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Derrick Jensen Speaking in Portland January 10, 2004

Derrick Jensen Speaking in Portland January 10, 2004
The First Unitarian Church, 1211 SW Main
Suggested donation $2-$10
All Profits go to KBOO and The Cascadia Forest Alliance
Derrick Jensen
Speaking in Portland January 10, 2004

Activist and award winning author of:

A Language Older Than Words
The Culture of Make Believe
Listening To the Land
Railroads and Clearcuts

And just released:

Strangely Like War: the Global Assault on Forests
Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution
The Other Side of Darkness

"We are members of the most destructive culture ever
to exist. Our assault on the natural world, on
indigenous and other cultures, on women, on children,
on all of us through the possibility of nuclear
suicide and other means--all these are unprecedented
in their magnitude and ferocity. Why do we act as we
do? What are sane and effective responses to
outrageously destructive behavior? What will it take
for us to stop the horrors that characterize our way
of being? My work and life revolve around these
questions." - Derrick Jensen

Saturday, January 10th at 7pm
The First Unitarian Church, 1211 SW Main
Suggested donation $2-$10
All Profits go to KBOO and The Cascadia Forest

For more information contact Lichen June:
(503)449-8077, or  words@lichenjune.com
or visit www.derrickjensen.org
Oh yeah 02.Jan.2004 16:56

An unblinking eye

This is not listed on his web site yet.

Derrick is an amazing person. Go hear him, better yet read his books, you'll never look at this culture the same way again.

"I think about the relationship between economics and hatred and what it means? What it must feel like-to live in a society where more atrocities are committed in the name of economics than even in the name of hate." - Derrick Jensen

other side of darkness triple CD 02.Jan.2004 17:42


I produced the new triple CD <strong>The other side of darkness</strong>, which may or may not be available at this talk. The CD is similar to his Standup Tragedy 2XCD, but obviously longer, with new material, and better recording. The bulk of the new CD is a recording of his last talk in Portland early May 2003. The CD is very good and I highly recommend it to people new to Derrick Jensen as a way to get to know the large scope of his ideas.
If this CD is not available at the talk it will be available soon. If you'd like a notice of when it is available e-mail [ dennis (at) riseup (dot) net ] me. If you run a bookstore or record store and would like to carry this title also get in touch with me as I will be distributing it exclusively in the NW.
<i>{Sorry for the spam, but a bunch of people at the last portland talk asked about when this would come out so here's one way of letting those people know.}</i>

thanks for the tip 02.Jan.2004 20:08

Linda Lovelace

It's not spam if it's appropriate and people are interested in it. Thanks for sharing the info.

well, it is an ad.... 03.Jan.2004 10:00


First, GREAT to hear that Jensen is speaking here again, and especially great to hear proceeds go to a worthy cause.

Second, the CD thing is an ad, unless the proceeds are also going to a worthy cause and not someone's pocket.

derrickjensen.org 09.Jan.2004 09:01


His Portland appearance has been on his website for awhile:  http://www.derrickjensen.org/appear.html Go hear him!!!

He's just completing a wonderful interview on Positively Revolting on KBOO.

I've been immersed in Culture of Make Believe during this ice storm. It's like being in an alternate reality. I love and hate his work! Love that he's so open and truth-telling. Hate the shake-up that takes place in me at a cellular level. But that ultimately is a good thing. Gets me into action.

btw -- don't make the mistake of going to derrickjensen.com Totally different dude!

Derrick Jensen Event 10.Jan.2004 14:23


Just wanted to let everybody know that the event is at 7pm but the doors will open at 6pm. We've heard from quite a few folks who say they'll be arriving early. Lots of people coming from out of town. Should be festive!