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Cuban Diplomat Expelled From Washington

From unknown US officials in State Department
San Francisco Chronicle:


-Roberto Socorro Garcia, third secretary of Cuban mission, was expelled for "associating with criminal elements"

-Was carried out last month without announcement

-From US officials who asked not to be identified

-They said about 20 Cuban diplomats have been expelled since late 2002, and in May (2003) Bush ordered home 7 Cuban diplomats from Washington and 7 from the UN(?), charging all with inappropriate behavior

Officially, there is no diplomatic relations between Washington and Cuba, and the Cubans were part of a "mission"--however, when you start expelling diplomats from the country, it's usually a sign that you're about to do something to that country. But I guess this has been going on for a while.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a letter that I wrote to be used as a model for anyone who wants to write to his/her Congressperson and ask them to support limiting or lifting the trade sanctions against Cuba.

I think it will be a good test for them, to try and bring it "to the floor" of the House and Senate. It would serve the purpose obviously of trying to get the ban lifted, but also of changing the factor in election politics this year, in which Cuban-Americans play such an important role for Bush.