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LEONARD PELTIER RALLY planning meeting!

In the dark and bloody year 1975, peace had come to Vietnam but not to the the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation in South Dakota. Murders, assassinations, assaults, and extortion were the rule. Warriors of the American Indian Movement faced off with the GOONS (Guardians of the Oglala Nation), the armed force of tribal chief Dick Wilson. Some of these men were armed by William Janklow, then Attorney General, now Governor of South Dakota(See: Peter Matthiesson, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse). The FBI was called in. Tensions rose. A siege followed at a
In the dark and bloody year 1975, peace had come to Vietnam but not to the the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation in South Dakota. Murders, assassinations, assaults, and extortion were the rule. Warriors of the American Indian Movement faced off with the GOONS (Guardians of the Oglala Nation), the armed force of tribal chief Dick Wilson. Some of these men were armed by William Janklow, then Attorney General, now Governor of South Dakota(See: Peter Matthiesson, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse). The FBI was called in. Tensions rose. A siege followed at a place called Wounded Knee. There was also death at the Jumping Bull Place. At the Jumping Bull Place, two FBI agents, Jack Coler and Ron Williams, were killed in a shootout. Three men were charged in the deaths of Agents Coler and Williams: Bob Robideau, Dino Butler, and Leonard Peltier. Both Butler and Robideau were subsequently found to be not guilty. A different court found Peltier to be guilty. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. "I didn't kill the agents," Peltier says. "I didn't order anyone to kill those agents. I am an innocent man. I am an innocent man." Peltier is now more than fifty years old. Home to him is his cell in the Federal Prison at Leavenworth, Kansas, where 150 years earlier, another Indian warrior, Spotted Tail of the Lakota, was also a prisoner. Later Leonard Crow Dog would have his turn at Leavenworth as well. Leonard dreams of freedom. This yearning is easily visible in Peltier's beautiful paintings. Leonard Peltier hopes that someday, like Nelson Mandela, like "Geronimo" Pratt, he too will be released. We are having a planning meeting for the February 7th Leonard Peltier rally in Porltand. If you are interested in helping, we will be meeting at the St. Augustine Church (NE 15th & Knott) in the library on Sunday January 4th at 7pm.

address: address: St. Augustine Church NE 15th & Knott in the library 7pm Sunday Jan. 4th

Regular Planning Meetings Time/Place 02.Feb.2004 13:55

V! pdxnym@riseup.net

We meet at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop SE 16th & Clinton(1 block S of Division) every Sunday 5pm until the 29th(the day of the Portland march)


V! pdxnym@riseup.net

Please bring your VEHICLES or bodies to Holladay Park NE 15th & Multnomah (in front of Lloyd Center) 7:30am (carpool leaves @ 8am!!! So you can't be late!)

earlier featured article 02.Feb.2004 21:45


Leonard Peltiers struggle for freedom and justics is not only his, but all of ours. There has been a call for an international day of solidarity in support of Peltier, his apeals proccess and justice. We are asking that anyone with transportation please offer it up for this important event and help us get people up to tacoma for an afternoon of Exciting speakers and solidarity!
We need folks with transportation to help us get as manny folks from Portland up to tacoma for the Peltier Solidarity Rally... If you can please come to <B>Holiday Park</B> south of Lloyd Center <B>(15th and Multnomah st)</B> at <B>8 am</B> on the morning of <B>[Saturday] Febuary 7th</B>... next saturday. please contact me at <A HREF="mailto: redredlori@riseup.net"> redredlori@riseup.net</A> if you can offer space in your car.
<FONT COLOR="#5E7A7B">Excerpt from the Statement from the Leonard Peltier Solidarity group of Tacoma: <I>...The nature of the struggle for justice for Leonard is not just a legal question but is also political and must have continuous public support in order to free Leonard. The U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, made this very clear in the ruling on November 4, 2003. In that ruling the court stated: "Much of the government's behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed." Rather than act upon that which the court states is not disputed, it used Leonard's trial in which evidence was withheld and witnesses were intimidated as the reason why it denied Leonard's appeal. </I></FONT>

<B>[ <A HREF=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/01/279459.shtml">Read More</A> ]</B>

New up-date on Feb. 7th Tacoma Peltier March 04.Feb.2004 11:47


Tacoma Leonard Peltier Support Group
P.O. Box 5464
Tacoma, WA 98415-0464


Feb. 4th Up-Date on Tacoma Peltier March, Rally and After Rally Meal

We had three very good teach-ins last week that will help build for our Feb. 7th events. We received a report back from the UPS teach-in and good additional things are coming out of that. Following is the report:

Thought you'd be happy to know that the program last week has spawned some other actions. A group called "The Breakfast Club", that meets for breakfast every Wednesday and discusses a topic, are discussing the Peltier case tomorrow. Another group called the Social Justice Residency Program has been focusing on the Criminal Justice System this year. They are taking up the Peltier case as a major focus for this semester. They will be
studying it and doing further education about it on campus. They are having a Letter to the Editor Writing party tonight concerning Peltier, and are actively promoting the protest on Saturday.

