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Measure 30 - Thousands could lose aid

If Measure 30 fails, thousands of people will be kicked off the Oregon Health Plan
Oregonian -- letters

Thousands could lose aid

I guarantee that if Measure 30 does not pass, thousands of letters will go out to clients stating that they are no longer eligible for the Oregon Health Plan.

Several months ago, the Medically Needy Program was dropped. This program helped people who earned too much money to get on the Oregon Health Plan. Some of the life-preserving programs were reinstated. However, thousands more people are just struggling by.

Some are begging, borrowing, stealing, or going to hospital emergency rooms or free clinics, or getting medicine from pharmaceutical companies. All are temporary solutions.

I am praying that the state budget problems will improve before these options run out.

Many of us who depend on the Oregon Health Plan were healthy once upon a time.