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Philippines puts ban on African-American men

There's a disturbing trend in America's WWW on terror
intrepid religious crusader
intrepid religious crusader
Two African-American men were rounded up by two branches of the Philippino military and one branch of the Philippino Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

It was a daring nighttime raid in which the two men offered no resistance and were taken to an undisclosed location.

Philippino authorities claimed that they thought the men were either Jordanian or Yemeni, although the men don't look like they're Arab. Also, the authorities suspeced they had financial links to al-Quaeda.

One of the men, James Stubbs Jr., also known as Jamil Mujahid, accused the Philippines of rounding up people like himself to make it look like the nation is fighting terrorism in order to get more money from the US. He may have a good point there.

The other man is Michael Stubbs, the brother of Jamil Mujahid. Both men are expected to be deported to the US, and will face no charges here.

It's an interesting development in the WWW on terror, because about half of the men in the US who have actually been convicted of some form of terrorism are black. Four of the Portland Seven are black men who converted to Islam at some point in their life. John Muhammed, the "DC sniper" was convicted of terrorism for going on a shooting spree. Was he convicted of being an Islamic terrorist? The definition of terrorism, officially, is something like "to committ unlawful crimes against a civilian population and effect policy change within a government." A shooting spree hardly qualifies as that.

I'm not saying it would make me happier to see more Arabs and less black men convicted of terrorism. But how many white men have been charged or convicted or even suspected of terrorism since the war on terrorism began? Before 9/11, what was the worst case of terrorism in the US? I would like to see more anti-government/Aryan nation types prosecuted under the PATRIOT Act.

The D of J has put extra effort into these cases only to justify the war on terror, and now it's influencing junior partners to go that extra mile and round up the terror scourge. If the Philippino authorities have paid much attention to the terror cases in this country, then they likey assume that black men are going to "conspire to bear arms against them." Thus, you have the strange case here.

And with that, I bid you Happy New Year.

2003--the year when anything was possible
the year they brought Old Dixie Down
the year the Chinese sent a man into space
the year they?

a link to the strange case of the two men rounded up by the Philippino Army in the nighttime:

a link to the strange case of the Portland Seven:

"If someone told him it was his religious duty to strap on a bomb and go blow up a synagogue or a TriMet bus, he would do it."--Assistant US Attorney Charles Gorder sharing his view of Jeffrey Battle, convicted of "conspiring to bear arms against the US" or something like that.