If you look below you will see that our speaker list has been up-dated. Some of those people will speak at the church (where the after rally meat will take place). How many that will be depends on how cold the weather is. Harold Belmond is our MC and when he sees that people are becoming too cold he will then announce that the event will move up to the church. I am pleased that Anne Feeney will be joining us. She has a concert on the evening of our march at the Longshore Workers Hall in Tacoma, I am on her list. When I saw that she was going to be in town I sent her an e-mail about our march and she stated that she has been a supporter of Leonard Peltier and would like to join us.
Next, I would like to thank Sallie Shawl and the other people with Tacoma Peace, Justice & Healing who are hosting the after rally pot luck meal for the great job they have been doing. I talked to Harold Belmont the other day and he stated that he was very impressed by the good work these people have done.
There have been a few people that have told us that they plan to come to our Feb. 7th event after the caucuses. Though we meet up at Portland Ave. Park at 12:00 (those that can it would be useful to get there early so that we can deal with parking), we start off with an opening and the drum and that will take some time. So you will have time to get to the march. If you are running a little late you can park along the march route (down Portland Ave to Puyallup Ave to Pacific Ave) and join in the march. One good idea is to park at the Tacoma Dome Station "Park and Ride" and just walk across Puyallup Ave. and join the march there.
One last note: We still need event Photographers. This is important for a number of reasons, but two of them are that we send photos back to Leonard and LPDC. Some people have stated that they may be able to video tape the days events. That is good and we hope that they are able to do this. Anyone else that can videotape please do. Please send copies of photos and video to: Tacoma LPSG, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464.
One other thing now that I am thinking about it. We sure could use a bullhorn for the march. Does anyone out there have one that they can bring?
I wish to end by saying I believe that we will have a very good event. Many people have joined in to help this come about. Many of them we don't even know their names. Our events are grassroots events where people take it upon themselves to help in many different ways. Though the other side has a lot of money and resources that we will never have, but we have two things they can never have: We don't have to work under the burden of a massive cover-up of misdeeds and we have the spirit of many very good people on our side. It is that spirit which will keep on growing until it has freed Leonard Peltier. I wish to personally thank all of you.
Arthur J. Miller
Tacoma LPSG

Leonard Peltier is an Anishinabe/Lakota American Indian Movement activist who was frame-up and convicted after a firefight on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. The firefight took place as part of an attempt to suppress traditional Oglala Lakota people who resisted losing any of their land to multinational corporations who sought to mine uranium.

Now is a critical time in the struggle for social justice and the case of Leonard Peltier. In past appeals of Leonard's case, his defense disproved the government's case to the point that the government's prosecutor stated that the government has no evidence connecting Leonard to the deaths of the FBI agents and that he only "aided and abetted". Given the fact that the first two AIM members to go on trial were found not guilty for reason of self-defense, because it was shown in court that there had been many killings (over 63) of Lakota people and AIM members in two and a half years before the firefight and the FBI came up to the AIM encampment in the same way that other drive-by shootings had taken place. That means Leonard has spent all these years in prison for "aiding and abetting" an act of self-defense.

The latest ruling from the Tenth Circuit Court Appeals stated, "Much of the government's behavior at Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence (it is still withholding evidence). It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed." Even though the court acknowledged government misconduct in Leonard's trial, the court rejected Leonard's appeal based on that trial.

We of the Tacoma Leonard Peltier Support Group are putting out a call for a general mobilization of all people who believe in social justice to come together in Tacoma on Feb. 7th to begin a renewed struggle to gain justice for Leonard Peltier. The government's actions against Leonard should be viewed by all as direct actions against all people's rights to liberty and justice. Please join us on Feb. 7th and please join the mobilization by actively helping to bring people out for our march and rally. One way to help is to get this message out to everyone you know and post it on every list and web site that you can.

Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between E. 24th and E. Fairbanks Ave. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)

U.S. Federal Court House, 1717 Pacific Ave.

SEATTLE: Meet at 10:45 AM at the parking lot 22nd and Madison
OLYMPIA: Meet at 10:45 AM at Media Island, 816 Adams St.

