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New Years Eve with Dennis Kucinich!

Pointer to live web broadcast from Cleveland as Dennis Kucinich and the rest of the office usher in the New Year.
<p>Virtually join the party in Cleveland for the most progressive, most labor friendly presidential candidate via the online streaming broadcast!

<p><a href=" http://kucinich.us/newyearseve.php">http://kucinich.us/newyearseve.php</a>

<p>For more information on Dennis Kucinich:

<p> http://kucinich.us (national site)
<br> http://kucinich-oregon.us (Oregon/SW Washington site)

<p>Tired of presidential candidates who are just "politicians", with all
the corporate-catering and insincerity that goes with the term? Try
Dennis Kucinich for a change, the only candidate not taking *any*
corporate donations, and speaking with a track record of conviction about:

<li>Universal single-payer health care
<li>Full Social Security benefits at age 65
<li>Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO
<li>Repeal of the "Patriot Act"
<li>Right to choose, privacy, and civil rights
<li>Balance between workers and corporations
<li>Guaranteed quality education, pre-K through and including college
<li>Renewed commitment to peace and diplomacy
<li>Restored rural communities and family farms
<li>Environmental renewal and clean energy

<p>Join the people-based, grassroots campaign today!