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As this the last day of the year for some of us a look at today's Almanac ALERT.
As this the last day of the year for some of us a look at today's Almanac ALERT.

Framers Almanac for today;

December 31 - Hogmanay. In Scotland, December 31 is known as Hogmanay, the word children use to ask for their traditional present of an oatmeal cake (which is why this is also called Cake Day). The first person to cross the threshold into one's home, called the first footer, is an indication of the year to come. Although the tradition varies, if the first footer is tall and dark, the year will be a good one.

No wonder the FBI (Fumbling Bunch of Idiots) is afraid, or as they might say 'ascared', of this book or any book. Obviously this is a trick to get us to open our doors to strangers, tall strangers, tall and dark strangers.
An Added Benefit 01.Jan.2004 06:03


This is an election year. Does anyone have a doubt that the political machinations of the incumbent would use the Patriot Act(s) to secure the nomination and re-election? If an almanac can be a source for terrorists, it infers the places where they can be found could be a focus of dangerous activity. With this ammanac precursor, Americans will allow the powers that be easier application and will think raiding libraries and bokstores is not only good, it's patriotic.

All the incumbent needs is to waive the capture of some poor Middle Eastern person captued while reading a copy of " The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" or "Journal of Epidemiology" to show the effectiveness of this administrations course of action. So 'stay the course' , to coin a phrase.