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our friend's at WWW.SMASHTHESTATE.com have given us a powerful piece of
media criticism and a call to boycott the media, in favor of alternate media sources.
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-Caveat Lector-

Why has Mary Robinson never been on BIOGRAPHY?

Joyce Walker:
< jkwalker@earthlink.net>


12/30/03: (ICH) Have you ever wondered why Biography never features
humanitarians like Mary Robinson of Amnesty International, respected
statesmen like Robert Byrd, or courageous activists like Kathy Kelly?

There has always been a scarcity of information geared toward the feeding
of inquiring minds on Commercial T.V., but the takeover by mega-media
moguls seems to have caused a blight in the programming offered to us the

Some of us remember when Discovery and The Learning Channel actually lived
up to their names. And I remember how encouraged I was at the integrity
demonstrated by CNN during the Gulf War by their airing Wolf Blitzer's
controversial telecasts exposing the military's bombing of civilian sites.
In the past, The History Channel aired memorable programs which would not
make it past the current political censors.

I really like a good action movie, especially one with a super hero, but I
wonder, can the people at National Cable and Telecommunicaitions and Time
Warner really believe a constant diet of cops and robbers, weaponry
worship, and pro-militancy viewing is healthy for adults or children in
this country?

The mind games the media is playing with the public are criminal - or ought
to be. While they play up the violations of targeted countries, they cover
up the crimes of our own officials and their comrades in arms. I wonder how
many people relying on commercial television know about Israel's fourty
year cover up of their atomic weapons program? Probably not many. But Link
T.V.'s recent documentary about whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu, who has
been subjected to criminal abuse for sixteen years as a political prisoner
in Israel, went all the way back to President John F Kennedy, who was
apparently the last president to try to thwart the program. More
information is available, but not on CNN.

There is also an obvious attempt by commercial media to cover up the
environmental crisis we face as the result of humankind's abuse of the
environment. I was surprised when I learned from independent media sources
such as Free Speech T.V. that other less wealthy countries are far ahead of
us in their efforts to create communities practicing sustainable living. (I
don't remember even hearing the term "sustainable living" on commercial
television, not even on Discovery or TLC.)

While independent media sources have assumed the responsibility for
educating the public about the need for temperance and global cooperation
for the sake of our own and our children's future, the "educational"
commercial channels feed their viewing public a diet of back to back
junkyard wars and home decorating, while their climate "experts" claim that
global warming isn't really happening, and if it was, it might actually be
good for us.

The movement to create alternative news networks is attracting many
talented and committed people. There is also a strong, organized effort to
move the Federal Communication Commission in the direction of its original
charge, that of protecting the public's interest. We ought to add our
efforts to this fight.

I am sure there are people of conscience among the ranks of the powerful
media complexes, and that someday they will wake up and regret their lost
opportunities to play a creative instead of destructive role during this
crucial point in our history. But commercial T.V. has lost my trust. If it
were not for the few programs I rely on for honest information, I would
abandon the television medium altogether.

(Not that they would notice, because they've shown how little they value me
by their indifference to my viewing wants and needs.)

But I've decided to do what I can to protest their deception. I'm going to
start the new year by not turning my television on all day - and I'm going
to send an e-mail to the offices of Time Warner and National Cable and
Telecommunications to let them know what I'm doing.
 bob.meldrum@twtelecom.com could probably care less, but it will do me a
world of good to black them out during one of their most profitable events.
I wonder, if you and I promote this type of protest, whether it might catch
on. If it did, then maybe Bob would notice.

Copyright: Joyce Walker: < jkwalker@earthlink.net>

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should
have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence
from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own

--George Washington
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