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The difference that powerful lobbyists make

"I don't care if you die, just not on my shift." GWB, RN
Spotted on Google News 815 pm, Dec 31.

US Sees No Need to Test All Cattle for Mad Cow
Reuters - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration said on Friday there was no need to test all US cattle for mad cow disease because its new safeguards should satisfy American consumers and trading partners that US beef is ...
US rules out blanket mad cow testing ABC Online
Mad cow trade delegation returning to Washington Forbes
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FDA to ban ephedra sales
Peoria Journal Star - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON, DC - After almost a year of hearings, study and debate, the Bush administration Tuesday announced plans to ban the sale of the herbal stimulant ephedra because of links to deaths and other serious side effects.
Ephedra Ban Puts Industry on Notice ABC News
US announces ban on ephedra diet supplement Forbes
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Foundations of power 01.Jan.2004 10:07


Lobbyists would be powerless
without dishonest legislators
and submissive electors.

yes 01.Jan.2004 11:32


thanks for the image. Certainly they are adept at sending mixed messages. 35 million cattle in the United States's entirely self-regulating corporate meat empire, so, forget testing something that can effect millions of people. However, a potential link to unpatentable natural ephedra that is only linked to the deaths of around 100 or so, and without any scientific evidence (and even this, according to Nader's Public Citizen information), and the feds jump in willingly!

The federal government is a huge joke, though no one is laughing.

Instead, they are getting angry at the cronism that endangers us all.