetic lines drawn up by American raceologists. The main culprits were the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune, in league with America's most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Harvard, Yale and Princeton, operating out of a complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. The eugenic network worked in tandem with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the State Department and numerous state governmental bodies and legislatures throughout the country, and even the U.S. Supreme Court. They were all bent on breeding a eugenically superior race, just as agronomists would breed better strains of corn. The plan was to wipe away the reproductive capability of the weak and inferior.
Ultimately, 60,000 Americans were coercively sterilized legally and extra-legally. Many never discovered the truth until decades later. Those who actively supported eugenics include America's most progressive figures: Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
American eugenic crusades proliferated into a worldwide campaign, and in the 1920s came to the attention of Adolf Hitler. Under the Nazis, American eugenic principles were applied without restraint, careening out of control into the Reich's infamous genocide. During the pre-War years, American eugenicists openly supported Germany's program. The Rockefeller Foundation financed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the work of its central racial scientists. Once WWII began, Nazi eugenics turned from mass sterilization and euthanasia to genocidal murder. One of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute doctors in the program financed by the Rockefeller Foundation was Josef Mengele who continued his research in Auschwitz, making daily eugenic reports on twins. After the world recoiled from Nazi atrocities, the American eugenics movement its institutions and leading scientists renamed and regrouped under the banner of an enlightened science called human genetics.
"War Against the Weak is a scary and necessary book." Adrienne Miller, Esquire (read the entire Esquire review)
"Black ... reveals that eugenics was extensive, systematic, well-funded, and supported by major political and intellectual leaders; perhaps most startling, it directly inspired the rise of Nazism in Hitler's Germany... This chilling and well-researched book is highly recommended." Gregg Sapp, Library Journal
"Fierce, compelling...well told and extraordinarily sad...a prodigious feat of reporting." David Plotz, Mother Jones Magazine
"A hair-raiser and an eye-opener... ...contains details so vivid and horrid that one can hardly believe them or bear to read them. ... This is an important book, filled with little-known facts about how some of our most esteemed institutions and professionals have funded and practiced very bad science, if it was science at all, and how this pseudoscience permeated much of the world's thinking and led to the atrocities of a world war." Nancy Schapiro, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Chilling and thoroughly researched ... it is a book whose message must be made known ... for those who say "It can't happen here." Mark Lewis, Tampa Tribune
"Fascinating... War Against the Weak is filled with tale after tale of arrogance, ignorance and cruelty accounts that Black wisely allows the eugenicists to relate in their own words." Carl Zimmer, Discover Magazine
"Impressive, probably the popular history of eugenics for the foreseeable future." Ray Olson, Booklist
"An impressive job... the resulting story is at once shocking and gripping... an important book that will add to the public's understanding of this critical chapter of American history." Publishers Weekly
In "IBM and the Holocaust, " a "New York Times" bestseller, Black unearthed proof that IBM collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II. Now he delivers a startling investigation of America's century-long attempt to create a master race through mass sterilization and human breeding programs. 30 illustrations.

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An excellent and informative read 05.Jan.2004 13:37


I got this from the Beaverton library and read it a coupla months ago.

It's a fantastic, well-documented, topical, and frightening book. It is more or less a follow-up to Edwin Black's "IBM and the Holocaust" which details IBM's implementation and on-site support of their Hollerith machines for their client, one Adolf Hitler and associates in pursuit of a little project they liked to refer to as the Final Solution. IBM, the solutions company, was there until the bitter end providing the Nazis with all of the technology they needed to crunch the numbers to keep the labor and execution machine of the Third Reich chugging along at peak efficiency.

"War Against the Weak" goes further and traces the roots of the eugenics movement back from Nazi Germany into the segregation and sterilization policies of the US at the beginning of the 20th century and back to the junk science's origins in Great Britain.

This book ought to be read with Eileen Wellsome's excellent "The Plutonium Files" and Black's own "IBM and the Holocaust" to place this work in the proper context.

Well worth your time.

I gave a few copies of this out for X-mas (just the thing one wants to find under their tree!).

Where is my previous comment? 05.Jan.2004 14:07


It's been 30 minutes and the comment has not been posted.

That's some serious lag time.

Are comments getting reviewed one at a time before getting posted?

What's up?

queue problem 05.Jan.2004 14:22


A job in the queue got hung up causing sporadic updates for the past few hours. We could not possibly review every comment even if we had the inclination to do so. We apologize for the inconvenience.