AFTER RALLY POT LUCK: (Starting around 3:00 PM or sooner if the weather is bad) First United Methodist Church, 423 Martin Luther King Way (next to Tacoma General Hospital). Go up the Hill from the rally and turn right on Martin Luther King Way.

Harold Belmont: Elder, Native People's Alliance With Friends and Allies
Dorothy Ackerman: Lakota Elder
Shelly Vendiola: Indigenous Women's Network/ Indigenous Environmental Network
Pete Sanchez: Ktunaxa (Kutenai), Drummer
Kelly White: Coastal Salish, long time B.C. Peltier activist
Kerwin Hemlock: Drummer
Jeanette Bushnell: Native People's Alliance With Friends and Allies
Bill Simmons: International Indian Treaty Council
Michael One Road: Portland AIM
Juan Jose Bocanegra: Community organizer and long time Peltier supporter.
Matt Remle: Hunkpapa Lakota/ Native Youth Action
Steve Hapy, Jr: Tacoma LPSG
Arthur J. Miller: Tacoma LPSG
Anne Feeney: Labor Folk Singer
Native Youth Movement.
National Action Network
Aztec Dancers

SEATTLE BUS: Sometimes it is even faster taking the bus than driving. Express Bus 594 leaves 2nd & Union St. downtown Seattle at 10:40am. Get off at the Tacoma Dome Station walk north to Portland Ave and then head east to Portland Ave, Park or wait until 11:50 and catch bus number 41 "Portland Ave" and get off at Portland Ave. Park.. Return trip: take the street car to the Tacoma Dome Station and return to downtown Seattle on Bus 594.

PARKING FOR MARCH: The parking at Portland Ave. Park parking lot is limited and we filled it up fast last year. Also, the park is in a community, mostly poor, and we want to maintain good relations with the community. So there are a few ways you can help.
1. Get to the starting point of the march, Portland Ave Park early, drop off all passengers at the park, then drive to the rally site and we will organize cars to bring drivers back to the starting point of the march. This will mean that your car will be close to the rally so that it will be easy for you to get to it to go home or to the after rally pot luck meal.
2. Park at the Tacoma Dome "park and ride" Station and either walk to the starting point of the march or at 11:50am catch bus number 41 "Portland Ave" and get off at Portland Ave. Park.. Then after the rally take the street car, which stops right by the rally site, back to the Tacoma Dome Station.
We need volunteers who are willing to drive drivers back to the starting point of the march. If you can help please be at the Portland Ave. Park by 11:00am.

A two-page flier, 8 " x 11", for the up-coming Tacoma Leonard Peltier events is available for downloading at:

DONATIONS NEEDED (to help pay for the costs of the march and rally): Please send donations to (make checks out to Northwest Leonard Peltier Support Network): Tacoma LPSG, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464.

YOU CAN HELP: Please pass this message on to e-mail lists, web sites, to friends, family and groups. We also have fliers and posters that you can help us get out. Please contact us with a mailing address and we will send them to you.


1. Legal Observers.
2. Someone to videotape our march, rally and after rally meal. There are three reasons for this. First, in case there are any problems or to show that there were no problems, this has to do with legal matters. Second, videotape of our events has been used around the country by Leonard Peltier supporters. And last, we have videotapes of a number of our events and we hope to edit them into one good video for supporters to use. So if anyone can videotape this event please do so and give a copy of it to Arthur J. Miller, c/o Tacoma LPSG, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464.
3. Photographers. We need photographs for the same reasons as we need video, plus we send some of the best photos to the LPDC and to Leonard. Same as video please send photos to Arthur J. Miller.
4. Banners. We only have three banners left which are rather old. One banner has been to all 61 of our marches and has been all over the country. So we need some new Leonard Peltier support banners. It would be nice if we had one banner with the eagleman on it and Free Leonard Peltier and Tacoma Leonard Peltier Support Group.We need as many Leonard Peltier support signs as possible.

For those of you who only wish to just receive event up-dates from the Tacoma LPSG please send a message to:  Tacoma-lpsg@ojibwe.us, and request to be place on the Tacoma LPSG up-date list.
Those who wish to sign up on the NWPeltierSupport list you can do so by going to the following address on the internet:  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/nwpeltiersupport Or send an e-mail to:  nwpeltiersupport-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

homepage:  http://www.leonardpeltier.org

When will we get back? 05.Feb.2004 11:44


I would really like to go to this rally and march. I have things to do on Saturday night though, and I was wondering if anyone plans on being back in town by 7 or 8pm. If so, I will come!