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in latest Bush tapdance...he make's yet again, another misstep...proving that

well as the Bush Orchestra played the Dance of the Financial Wizards at the Bush Ball, as they
shifted the music from one page to the next, out on the dance floor, our #1 Tap Dancer, made
a misstep...wanna know how?...read this 1...

repostings 4 u
repostings 4 u

-Caveat Lector-  http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/opinions/articles/1227satlet1-272.html

Another misstep on immigration

Dec. 27, 2003 12:00 AM

President Bush now proposes to give illegal aliens legal status, but this will do nothing to improve our national security.

In fact, it would take years and years to do background checks on the estimated 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens who could be eligible for amnesty. An illegal alien who was amnestied in 1986, after all, later masterminded the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.

Any guest-worker program leading to legal status for illegal aliens is an amnesty and threatens homeland security by encouraging more illegal immigration. Every time an elected official talks about the possibility of granting amnesty to illegal aliens, it says to would-be illegal aliens that they had better get into the United States while the getting is good.

Bush's program would reward people who have cheated the system with permanent residence. This country is based on the rule of law; it should not be manipulated by people who have cheated their way to the front of the line.

The current recovery from economic recession is unique in post-World War II recoveries in that it comes without any benefit for American workers - just more offshore job outsourcing, low-paying jobs and an accompanying decline in the nation's standard of living. This new guest-worker program may match any willing employer with any willing worker, but for American workers this means being displaced by cheap foreign labor and declining wages and working conditions for those fortunate enough to find or keep a job.

Rusty Childress, Phoenix
get your head outta 04.Jan.2004 14:12


"Bush's program would reward people who have cheated the system with permanent residence. This country is based on the rule of law; it should not be manipulated by people who have cheated their way to the front of the line."


I don't even know where to begin on this comment. First, Bush has spent his years as pseudo-president of the US DISMANTLING the 'rule of law',

But my main argument is this, in regard to immigration. Bush's plan is not really Bush's plan at all. It is Bush's compromise on a hard fought battle for respect and dignity for millions of immigrant workers in America who have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism (except to be scapegoated in an age of 'terrorist' hysteria). Even supporters of Bush's compromise will be watching closely to make sure it passes the smell test, and is not another 'bracero' program of legalized 21st century slavery.

If the US does not want people to come here searching for work and a better life, our leaders might want to think about stopping America's support for wars and dictators and death squads south of the border and around the world. They might also want to think about stopping with the 'free trade' rules that are destroying the ability of people from developing nations (and America) to make a living.

Immigrants toil extremely hard to put food on the table for their families (and ours). Many of them take the jobs that even the poorest of American-born people would not touch. Many of them send money back to families left behind at home. Many of them would like nothing more than to be able to return permanently to their families, if they could survive in their home places (both economically and literally). Many of them work for years and years for substandard wages and little on-the-job safety, paying into a social security system they will not benefit from.

America is a nation of immigrants, sadly built on the ashes of a great culture that existed here before.

Capitalism has a little rule called supply and demand. One cannot justifiably extoll the 'virtues' of capitalism while decrying its impact on all our lives.

Finally, if there is one thing we have all learned in our indoctrination as Americans, it is that America is a land where laws can be changed when they are found to be outdated, racist, and plain wrong. For example, it was once legal to own another person in America, but not (technically) anymore. Would you argue that the rule of law should never have changed with regard to slavery?

It also used to be the rule of law in certain parts of the US that people of African ancestry could not use the same lunch counters, bathrooms, and facilities as whites. Was it a bad idea to change these laws, in your opinion, simply because they were 'laws'?

Womyn were once prohibited from owning property and from voting in America. Do you think those laws were a good idea, laws our ancestors should not have fought, because America is a country based on the rule of law?

Finally, you wrote: "This country ... should not be manipulated by people who have cheated their way to the front of the line." Does this not describe George W. Bush to a tee? GWB has cheated his way to the front of the line his entire life, up to and including his ascension to the presidency of the US without even winning the election.